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A house, vivacious with life and filled with conversational buzz, pulsates to the rhythm of our lifestyle. This is where we welcome guests, cook for our loved ones, our Young Teenagers & our pets play and the family rests with an episode of the favorite series. No wonder it's easy to get messy in a multifunctional space.

How to keep order and make everything always available at hand - even in a home (especially the Living room as well as the Teen Rooms that is constantly teeming with life thanks to your Teenagers? )

The interior should adapt to our habits and ways of life, not the other way around. After all, this is why we arrange our nearest space in our own way, in accordance with the tempo of our daily duties and favorite ways of spending free time. Throughout the day, interiors change their function and objects move to different places: from wardrobes, to tables and chairs, to the whole gamut of home furniture.

Look no further as neat home furniture solutions that facilitate regular cleaning can be found, among others in the Young VOX collection by VOX furniture UAE created to cater the needs of the young household members. Now know about How to have a classy yet sustainable Teen Bedroom Ideas with Teenager Room Furniture along with some tips and tricks to help you keep your home organized on a daily basis.

  1. Home order: start with the basics

The first step in tidying up your home is getting rid of the clutter particularly in your Teenager Rooms. The fewer there are, the less time and effort we spend on them.  So, make a selection and get rid of everything that messes up our space and generates dust like old newspapers, leaflets, knick-knacks, receipts, broken bedroom furniture or living room furniture & accessories- a lot of unnecessary things that accumulates on a daily basis. Let’s keep only those that we really need and those that we simply like or have sentimental value for us. Let's get rid of those unwanted items, sans regret, that effectively disrupt the home order and harmony.

  1. Developing Daily rituals and healthier habits

Why wait till Friday to clean up the mess!! - Waiting to clean up may be pointless

It will be difficult for us to mobilize ourselves for general cleaning if there is a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, the living room sofa no longer remembers a roller to pull hair and in the bedroom there is a pile of clothes to wash or an unkempt bedside wardrobe in your child’s room.

Regularity is the key to success, so it is worth developing permanent- even if small- habits that will help maintain order in the apartment.  It will be much easier for us to grasp this chaos if we teach ourselves and other family members to inculcate small everyday habits - that do not require much effort and effectively contribute to keeping the house in order. It is enough to wipe the cabinets, specially kitchen cabinets or wall-shelves from dust every few days, systematically put dirty clothes in the trash or clean up the coffee table after your family time. Thanks to simple, daily rituals, weekend clean-ups will go much faster, and we will be able to spend the saved time on pleasures - e.g. going to the cinema or a board game.

  1. Furniture that helps keep the house tidy

Properly adapted furniture and accessories can make cleaning faster and more pleasant.

First of all, mobile drawers and containers will be useful, with which it will be easier to keep our clothes, toys or home accessories in check.

Furniture from the Young Users collection will be perfect for a youth room (where the mess is always done by itself). Spacious wardrobes and shelves have clever platforms with mobile drawers that can be conveniently moved to any angle. They will facilitate both thorough cleaning and quick cleaning of the room before the visit of friends. The modular design of Young Users furniture makes it easy to expand it with newer elements, when over time there is not enough space to store those precious teenage treasures.

Similar solutions can be used by household members of all ages, because mobile furniture can also be found in other collections. The Ordo horizontal organizer under the Spot Young Vox Collection or rolling Innovative transformer desk under the Young User Teens Collection, though mainly for teens will be useful in the bedrooms, study rooms as well as office. Equipped with multiple four open spaces for practical storage, the custom coffee table sets will help you organize your living room. In turn, the Stige chest of High Cabinets with multiple drawers and a mobile container will be perfect in the hall.

4.Place for less used items

Often, things that we only use occasionally hinder keeping the house tidy. Winter jackets, warm sleeping bags or spare bedding can steal a lot of valuable space in the wardrobe, so it is worth looking for another storage space for them. The bed chest in the bedroom will come with help - we can stuff a lot in the space hidden from the sight! Seasonal clothes and other less frequently needed items will wait for their time here.

