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Babies grow up very fast! From dwelling in a nursery to having their own room…how time flies so fast! In this article, we have put down our thoughts on how to build a transitioning room for your boys…from toddler to a teenager!.

Why is it important to build rooms which transition with age? Because its less expensive and time consuming. Simple!

Let’s start by understanding a few basics of room décor. Tip no1. is to separate zones with different purposes from the very beginning.

There are 3 key zones – Learn, Relax and Play that form the basis of our interior designing suggestions, keeping in mind that their weightage changes with time.

First Area - Learn

Always earmark a developmental space in kids’ room. This space grows in weightage with each passing year corresponding to the changing needs of your growing child. This developmental area is called the Learning area - At the beginning, it is the space where a small table and chair can be placed for a toddler to play with block or paint. Gradually this space will hold a comfortable, height and age-appropriate study desk and a chair where he can learn to concentrate and read his first lessons. It is like in the case of a chest of drawers for clothes, which gets replaced by a spacious wardrobe over time, reminiscent of the one in the parents' bedroom usually!

Baby & toddler room

Tuli table and stool

Second Area – Relax

The second most important zone in the little man's kingdom is the bed. Initially you could use a convertible crib, that can be transformed from a crib to a bed for a toddler. Thereon, you might need a single bed with storage underneath or a single bed with storage around the bed. The stuff toys that used to be next to your toddler gradually move away and its place is taken by some books & notebooks or some other favourite toy. While the storage under the bed could be useful in storing everyday bed linen, pillows and blankets, you might need to add more or shelving units or cabinet to store the books and toys. Whether toddler or a teenage boy, these transitional décors will make sure your son sleeps comfortably throughout.

Single Bed 4You Colletion

Boy bedroom 4You Collection

When choosing the first bed for a boy's room, it is worth considering a versatile bed or modular furniture that can stay in his room for a long time. It should be such that it compliments versatile wall colors or decorations and accessories over time. Like beds in universal colors – white, oak wood. This is how, you build a room that grows up with him! 

Our Young Users collection does exactly that! They are a discreet companion in the growing up process. For more treasure storage space, just add another cabinet. What's more, the functional front overlays allow you to refresh the décor many times.

Young User Baby VOX

Young User Metal Overlays

Young User Graphic Overlay

Young User colorful overlays

Introducing small and large changes over the years will also be possible when arranging a room for a boy, built with our Nest Collection. The space under the bunk bed will first serves as a ‘den’ for your child’s imagination, and later it becomes the best and the smartest way to place study desk, storage cabinet and a separate wardrobe. The desk and the storage cabinet are also pieces that are ‘Free to move’ around to keep up with your son's imaginations.

Our Concept Collection is also a great selection transitional pieces of furniture with interchangeable door fronts to make it suitable for a room for a five-year-old, to a fifteen-year-old. They play is in the colours of the door front - Blue, red, saffron, or maybe oak decor or black? Each of these colours can make your boy's room a ‘dream room’.

Concept Collection - Oak

Concept Collection Sky Blue

Concept Collection - Saffron

Tip no.2 on Wall décor: One other thing, that is also critical to note, is the wall décor – we recommend keeping the walls free of any fixtures that are likely to grow out soon from your son’s mind like specific cartoon characters stuck to the walls. Rather, we recommend having the walls painted which you can change often or as needed or using a self-adhesive wallpaper with subtle pattern that can complement change of décor for a couple of years. Changing the wallpapers is also easy as it does not leave any traces or residues after removal. So is its application.

Third Area – Play

Maintaining and decorating your son’s ‘Play’ zone is all about how well you can organize it! Good organization is equal to saying goodbye to the mess!!!

Children's room is always full of small things, irrespective of the age. Keeping it clean and organized cannot be sustained if the kids don’t commit to doing it themselves. It is best to get them learn the ‘art of cleaning’ your own room as early as possible.

Also, the little hack here is – the more arrange the room is, the greater the chance that we will put the items back in the right place.

Keeping the room in order therefore requires a variety of storages –

  1. Those that can hold books, notebook, stationary, your son’s project works and hobbies. Like bookcases with open shelves, bookcases with closed shelves, wide bookcases, narrow bookcases, desks, cabinets for desks. The interesting bit here is that, all storages, that VOX furniture offers are functional and well as fascinating. Did you ever think that storages could be as versatile as you see in these pictures below?Stige BookcasesBookshelf arrangement Stige Collection
  2. Those that are basic for storing clothes and linen. Like - Wardrobes, cabinets.Wardobe Concept CollectionWardrobe Black Concept Collection
  3. Those which are needed to store your son’s favourite toys, games, creations and inventions. Like – cabinets, hanging shelves, organizers, small cabinets, bed side tables, some games and accessories.Evolve CollectionDesk Evolve CollectionDesk Stige CollectionBoy's Room Stige Collection

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