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Let your walls speak! 

Setting a classic or chic style depends on the walls you choose, and here is what you are looking for.

Whether it’s the living area or the bedroom, or more so the staircase!

Walls are the first thing people see when they walk in, it occupies the biggest space even compared to the family sofa or the 12-seater dining table if you have it. It is the voice and ambience setter of your house and personality. Be it simple, classic, or chic, maintaining your style is important.

How to choose wall decoration for your home in UAE

In countries like the UAE, the melting pot of cultures, tastes, and backgrounds, we decided to create something that would meet the expectations of as many people as possible.

Fun fact: According to Dubai Statistics Centre, average size of a household in Dubai is 4.3. This is significantly higher than most western countries. In UK, it is 2.4.

Not to forget other elements of UAE living that decides most of our choices. Sometimes, due to weather, or confined spaces of living in a rented place, we are often left with no choice but to choose style over quality or the other way around.

With the VOX wall collection, you need not compromise either. With the added benefit of overlaying onto your current wall, no problems with the landlord, no fuss no muss. Just elegance and durability.

Is wall paper a good idea?

Often when thinking about decorating the walls immediately opt for the solution of wallpaper. But it is not a case that we come across some of the most common defects or damage that is difficult to fix in the process.

Wallpaper can create in the long run detached edges, the top layer can go damaged, it can happen in case of scratches, tears or indelible stains that you need to replace the entire sheet and, over time, you may notice the difference in color of the paper compared to the old and new application.

Why choose wall panels for decorating your home?

Who doesn't love a style statement home? Well, wall panels are the silent screamers of style in any home and it makes everything else in the space stand out.

For countries like UAE, some may question the use of wall panels due to the high levels of humidity or constant air conditioning throughout the year, but with VOX, there are no complications for your walls as these are weatherproof and tested against all that could possibly happen to them in your house. 

Kerradeco Wall panel - Geometric Cafe


Another cool feature that comes with wall panels and skirting is that you won't have the eye sore of cables running here and there. With effective cable management, skirtings can hide your cables, and avoid the most common and most unpleasant sight of cables lying loose.

Why Wall Panels by VOX Furniture UAE?

Wall Panels are so loud in any space. They need to be kept in the best condition and quality is something that must be assured. VOX offers the best line of wall panels in the UAE.

These wall panels are scratch-resistant and weatherproof (oh, we all know the weather we are talking about), offering a long-lasting wall life. The most interesting thing about the VOX wall panels is, these are DIY self-installation panels, and are light-weighted. Yes! You heard it right. You can do it on your own. All you need is to follow the instructions, and you can have it done with no extra baggage.

Other added benefits of the VOX wall panels are acoustic installation, water resistance, and UV resistance. It also offers finishing strips for your wall panels. VOX brings to you the best wall panels that go with your lifestyle and weather conditions in the UAE. 

Kerradeco Stoneline Anthracite

Choosing Wall Panels

Tastes and preferences vary from person to person in a household and sometimes it can be extreme, like day and night. And when it comes to creating a place for your family, everyone's choices need to be taken care of.

While you may love it minimal, your daughter might like it chic, and your son might want something abstract or graphic.

Also, you may prefer a different ambience for different spaces in your home, and wall panels can offer all that you need for each space. That is the luxury and a jamboree of possibilities our wall panels offer.

Our Linerio wall panels, for example, give the much beloved and otherwise extremely costly natural wood look preferred by many in the UAE especially, as it can be as pretty and suitable in a minimalist Japanese style as it can be glorious in an Arabian style house full of wood furniture and touches of gold and warm colours.

Setting up your space: choose your wall panel based on the area of the house where you are going to place it.

Wall panels for the living

So, how is your living area themed? Is it dark-toned, or is light flowing? Either way, it's sorted. If you are looking for a dark-toned living room with bright furniture, the Stoneline Anthracite  is an amazing wall. 

Kerradeco Stonline Terrazo

The L-Line Mocca Wall Panels    is another style statement that can go well with light shaded furniture and adds depth to your living room. 

On the other hand, the Stoneline Ivory panels keep a bright tone for your living and go well with almost every choice of furniture. 

Linerio Wall Panel L Line Natural Color

To top it all, if you are a person who loves a lively living room, with designs and patterns, then you are in for a treat! VOX offers some cool wall panels, like the Monstera Wall and the Graphics Wall that are so loud and can make quite the impression. 

Wall panels for the Bedroom

Kerradeco wall panel Stoneline Loft Concrete

Oh, how we love our bedrooms! For many of us, the bedrooms are our favourite place and our sanctuary. It is a personal space and, having to choose the perfect walls that match our personality is a must. From plain walls to patterned ones, VOX offers an amazing line of walls that will be picture perfect for your bedrooms. Simple walls like Stoneline Loft Concrete  and Stoneline Loft Misty offers a minimal touch to your room and will look dapper with wall decor and paintings. 

If you're looking for something unique for your kid's room, VOX has got that covered too. Pattern wall panels like the Graphics Houses , Graphics Geometry and Graphics Knit  are amazing choices for your kid's room. These bring in a playful ambience and are best suited for kids.

Bathe in style: wall panels for bathroom

Whether it’s bathing, shaving, or doing your skin care routine, studies suggest that the average person spends 30 minutes a day in the bathroom, that adds up to 182 hours a year.

Kerradeco Wall Panel Stoneline Grey Stone

So why not care for this room’s looks as much as the rest of the house! And let's be honest. Nobody loves the normal, boring bathroom walls. Walls are what make a bathroom elegant, followed by ceramics. So, it is wise to go for some neat bathroom wall panels, either bright or dark. The VOX Stoneline Greystone  and

Woodline Carbon  are two solid wall panel choices for bathrooms and are water resistant. They not only add depth to your bathroom but ensure that every piece of sanitary ware & fittings stands out. 

Tips to Clean your Wall Panels

Keeping your wall panels clean is a must. Regular cleaning of the wall panels assures a bright space, but don’t worry or stress over it, even if you have kids or a toddler who enjoys leaving his hand prints on every spot of the wall he can reach, it’s a breeze to clean these beauties.

A lint-free cloth can be used for the cleaning of the walls - it can be used for dusting. 

Soaking a lint-free cloth in warm water with mild cleansers. Wipe the wall with the same. 

Drying the wall panel with a dry lint-free cloth. 

If you have carpeted floors and you are cleaning your walls with any drippy material don’t forget to put a plastic cover over the carpet as the moisture will be hard to dry in an air-conditioned space and it will smell bad even if it’s a small amount of water.

Let your personality be reflected in your homes. Let your walls speak for you. Grab your favorite wall panels for your home from VOX furniture UAE. You're in for a huge makeover!

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