However, if we prefer to have more convenient access to things hidden in the bed, we can also reach for less standard solutions. The Spot Young Bunk bed, instead of a chest under the mattress, has a four hidden shelves, in the middle of the bed (behind the space adapted to the movable) - perfect for storing additional blankets or pillows. In addition, there are also two movable hangers for clothes and a table where an alarm clock, calendar or pots with plants can find a permanent place.

A 2-door wardrobe with a drawer at the bottom from Evolve Teens, which can comfortably fit even a large collection of clothes and shoes, will also facilitate good organization.  The interior of the wardrobe can be easily adapted to suit our own needs as then we may plan the distribution of shelves and bars for hangers ourselves. Inside the drawers, you will also find a special compartment for shoes or seasonal clothes, which we can store, several items with convenience.

  1. Every little thing in its place

The fuss at home often starts with singular items. The little things that we bring to the top every day can, not only create a messy domino effect, but most of all - they often tend to get misplaced. Therefore, it is worth making a permanent place for them. The special Spot Young Movable hangers for Bunk Bed make it easier to store bags, clothes and other stuff- they are extremely practical and look stylish especially when included in your Teen Bedroom Ideas.

In an organized space, there are also smart containers that will hide home accessories. Thanks to the appropriate markings, each of the household members will find what they are looking for, in a jiffy. If we are disturbed by tangled cables from chargers, let's put them them in the Small box – Oak, effectively keeping the tangle of wires in check. In order to control the chaos in the medicine cabinet, a practical first aid kit from Boxes for bed - box matches the bed frame with shelves from our 4You Collection in the bedroom will come in handy.

  1. Order at home is order on the table

A table in the living room or dining room is one of the first things that catch our eye when we enter the room. In addition to effective decorations in the form of vases with flowers or candles, it is also worth taking care of its neat and orderly appearance. This is made easier by cleverly designed furniture - the kind thanks to which nothing will be accidentally placed on them.

Order in our dining room is much easier with the functional Foldable rectangular dining table All the elements needed to extend the table are located under the top - so you do not need additional space to hide additional legs & countertops. It is the perfect place for breakfast, brunch and dinner with family and friends.

In a slightly smaller space like when arranging a studio apartment or a small kitchen, the 4 You square dining table will come in handy. Let us not be fooled by its compact form. Even though its side is only a meter long, it is an ideal storage place. In addition to the recess in the centre of the top, it also has a free space between two tops and two drawers. With such a table, all knick-knacks will find their place and will not create an unnecessary impression of clutter and disorder in our home.

  1. Orderly home calls for family communication and distribution of chores

Keeping the house in order is a team work that should be done with all family members. In order for each of them to develop good habits, it is worth ensuring efficient communication.

Thanks to this, the youngest will remember to clean up the toys after themselves, and the teenagers will not forget about closing the toothpaste tube or putting the clothes in the laundry basket. There are some clever accessories that make it easier to remember to regularly clean shared interiors and private corners.

"On Wednesday we vacuum", "Please do not forget to hang out the laundry" - the Round Cork Board from Stige Teens is actually made for sending such short messages. Thanks to its small size, it is easy to find a well-visible place for it on the kitchen counter or a dresser in the hall. Depending on the needs, at any time, we can easily change it to the place where it will most effectively remind family members about the tasks ahead.

 The extremely practical Nest mini hanging bag can be attached anywhere, for example a multi-bed, a storage with hanger, a wardrobe and on all wooden lamps attached to the furniture pieces. It will also be a great idea to create a permanent home cleaning schedule.

The jointly agreed list of tasks along with the division into individual days of the month should be written on the Grey Organizer Horizontal. This way, family members will always remember whose turn it was to wash the dishes or clean the bathroom this time. The organizer will definitely be useful in the youth room, where, apart from cleaning, it can also remind you about important tests and exams.

So, all set to utilize these tips and tricks and clear out those dust bunnies?


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