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How to organize the baby's room? Vox has the solution to all your needs!

The arrival of a child, especially if the first, can be more frightening than necessary due to the burden of responsibility that the situation imposes. Creating a safe, comfortable and stimulating environment within the home is the main goal, being able to achieve it is simple.

Very often you opt for a room shared between parents and child: although the needs of the newborn are of fundamental importance, the best thing to do is not to neglect everyone's needs and also take into account the well-being of the couple.

The coexistence must be planned in every detail, optimizing the space and leaving each family member their own corner. So, it becomes essential that every point of the room is functional, making sure that every space inside it suits different needs.

Even if you decide to give the child a bedroom all to himself right away, it is important to keep in mind the rules seen above: keep order, divide the room into sectors and secure everything.

Choose the cradle that best suits your needs

Let's start with the main element that cannot be missing in any baby's room: the cradle. Choosing the right bed ensures the best sleep for the infant and, consequently, for the parents as well.

Thanks to its versatility, the Baby cot from the Evolve collection represents the perfect solution. This innovative cradle has the particularity of accompanying your child in the stages of development: the cot can in fact be converted into a comfortable bed, adapting to the different stages of growth. For the same reason, it can also be adjusted to three different height levels. To complete the whole, a large drawer located at the foot of the cot that allows you to save space with its capacity.

baby vox child's room inspiration

If contact with the baby is something that cannot be given up, the cot bed from the 4 You Baby Vox Collection is ideal. The crib can be transformed into a bed, adapting perfectly to the 4 You double bed for adults. This cot allows the mattress to be positioned at three different levels of height and thanks to the wheels it can be moved on carpets and floors. The lower part of the bed is divided into 3 sections to help parents keep the child's spaces tidy. By combining the right mattress with the cradle, your baby's relaxation is guaranteed. In fact, due to its absorbing and anti-allergic properties, this elegant mattress covered in cream-colored velvet was recommended by the Health Promotion Forum.

Versatile furniture and accessories for your child's room

Changing baby diapers can be problematic for first-time parents!

A changer is a valid ally for the success of the operation, especially if you have everything you need within easy reach. The dresser with changer from the Evolve collection has spacious drawers that can hold everything necessary, allowing you to take and put away what you need without ever losing sight of your baby.

Baby changer

In this high-quality product, nothing is left to chance: the rounded corners will prevent the infant from hurting himself or herself with sudden movements. A must have for child’s safety and peace of mind for all parents.

Alternatively, the dresser with changer from the Spot collection represents the perfect combination of comfort and practicality. Two large drawers will allow you to have near the objects necessary for changing nappies.

Furthermore, the lower drawer can be removed and used as a self-supporting dresser, adapting to several needs. The strong point of this piece lies in its versatility: going hand in hand with the needs of the little child, the dresser can turn into a comfortable desk, making this piece of furniture suitable for all ages.

To make the experience more pleasant for your baby, you can combine the proposed solutions with a changing mat that will give the baby maximum ease, thanks to the PVC foam mattress that adapts to the shape of all infants and provides them with comfort and a good support.

The space is never enough? The Spot collection organizer is what you need to ensure that the room is organized down to the smallest detail. Available in gray and orange, this felt accessory will add a touch of color to the room without sacrificing the convenience of having everything within easy reach. The width and arrangement of the pockets facilitate the sorting of objects, while the adjustable straps allow you to hang it practically anywhere.

organizer collection

Create a relaxing and stimulating environment

The environment inside the bedroom must be relaxing and inviting to rest, especially if we are talking about a newborn's bedroom. Delicate or neutral colors will help to induce sleep, while the fancy decorations will stimulate creativity.

By the way, have you thought about how to organize the play corner? The Tuli collection offers several solutions.

Baby bookcase

The bookcase with its 3 shelves can be used to contain the first toys, always keeping those with which the child plays most often in sight. A set consisting of a table with two stools will instead be ideal to encourage the first experiments with paper and markers. The stools, which can also be used as a smaller table, make this set suitable even for the little ones, helping them to develop their artistic vein from the earliest years.

Get inspired and free your imagination!

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