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Wall Shelves are a perfect solution for storing small items in any home. A lovely way to display vases, our favorite books or show off photos full of memories.

Here are a few tips to master the art of decorating your walls.

First and foremost, decorating your walls is one of the key pillars in interior decorations. Therefore finishing the walls does not stop at choosing the right panels , wallpapers or paints. So that the walls are no longer just a background, we can use the wall to create the ‘character’ you want to bring out in your room. Are you an avid reader? Are you a traveler? Are you passionate about art or you love music? There can be thousands of beautiful ways of putting the ‘character’ up there on the wall. 

In that context, wall shelves are one very accommodating way to bringing it all together. Something like this…in the picture below! We love to inspire you! Because at VOX, we believe Freedom Begins At Home! Which means ‘Live the way YOU want’!

Living Room Ribbon Collection

How to arrange shelves on the wall?

There are countless ways. If you wish to display items that you constantly reach out for, then it is best to hang the wall shelves closer to the hand – may be next to your study desk or sofa. But, if the idea is to simply display stuff that you are proud of and if the shelf is to be used to store rarely used things, then they can even be mounted higher up on the walls. Consider doing this on walls, where nothing else can be done. 

In some cases, it is the shelf itself, and not the items placed on it, that can be the main decoration of the interior. Therefore, it is worth taking care of its matching colors or raw materials it is made from. Consider having shelfs from the same collection as that of your other furniture pieces and match the colors with the accessories. If the decorative shelf is so beautiful, consider making it the focal point on the wall. This way, it will catch the eyes of both family members and guests almost immediately.

If there are several shelves on the wall, it is worth carefully considering their location. One way to make the shelves on the wall interesting is by mixing the shapes of the shelves – shelves can be mounted next to each other in a straight line or square, as well as asymmetrically suspended! Together, they can create step like or an irregular arrangement of an abstract nature. How quirky!

Hanging Wall Shelf - Ribbon Collection

When giving spaces between the shelves, it is worth introducing a contrast between the sizes of the items on display. 

When choosing hanging shelves, let's also take into account the wall itself. If you choose cabinets or cubes that blend in with the background, the items on display become the main attraction. To make them stand out, you may choose vibrant colors that are in contrast to the wall.

It can also be a great idea to place furniture in contrasting shades next to each other. 

The amount of inspiration when it comes to wall shelves is almost limitless. They, like those from  the Ribbon collection , can also be differentiated by their form, which makes them an impressive wall decoration. Two-color shelves  will also work well in interiors that plays on two colors only. 

Living Room with Ribbon Collection

Modern hanging shelves for a child's room – collecting treasures is a good thing

When arranging a child’s room ,consider giving it a unique characteristic, different from all other rooms. Depending on your needs and desires, it is worth choosing the right furniture, taking care of the smallest elements into consideration.

Hanging shelves have an important decorative function in kids’ room. Wall shelves, corner cabinets or simple metal organizers. The treasures your child collects can be the core elements that can be displayed and gives that ‘unique’ character to the room. Properly selected, they will help us create the right atmosphere and highlight what is most important for your growing child, be it a teenager or younger.

Kids' room

Nest Collection

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