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Arranging a youth room in the attic is a double challenge. We have to face both the changing needs of the teenager and the uncomfortable space, dominated by slants. Here you have a  functional teen bedroom idea about how to create a functional interior conducive to the development of youthful passions.

The attic is the perfect place to arrange a teenager's room with modular and creative teenager room furniture range from Young Vox, is a word of advice from our teenager bedroom ideas experts. In an out-of-the-way space, cut off from the rest of the house, it's easy to create your own private refuge. The interior, full of natural light, will also be conducive to concentration and relaxation - and when we choose multifunctional solutions from our teenager room furniture collections, it will be easy for a young resident to adjust them to changing needs and introduce small and large changes on his own.

Yet another useful teen bedroom ideas is to make sure that a youth room arranged together favors self-expression and building one's own identity. Thanks to multifunctional teenager room furniture from Young Vox collections that comes with ubiquitous storage compartments and recesses, as well as appropriate space management, we can easily create four corners in which an adolescent will be able to emphasize his individualism. A youth room in the attic can become a tailor-made space - just use a few arrangement tips for a creative space for our child.

Walls in the youth room in the attic

We can start arranging a teenager's room in the attic with the walls. They will be the background for other interior items - furniture, organizers and knick-knacks. In a room full of natural light, bright colors will be especially effective , as they will additionally brighten the interior and make it seem a bit larger than it really is. This is especially important in a specific space limited by slants.

Neutral white, subtle grays or gentle pastels and beige will bring a breath of freshness to the teen's bedroom. With their help, we will create an atmosphere conducive to both study and relaxation. Subdued, neutral colors will also be a good base for a teenager's own arrangement ideas. If we want, we can also distinguish one of the walls with a different color. However, we should introduce more intense, contrasting and dark colors carefully so as not to overwhelm the room.

If we want to create a space in a youth room in which a teenager can easily express his passions, we can install a durable Kerradeco Wall System on one of the walls . It is an ideal solution in the rooms of young art and music lovers: with Kerradeco we will not only prepare a place for our child to hang posters or drawings, but also increase the sound insulation of the room. This is what our teen bedroom ideas experts have to say.

Well-organized slants

Another wonderful teen bedroom idea is that arranging a youth room in the attic do not have to be limited by uncomfortable slants . Teenager room furniture from Young Vox Teen room Collections will adapt to the space will help in their implementation. 

Instead of building the slants, we can place a row of low racks under them. With their help, we will make the interior more functional - without the need for renovation. We also don't have to order custom-made furniture. We can design our own solutions from ready-made elements. This possibility is provided by Stige Teens Collection: from boxes, plinths and shelves in a convenient configurator, we can easily create properly matched chests of drawers, cabinets or shelves.

Practical, modular 4You Boxes, interesting storages from our teen room furniture range, will also be useful in a youth room in the attic . Thanks to them, it will be easier for us to come up with and implement our own ideas for a wall at an angle. Depending on how much storage space we need, we can combine them into long rows or arrange them into several smaller racks. However, if we do not want to display items placed on the shelves, let's reach for Young User Teenager room furniture collection, whose space can be easily divided with practical fillers. The cubes can also be supplemented with e.g. a landing with a drawer - when more space for things and clothes is needed. 

Need more tips from our teen bedroom ideas ? We can also create a center of good organization in a youth room in the attic by combining slanted shelves. Their shape will refer to the sloping walls and will give an original effect - especially when we match them with other furniture from Young User Collection created especially as  teenager room furniture solutions, keeping in mind their varied needs .  

Space for your own ideas

To make it easier to keep order in the youth room in the attic, let's arrange it with the help of multifunctional and compact  teenager room furniture. This will help to reduce the number of elements and leave more free space in the interior for the implementation of individual arrangement ideas of a young resident. Isn't it a useful tip from a teenager bedroom ideas? 

In the attic, the 4 You bed will be perfect , with recesses and compartments for books or personal trinkets. Such a practical storage space will replace an additional bookcase and will facilitate keeping order, and the comfortable top of the bed will serve as a backrest.

For teenagers who like to rest at home or work in a reclining position, the unique creative piece from Young Vox is our multifaceted Young User Crawling Mattress. Depending on the needs, we can supplement it with a drawer for bedding, a platform or an additional sleeping place for guests. The Stige Daybed may also be a practical solution as a multi functional yet Scandinavian teen bedroom furniture - especially when we add a functional ladder to which we will hang lamps, practical organizers and personal decorations. Thanks to this element, we will be able to divide the space and create a comfortable sleeping corner in the attic. 

Youth room in the attic: a place to study

Keep in mind this useful tip from our teen bedroom ideas, when arranging a youth room in the attic, pay special attention to the desk - next to the bed, it will be one of the most important elements of the interior.

The functional Concept desk with pull-out drawers that can accommodate books and textbooks or writing utensils will work in a small area. The drawers can also be easily removed - they will then turn into practical boxes that we can easily carry.

The 4 You desk  is equally compact, equipped with a clever wooden organizer with compartments for the most necessary items. If a little more space is needed on the desk, it is enough to turn the toolbox upside down, thus widening the table top. However, when we want both a spacious countertop and a place for books, accessories and personal treasures, the Evolve Sliding Desk will be perfect for a teenager's room offered by Young Vox's teenager room furniture collections. It is full of spacious compartments and recesses, which we can freely slide from one place to another.

When planning the position of the desk, make sure that the slants do not make it difficult to sit down and stand up. It's best to set up a study corner in a place that is lit by the sun for most of the day. Natural light will illuminate the desk top and make sketching function graphs or writing essays a bit more enjoyable. So that the teenager can adjust the amount of light falling inside, we can install roller blinds on the windows.  

The work station can also change its place depending on the needs. The Innovative Transformer Desk  has wheels that make it easy to move it around the room. It is a clever piece of furniture that will also prove useful when you want to arrange a room for siblings in the attic : the desk containers can be pushed inside, thus creating space on both sides of the table top. Two parts of the desk can be freely personalized thanks to the practical door overlays.