Suspended or freestanding: how to choose a mirror for your teen room? - VOX Furniture UAE

Although we are often unaware of it, the mirror is a significant teenager room furniture as it influences the interior. Not only can it bring a little more light into our teen's bedroom, but with a few tricks, this teen bedroom idea is a great tip that makes the room appear larger. 

When choosing a mirror as a teenager bedroom furniture, let's first consider what role it will play in our teens' room interior. If we want to correct the proportions of the room with a mirror pane and make it  optically a bit larger, let's think about an oblong standing mirror that will add some height to the teen's bedroom. In turn, a wide, rectangular mirror, suspended horizontally, will visually expand the space. If we want light, luminous reflections, smaller, round mirrors will be perfect for our teen bedroom.

Apart from optical tricks, mirrors as a teenager room furniture can do much more. They can become an expressive accent in the arrangement of space, serve as a storage space for small items and even become a beauty corner in the teen bedroom. How? Check out some clever teen bedroom ideas for a mirror in the bedroom!

 Mirrors hanging in the teen bedroom - a shape full of harmony


When choosing a hanging mirror as a teenager room furniture, remember that it will be a decorative element in the interior. So let's make sure that it creates a coherent compositional whole with the other elements of our arrangement. The shape and finish of the mirror frame will be of key importance. A round mirror will perfectly match the other gently rounded teenager room furniture fronts. Another tip for teen bedroom ideas is that in an interior dominated by straight edges and geometric shapes, rectangular or square shapes will look better .  A hanging mirror will be perfect especially in a small teenager bedroom. It is enough to find a small, free fragment of the wall for it. Another good teenager bedroom idea could be round hanging mirror piece. A rectangular  or an oblong mirror can also become a strong accent .

Mirror and organizer in one as a multi-functional teenager room furniture.

A comfortable teenager bedroom is an interior full of multifunctional teenager room furniture solutions by VOX -Young Vox Collection range, that can be easily adapted to specific needs and situations of our dynamic teens. The mirror does not have to be an exception here - the more so if we are looking for teen bedroom ideas for arranging a small interior.

The hanging 4 You Mirror  is also a discreet storage space for your favorite trinkets - jewelry, cosmetics and accessories. We can easily find a suitable place for them on a practical shelf hidden on the side of the oak frame. Thanks to its construction, the mirror facilitates the arrangement of metamorphoses in the teens' bedroom as another perfect teenager room furniture by Young Vox. We can hang them on the wall, put them on a bedside table or on a desk top. It will be perfect especially in the bedrooms of girls who dream of their  own small dressing table. 
The Theatrical Mirror from the Simple collection will be an indispensable companion in the morning preparations. Thanks to the wings tilted on both sides, girls can see how their makeup or hairstyle looks from each side. It is worth considering as one of great teen bedroom ideas.

Mirror in the bedroom - not only on the wall

A large, standing mirror , a beautiful teenager room furniture solution , will be useful when they want to see their entire figure. Place them next to the wardrobe to arrange their own small, personal wardrobe in the bedroom. The 4YOU Standing Mirror with a light, oak frame will create a harmonious composition with furniture with white or wooden fronts. On its edge, teens can hang their favorite accessories - for example scarves or handbags, which we use every day. 

The mirror in the bedroom can also become an integral part of the beauty corner. On the top rail of a small Spot Young Dressing Table you can hang a dedicated mirror, adjusting the height to your teenager's needs. The edge of its light wood frame is also a small shelf where cosmetics or make-up accessories can find their place. 

An even smarter and more multifunctional solution can be found in the Nature Dressing Table. Here the mirror is hidden just under the lifted table top, which makes it easy to turn the furniture into a comfortable desk for study or work. Just another perfect multifunctional teenager room furniture from our Young Vox Teen Room Collections.
If we do not have the space for a separate mirror or dressing table in the bedroom, the door may as well help in everyday rituals on which we can hang not only a large mirror, but also several practical containers and organizers - perfect for cosmetics and accessories.