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Creating a UAE Lifestyle: how to choose appropriate furniture 

Furniture is key to any dream home and here is your perfect guide to creating a home that is in sync with your lifestyle.

A Lifestyle is something that defines you, not just on the outside but also shaping everything on the inside too. And this lifestyle is not just limited to the clothes you wear, the food you eat, or the places you travel or the materials you own, but also about the home you create. 

There is more to your house than just four walls. Everything that makes it a home. What truly reflects your lifestyle and energy are your tasteful furniture choices. The ones that leave your mark all over and also communicate with everyone visiting. Your sanctuary is the lifestyle you build and that is exactly why you need the perfect place to be called home. 

From walls to coffee tables, to shades to colors, everything determines your lifestyle and your inner reflection. So, let's get into building the perfect home that, not just meets your needs and wants, but also speaks of a stunning lifestyle. 

The research Furniture Design: Its Impact on Lifestyle by Marzieh Allahdadi, Mahsa Gholipour, and Rosita Farzam states that “The concept ‘"lifestyle’" is influenced by elements such as values, beliefs, attitude, identity and a consumption culture; thus, the furniture design closely related to the society's consumption culture is an influential indicator of lifestyle. ”

Walls are louder than your words

A good wall is what catches the eye. Yes, everything else is important but walls can never lie. If you love something simple, and elegant, light wall tones with matching furniture would be the right choice. This would speak for a simple yet classic person with some great taste in choices. On the other hand, if you want your home to speak of luxury, choose darker walls with stunning furniture to go to. To make style statements, you could go for wall panels that are not just any regular walls. Moreover, walls can make your pictures gram-worthy. Oh, yes! Who doesn't love a selfie or portrait with a stunning backdrop? Let's vote in! 

Let's take it from the top - Living Room

Living Room is the thing, and we wouldn't say otherwise. Would you deny that living rooms speak a lot about houses, as a whole? Thought so! We all check out living rooms now and then, and what better way to build an ever-loving lifestyle than to create the living room of your dream? 

Having chosen your tone and walls, the work is half done. Now is the time to define - the choices of furniture, their functionality, aesthetics, and so on! 

Amidst your sofas, a perfectly placed coffee table would just do right not just for the purpose, but the aesthetics too. Coffee tables are great lifestyle enhancers, especially when it is a statement piece. Moreover, if you are going to take a picture of your morning coffee, it better be a great shot. And if you have tiny tots pouring joy, there's a little something you could add - the cuter thing

Next step, TV and cabinets. Well, unless you do not want a huge screen on your living room wall, you can pass. But if you prefer something simple but elegant, which almost goes with every tone, TV cabinets will do justice.


What makes your living room livelier, apart from some gorgeous houseplants are the bookshelves. Yes! They are an amazing piece to add depth to your interiors and living. The bookcases are not limited to just books and can even hold your favourite succulents too. Your favourite magazines, self-help books, and some interesting fiction can all go in there. So can collectibles, miniatures, momentos and more. And these bookcases can either be simple or sophisticated, matching your preferences. 

Your Home within your home: Bedroom

Bedrooms are what make us, us. It is a feeling. There is so much love that goes into our bedrooms that it is never enough and there is no place in the whole world that could make you feel safer and comfortable than your perfect bed. So, choose it right, for when you relax, you can relax in style. 

From wardrobes to chairs, there is so much that can go into your bedroom and still leave a mark of elegance. Like, the mandatory standing mirror for your perfect poses and pictures, enhancing your confidence; the bedside table for your go-to routine picks.

A desk to plan your amazing days and a side bed as a touch of exquisite living; and the perfect wardrobes and dressers for all your dazzling designs and outfits to make your style statements. But the most wanted is the bed. Comforting but a style statement; Can never compromise it.  Wow! Lifestyles can't get any better!

Dine-in style 

Why go out when you can experience a fine dining experience in your home? No kidding. Choosing the right furniture pieces gives you the benefit of enjoying luxury in your own space and lifestyle.

We do not want to brag, but the expandable dining table is more than what you can ask for and will serve you right, any given day. Chairs are also important, so choose elegant seating. Adding a glass case and sideboard to your dining room not only adds to the aesthetics but makes room for utilities without actually making it look dull. It never hurts to add more!

Born and brought up in style!

Your tiny tots are at the right age to be influenced and that is precisely why they need the best lifestyle to be groomed into. But why worry when you can have it all.  But when choosing furniture for your kid's room, make sure it is safety ensured! Safety first. Always. 

Some cool walls will do justice to the kid's room as no one wants a dull room for the bundle of joy. A perfectly styled and safe cot bed is what your child needs and you can never say no to that. Plus, some cute additions that they would adore along with an elegant dresser is what will complete it. You could also add a little table and stools for playtime. 

Here's a tip of two to make your UAE home take a level up

Blinds.  Yes! Not everyone has window furnishings in the UAE, and if your space is too small, that is out of the question. So, go for roman blinds - never disappointing. They are light and won't be too heavy for the space too.

Colour. Tones are personality speakers but, choosing a shade for your home apart from white and off-white in UAE will definitely stand out. So, maybe, choose a natural daylight colour and mark your lifestyle statement. But hey, when you move out, revert it too. 

As stated by Abigail Clark, furniture benefits your overall being - provides physical comfort, improves memory, offers self-satisfaction, and also improves your mood. 

And to top it all, you get to choose your happiness with your favorites. Not just charity, but everything begins at home. So, here's to creating a lifestyle right from your home. Cheers!