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What is the perfect solution for creating a teen-proof home in the United Arab Emirates?

Kids need the perfect place to step into their teenage years in the UAE: a place where kids spend most of their time indoors, unlike western the way, hello winter. What took you so long!

A lot of love goes into turning your house into a "sweet home", and we are all well acquainted with the in-depth thought process that runs when choosing furniture and decor. While some prefer an aesthetic touch to every part of their house, some like the modern look of simplicity and practicality, the real challenge is when someone wants both.

Building a home for your kids in the UAE is no silly thing.

From preferences to hobbies, it's an infinite run of variants. This becomes more interesting if you have teenagers in the house - a whole lot of fun and choices to make. 

Life as a teenager involves a lot of movement and energy and is all about freedom, and that is why you need to give your kids the best sanctuary & a positive and efficient space right at their homes. 

Having teenager in the house is complicated, let alone two!

The fun doubles when you have two teenagers sharing a room, but so does the challenge. Each one might have a different personality and in need of a reasonable amount of privacy.

With distinguished tastes, preferences, and characters, the decisions can vary reflected in their attire, books, and most importantly, the choice of furniture. When it comes to choosing furniture for teenage siblings sharing the same room, it can seem a bit challenging to accommodate both interests in one place. With modern and modular furniture, the possibilities are endless and you can create the dream home effortlessly. 

Creating a room with two interests may seem impossible to you, but when you live in the UAE most times the dream apartment comes with one room too small and they have to learn to share their space.

Well, let us get that sorted. Putting some random furniture in places won't really work well. Choosing the right pieces that offer not only comfort but open possibilities for your children is what really matters.

From desks to wardrobes to bedding, VOX Furniture UAE has the perfect solution for your teenage space sharing dilemma. And don’t stress if it comes with some arguing, as many references, including the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) suggests that: 

Teens Who Argue with Their Parents Are Less Likely to Cave Into Peer Pressure, so take your kids’ strong will as a positive sign.

First things first - Bedding

Because teenagers need more hours of sleep, science says: 

Young adults between the ages of 13 to 18 years old usually need 8 to 10 hours of sleep everyday.

Make it comfortable and cool, keeping it simple but effective, a multibed is the right option when it comes to twin sharing rooms. Aesthetics, check. Functionality, check. Space-saving, check. It is not the cliché bed but much more.

With modular mattresses, the multibed has a ladder attached to it (either left or right as per your preference), offering ample comfort for your children. Table-like storage with wheels facilitating the storing of hobby crafts, stationery, and alike offers a great deal of convenience. 

The multibed also has a bookcase and wardrobe attached to it, giving space to keep their favorites close to them. Boxes and lamp also come with the multibed, making it the next best thing for your kids. Why go for two when one can offer more than two? 

Teens at home? Keeping it Organized 

Growing up, teenagers are likely to have a messy room; this and that scattered here and there. Organizing is a huge step, and organizers are a must. Having the perfect shelves, cabinets and boxes will come to the rescue when it comes to messy rooms, and there are amazing types of furniture to choose from. 


Teenagers love their clothes. While some take a lot of effort in choosing their attires and dressing some, the others just quickly get into their comfy clothes. Either way, the outfits are a great part of their lives and they need a good place to fit into. The 2 door wardrobe will add an aesthetic touch to the room and the attached drawer offers more room for clothing.

A dresser along with it will give more space for your kids for their attires and accessories.

And to top it all, add the mandatory mirror; such elegance. Let your kids doll up and enjoy!

Bookcases, Shelves, and Cabinets 

So is your kid a hoarder or a bookworm? Agatha Christie or Emarati author Maitha Al Khayat? Either way, a bookshelf is a must. Be it books, collectibles, or even houseplants, displaying it well, adds to the beauty of the room.

The Pine bookcase with the attached cabinet is a perfect spot for books and if your kid is a plant mom, well, sorted.

Adding a couple of wall shelves will also do a bit of magic to the room. 

Getting Things Done

Desks and chairs usually take up a lot of space when it comes to two's. With the double-sided desk, both your kids can have their tasks done at ease.

With swivel chairs placed on each side of the desk, let them make the most of their time. With sufficient storage in the drawers, the kids can keep the utilities, and the overhead rod offers a place to hang photographs, lights, and more. It is indeed a fun sharing space!

A space that promotes crafty activities can help separate a teenager from their phone screen for some time, and that’s essential in our age:

A study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that teenagers spend an average of 7 hours and 22 minutes on their screens, and it’s not the best thing as we all know.

Coming together

Your teenage kids get a chance to study together, dress up together, have fun together, even be each other's home in their little sanctuary. As teenagers, some love having their friends over and would prefer a great room, and sometimes, sleepovers are a must. In a twin sharing room, are sleepovers possible? Well, we say, OH YEAH!  

Why say no to the fun your kids could have when the right furniture can ease the job? The tipi bed with a bottom bed is not only a style statement but the best choice for sleepovers. While your kids can chill on it anytime, when their buddies are over, they do not have to worry about space. Two beds and the tipi trolley frame to hang lights or photographs or even artificial vines. It's such a great piece of furniture!

It is beyond beautiful to see your kids grow in a beautiful environment and have a place they call home. Being their sanctuary, their room needs to be their happy place and happy places need the perfect furniture. It is where they bond together and build together. This is where they belong, so make it count.

Build your kids' room online, today with handpicked furniture with VOXBOX and take it offline, right to your home. 

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