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Set or mix? How to choose chairs for the dining tables in your breakfast area, formal dining room or kitchen nook.

Chairs can determine the style of a room and say a lot about the preferences of the owners. Although classic, homogeneous sets suit many interiors, it is also a good idea to create a mix of various seats. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right chairs for the dining tables, whether in the breakfast area, formal dining room or kitchen nook, that are common in our homes here in the UAE. We proudly share inspiring photos here too.

6 Seater Dining Table- Nature Collection VOX Furniture UAE

The ideal models of chairs combine attractive design with ergonomics, comfort, and high-quality materials. The combination of all these features means that the furniture will easily survive years of regular use – like impromptu meals, official dinners, or simple chats over coffee. How to make the right choice? Here are a handful of practical tips to help you make your decision.

What to look for when choosing chairs for the table?

The dimensions of the chairs are largely responsible for the convenience of using the chairs. Before buying, it is worth knowing the most important parameters so that spending even a long time at the table does not cause any discomfort.

The distance between the backrest of the seat and the tabletop should be approx. 30 cm to ensure free movement for the user. Ideally, the legs of the seated person should be at right angles at the knees and the entire feet should rest on the floor. The backrest must allow you to assume a neutral position, but the backrest should not protrude more than 20 cm above the tabletop. The depth of the seat is also important - it is best if only about 1/3 of the length of our thigh extends beyond it.

UNI Chair- VOX Furniture UAE

How much space do you need for a table with chairs? One chair is approx. 60 cm long. To move them freely, we need min. 55 cm of free space. That's a lot. So, if you do not need a table with 6 chairs daily, it is worth investing in foldable dining table, which you are likely to expand only on special occasions.

Extendable dining table 4You Collection VOX Furniture UAE

Same or different? Advantages of both ways!

Mixing chairs is an interesting way to add character to your room. After all, the dining table does not have to look boring! Often, we can find not just one or two, but even four different types of chairs, creating a fashionable, eclectic decor. It's a great way to give old furniture a second life or keep your favourite model with you for a long time, despite moving or simply refreshing the look. Instead of buying a new set, we can renew or repair comfortable chairs that we already have. Nothing prevents you from combining not only the styles but also the colors and materials. It is worth bearing in mind that the more varied the chairs are, the simpler the table should be. The visual chaos can also be avoided by the height-adjusted backrests.

Between just Dubai and AbuDhabi itself, we will find a lot of mixed crowd. Some of us love the traditional designs while some love contemporary designs. Lovers of traditional solutions can choose ready-made sets of tables and chairs. It is a timeless solution that gives us confidence that each element of the arrangement will fit together perfectly.

6 Seater Dining Table Nature Collection VOX Furniture UAE

A harmonious, coherent arrangement might not add a distinct character to your room, but it does allow other elements like your favourite tableware, tablecloth, or a vase full of flowers, to resonate well. The table does not have to come from the same collection as the chairs. It is important that it visually matches them. This form of arrangement of the dining room is perfect for small spaces. Identical chairs placed next to each other create a regular rhythm - they are easier to move without worrying about a collision between the armrests or backrests of different models.

Colourful tables and chairs. We arrange a living room full of life!

What should the table & chairs for the living room be like? Of course, the way we like it. How about a bet on… colourful furniture? Yellow Shell chairs in the living room will stand out with an extraordinary look, bring life and positive energy to the interior. The Creative folding table can also be colourful   - may be green or oak. When deciding on such a colourful accent in the living room, it is worth finding at least one theme that will synchronize the furniture with other elements of the decor.

So, if we put on a green tabletop, it will be good to use accessories which compliment, for example a woolen rug.

Dining table with chairs Creative Collection VOX Furniture UAE

The best chairs for the kitchen? Above all practical.

There is a lot going on in the kitchen - intense smells dominate, there is often dampness, and it is easy to find various stains. So, the table and chairs should be practical. Let us pay attention to the material of their product. Varnished wood or durable plywood will be a good choice - they are easy to clean and do not absorb odors. Upholstered elements may appear in the form of soft seats with a dirt-resistant upholstery, such as in the U&D or Closer  chairs. By purchasing a cover for the seat, the furniture would look a little more finished and at the same time it will also protect the fabric against dirt.

U&D Chair VOX Furniture UAE

Chairs in the kitchen should also be relatively light so that you can easily handle them on a regular basis. If you still fee confused about what to choose, ready-made sets of kitchen tables and chairs can be perfect.      

What coloured chairs should you buy for a white coloured dining table? A whole range of possibilities!

Many avant-garde and classic seats will work with a white table. In combination with a bright table, dark chairs add a pleasant contrast. In turn, furniture in the same color also creates a minimalist, light composition.

Dining Table with white chairs from Creative Collection, VOX Furniture UAE

 A good match for white will be delicate pastels and wooden decor. If the table has a simple form, chairs with colorful, upholstered seats - plain or patchwork - will look great. A white round table with chairs in various colors will look very original.

What chairs should you choose for a wooden table? Here the choices could also be very wide. However, it should be remembered that it is not advisable to combine several different wood decors. So, if we choose chairs with wooden legs, their color should be the same or as close to the color of our table as possible. This will ensure the synergies with the whole décor of the room.

Table 200x100

Foldable dining table Creative Collection VOX Furniture UAE

What instead of chairs? A table with a bench or stools

A combination of a table with 4 chairs is quite a classic one. Traditional chairs are increasingly being replaced by benches or stools. We can play with their function, which is why such solutions will work well in apartments where smart ideas count for a small area.

Stools with drawers can be great at the table – it can work as a very practical place to sit when guests arrive, and our stackable stool with drawers work even better as a storage for every day things, and when its night, they also perfectly turn into a fully functional of bedside tables. If they are not needed, just stack them one on top of another and they will create a spacious chest of drawers. Interesting!

Stackable stools Spot Collection VOX Furniture UAE

The benches work well too. They give more freedom than chairs and are just as practical. Equipped with cushions, if necessary, they can be used as a comfortable seat in the hall.

Bench for dining table Spot Collection VOX Furniture UAE

We create a toddler zone! A table and chairs for children

When arranging the interior of the dining room or living room, let's not forget about the youngest. It is worth planning a place for them at the table or provide them with their own eating area! Children's tables and stools will be useful for this, and thanks to their light structure they can wander around the house with the little ones. So, if they bravely accompany the children at lunch at lunchtime, a moment later they can turn into a creative studio for small artists. When buying tables and stools for children, it is worth choosing simple models - they will be used as additional seats or stands for flowers when the little ones get older.

Tuli Table for toddlers VOX Furniture UAE

Before the final choice of chairs, it is best to check whether, apart from the appearance that appeals to us, they have features that will guarantee comfort and durability. Before buying, it is worth trying a piece of furniture - see it live, touch it, test it. We invite you to VOX Design studio!

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