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Dear parents, the baby is coming! Admit it, you don't know where to start.

Friends and family are giving you lots of information and advice... maybe too much! The result? In the end you are more confused than before!

Do not worry, we start by telling you that the state of confusion is normal when you are dealing with the arrival of the firstborn. 

We as Vox Furniture UAE are specialists in functional design for the whole family and have a passion for making children's rooms ever more beautiful and reflecting the needs of children and parents. Especially when it comes to baby bedrooms, it is important to make the right choices, even in view of the growth of the child.

Today, indeed, we are going to talk about how to proceed in order to have his or her bedroom ready. Crib, cradle, toys: yes of course... but above all the changing table!

Is it necessary to buy a changer?

Many parents are undecided about buying a changing table because of the small spaces in their homes or because they think it is a piece of furniture that can only be used for a short time. Instead, it is an important element of the bedroom, as it conveniently allows parents to change their child, or calm him or her down, wash him or her or even play a little if he or she cries.

Yes, if you're wondering, changing your newborn is more complicated than it sounds!

These are minutes of union and complicity, during which the baby must feel protected and at ease.

In addition, as suggested by many childhood experts, you can make the diaper change an opportunity to stimulate the senses. For this, the activity must be fun; you can sing, talk or put on music; all this creates a pleasant routine for both of you.

What is obviously necessary is to keep all the items you need close to you: soap, towel, clean diapers and wet wipes. So having a changing table is definitely a great help.

Given the importance of this moment, it is mandatory to follow a series of recommendations regarding the choice of changer.

Changing table with cabinet is the best solution

Changer placed in a cabinet have the advantage of offering all the space needed to keep in order the products for the care of the child.

Basically it is a chest of drawers, usually with 3 fairly high drawers; on the highest shelf rests the changing table. This allows you to lay the baby on a soft but extremely stable surface, and have it at the right height to be able to change and dress.

The drawers can contain diapers, creams, bodysuits and clothes; in short, you will have everything you need at hand without having to leave the room. The important thing is that, even when you are looking for items in the drawers, you never leave contact with the baby, even with just one hand.

For this type of changing table Vox furniture AE offers many solutions: it also depends on the style of the room where you are going to place the cabinet.

If you want a minimalist style, you can opt for the collection 4 You Baby Vox with its simple Dresser With Charger.

If the need is to give the room a little more character, even in view of reusing the dresser by removing the changing table when the baby grows up, then among our favorites is definitely the Attitude Baby Vox line that features a beautiful and stylish baby changer with graphite-colored drawers.

Concept Baby Vox differs from the classic changing table drawers for the comfortable open compartment and the possibility to customize one of the doors with a color of your choice.

This allows it to integrate perfectly with the environment even when your children are older and the changing table shelf is no longer necessary. White structure and wooden feet, the doors are available in six different colors.

The perfect shape of the baby-changing table

The changer should not be too high, as it may cause discomfort to parents. Ideally, it should have slightly raised sides and be wide so as to protect the baby in case of sudden movements.

Don't forget your changing mattress!

In addition, the changer station should be equipped with a mattress to make the area softer.

The changing mat from VOX was produced to meet the needs of all parents and is adaptable to all Vox chest of drawers type. The padding is made of PVC foam and is soft.

The perfect fit ensures comfort and safety. The practical side zipper ensures convenient removal for easy washing. Certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1, this mattress can be in direct contact with baby's skin.

Pay attention to the practicality and versatility of baby furniture

Give a chance to the Baby dresser with charger by Spot Baby Vox 

You'll be changing diapers with ease thanks to the Spot Baby Changing Unit with Drawers in White and Acacia by Vox. Made from high-quality laminated panels and finished in a decidedly modern white and acacia finish, this changing table will complement any decor in your home and create a sanctuary for you and "your little angel" to spend magical moments together.

The beauty of this piece of furniture also lies in its versatility, from the moment your child grows you can remove the changer to create a convenient chest of drawers.

By removing the bottom drawer you can transform it into a convenient dressing table or study desk. Indeed, the lower drawer with the casing can then be used as a free-standing dresser.

This cabinet is also designed to be able to add Ordo organizer pockets, a handy storage bag that can be hung on the wooden frame.

Find what you need

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