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How to choose the bed to make the most of the space of a small bedroom

For many homes, especially in urban situation like Dubai, the main problem is that of limited space. The space available inside the rooms is never enough!

Very often we need to manage the furniture in a few square meters, arranging as many pieces of furniture as possible and always trying to keep enough space to be able to move around the room.

Furnishing a home means making scrupulous choices that allow you to make the most of every little space available and to be able to carry out all the activities required in total comfort.

Especially in modern homes, we often have to deal with not very large rooms, especially for our children's bedrooms. In this situation, it may seem difficult to give vent to your ideas regarding the selection of furniture and other details. In these circumstances, you have to be very good at making the most of the space you have available.

Versatility and multitasking are the two watchwords for modern bedrooms for young people

Children's bedrooms must then be able to adapt to the new needs that will emerge over the years, due to the growth of babies, and the evolutions that will take place within their environment, this will certainly lead to a transformation in terms of furniture.

One of the most interesting elements that help us gain extra space is definitely the bed.

Below we will give you some useful tips on how to make the most of the space of a small bedroom.

Bed with drawer or bottom bed

The bed with drawer is one of the main ideas for saving space in a bedroom and is the ideal solution for children's rooms, since, thanks to its practical drawer compartment, it leaves a large free area inside the room that can be used to play.

The drawer can be as large as the bed itself and can be very convenient for storing linen or clothes for the change of season. Anything that is not used very often can be stowed under the bed, saving considerable space in the cupboards. It can also be used to store bulky items that are not used in everyday life, such as books or boxes.

But sometimes you need a guest bed! It is a good idea to have a trundle bed in a bedroom, especially if it is small. Sometimes you may have to accommodate a number of guests in your home: having a trundle bed will allow you to have more sleeping space in your bedroom without the bed taking up too much floor space when the lower bed is not in use. This will allow you to keep your bedroom looking spacious and aesthetically pleasing during the day.

For this, VOX Furniture proposes Tipi bed in Spot Young Vox Collection. This unique Scandi-style single bed also comes with a trundle drawer underneath, which provides either storage or can be upgraded to a pullout bed. 

The tipi frame comes with small lockable wheels so you can pull away the frame from the bed and use it as a fun teepee den for your little ones! There is an option to add the tipi grey tent to create a cool play area for your little ones.

This bed is ideal for stimulating children's imagination and making the experience of a sleepover with friends unique. Who wouldn't want to go camping without leaving home?


This type of bedroom is the dream of many children, for them it will be like living a great adventure and for you it will be a very functional furniture, which will allow you to make the most of the space below.

For example, you can use it to create a study area or insert a wardrobe, a bookcase, a chest of drawers.

Nest Young Vox Collection is what is right for you because you have many solutions for the multi-bed. The Miltibed comes with built-in shelves and a fixed ladder to the left or the right of the bed.

It does not end here! Add a magnific range of movable storage options, including a desk, a deep drawer with shelves, a hanging rail and a low table with storage. Moreover, you can add a full height pull out wardrobe and a narrow bookcase that both fit at the end of the bed, creating a great space for storage.

This is the perfect space-saving furniture solution to hang out, study and sleep for smaller children's bedrooms. This incredible bed will make the bedroom fun and functional. 

I you want more, for the Vox Multibeds there are plenty of additional extras such as small drawers, a canopy for the front of the bed, headboard cushions, a modular floor mattress, hanging organizers and a frame for the top of the bed that has built in lights. 

Bunk bed

The bunk bed is every child's dream. Who has never wished they had one? How many sleepovers have we had with our little friends late into the night in a bunk bed?

Ideal in small apartments, especially if inhabited by large families, the bunk bed was the very first space-saving idea, also widely used in holiday homes, trains and ferries.

Modular, dynamic and customizable, the Bunk Bed by Spot Young Vox truly is one-of-a-kind! This amazing bed comes complete with built-in shelves and drawers, as well as a walk-in closet behind with shelving.

On top of all that you can then choose to add the optional pull out clothes rail, to add even more storage space, a sliding table for the perfect study area and a canopy to transform the it into a 4 poster bed. 

Do you want to find out more about all the space-saving solutions of Vox furniture? Discover our beds in our Shop!

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