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The period of adolescence is the time of searching for one's own identity. Practical ornaments and decorations will help to develop passions and interests, with which the teenager's room will turn into a private corner.

Thanks to clever decorations, a teenager’s room can easily adapt to the changing needs of a young persona. Practical accessories and decorations will make even a small space such as your teen’s bedrooms - successfully used for learning, welcoming guests, developing passions or performing the most important duties.

Here are some ideas for adding to a room where your teenager will feel at home more than anywhere else. Remember that it is best to choose them together with a young resident. In this way, we let them understand that they have the decisive opinion in shaping his personal space.

Accessories for a teenager's room: good organization is essential

A well-organized teenager’s room is primarily about well-thought-out furniture; one that will support all the needs of a young person at every step. In a space where chaos is not difficult, the best solutions are blocks that make it easier to store or hide your little treasures. In the Young Vox Collections of VOX furniture, we can easily find models for which dedicated accessories have been designed to facilitate organization - we will use them to create a coherent and organized space.

Practical accessories in the teenager's room will help to reduce the time needed for cleaning to the necessary minimum - after all, there are so many other interesting activities waiting for young household members.

One of the silent helpers that will help you keep order is Wide Bookcase from Teen Cool Collection. It's a good place for books and games, personal trinkets or cables and chargers that get lost easily. The neutral appearance of the bookcase will make it aesthetically fit almost all the rooms. Lockable cupboard with a partition is a place for private things if we want it to serve as a private hiding place.

The easiest way to keep things in order is when a place to store the most-needed little things is always at hand. Ordo horizontal organizers available in Grey and Orange colours from Spot Girl Collection are a smart way to avoid clutter. They will find their place in a teenager's room hung on doors, bookcases or wooden rails of desks and beds from the Spot Young collection. They will be useful both in thorough cleaning and when you need to quickly clean up the room before your friends come.

A comfortable corner to receive guests

The teenage age is a period of building relationships with peers and making friends that are often able to survive for many years. Therefore, in the youth room, it is worth creating appropriate conditions for receiving guests - so that each of them can feel at ease and comfortable here. As we all know, social gatherings can often stretch out, so it is also a good Teen Bedroom Idea to think about an additional sleeping place. An exceptionally practical addition to a teenager's room furniture will be to supplement normal bed with a Day-bed with bottom bed especially from Stige Teenager Room Furniture Collection that has an additional bottom bed with a pull-out frame. The so-called we can slide the lower bed under the single beds for teenagers are also available from the Spot Young, Young Users  and 4 you collections. 

A comfortable Up & Down Adjustable Chair from Young Vox  Collection will be useful, to match diverse interiors for your kid's or teenager's room and will be an asset for Teenager Room Furniture. Thanks to its adjustable form, uniquely designed for the comfort of kids, the seat is mounted on a big & stylish wooden screw and by turning them around you can increase the seat height and adjust them to the user's height. It is available in neutral colours, so we can easily match it to the interior design. The light weighted chair can be conveniently moved to any corner of the room, quickly creating various configurations in its interior, conducive to doing homework, home video game tournaments or long hours of talk.  The use of natural wood makes the chair unique to match diverse interiors for your kid's or teenager's room.

Practical decorations in the youth room

Decorations in a teenager's room can become not only a manifestation of personality, but also a practical help in carrying out everyday duties. A perfect example is the Hanging shelf from Teen-Cool collection that can be hung on a wall or door. Access to the contents of the shelf is possible from both sides - front and right. The smart design allows you to store some items in a visible place, and some to hide behind the graphite front panel. Thanks to the adaptable shape, the shelf can be placed anywhere inside the room in different styles.

Notes, flashcards facilitating language learning or souvenir photos can also fill the entire teenager's room, when we decorate the interior with Dry-wipe board from Nest Teens Furniture Collection. The dry-wipe board can be hung on all wooden, rectangular handles and railings found in: a wardrobe, multi-bed, multi bed storages like storage with hanger, storage with shelves and wooden bars mounted to other furniture pieces. The board can be moved to another place at any time. It is made of metal, so you can attach the magnets to it. Therefore, nothing prevents the most important reminders from finding their place right above the bed or next to the desk, where they will be clearly visible. 

In everyday planning, classic boards will also be useful: the multifunctional yellow pendant organizer from Nest Teens Furniture Collection, which will help you organize your schedule for the coming weeks - the perfect place for notes and drawings.

Tidy desk

A lot is happening on the desk in the youth room. Let's not forget that it serves teenagers not only for learning. Scattered pens, pages full of notes and free thoughts, textbooks, headphones and various other small items - all this only proves that the room lives with our child. How to organize it all?

All writing accessories will quickly find their place thanks to the wooden Desk 120 from the Young Stige Collection. The desk has legs made of solid oak. Drawers are inserted on protective felts. They can either be used as drawers for the desk or as simple organizers. Since these drawers are not permanently attached to the desk, they can be easily used independently. The role of handles is filled with holes filled with silicone finish - thanks to them, the handle is practical and comfortable to use. We will collect homework cards, newspapers and all other school documents in one place and thanks to this; our young teenagers will gain more free space on the desk.

Everything that is unnecessary on the desk or simply does not fit on it, we can hide in functional boxes. Small oak boxes from the 4 You Collection will not only be a good storage for small items, documents, jewelry but also will serve as a decoration for the youth room. Depending on what we want to hide in them, we can choose a smaller or larger box, and then put it on a bookcase, hide in a corner or on a wardrobe.

Everything is clear, i.e. the lighting in the study corner

To facilitate the child's systematic learning and coping with school duties; let's create appropriate conditions for everyday work in the youth room. A practical lamp will be especially useful, as it will not tire the young student's eyesight and will facilitate a comfortable change of position at the desk.

Desk 140 with Lamp from the Nest Girl Collection has a wooden frame, on which the computer desk/ study desk rests, gives it uniqueness and also increases its stability. On the right side of the desk there is cabinet with shelf. The shelf is height adjustable. The top of the cabinet is like a tray that can hold the stationary and prevent it from falling off. Behind the cupboard there is an open space - in the upper part you can place a small waste basket. Thanks to such an idea, it hides the waste bin as well as maintains the neat look of the room. Under the space intended for the basket there is an open shelf in which you can store books, notebooks or trinkets in decorative boxes. The lamp, made of solid wood, is mounted on the corner of desk.

For those teenagers who like to move to an armchair, bed or floor from time to time, a matching Lamp in will also be useful as a Teen Bedroom Idea. The LED Elastic lamp is attached to the tops of the bed or the sides of desks with the two screws included. The very flexible material from which the lamp is made allows for any bending and directing the light in the desired direction. Thanks to the USB input in the base of the lamp, you can charge electronic devices in it, such as: phone, tablet or e-book reader.

Light helps not only in learning, but also in building a cozy atmosphere conducive to relaxation. A set of Happy Lights glowing balls from the Stige Girl collection will become a subtle addition to a teenager's room. Their soft, pastel light will bring a little more warmth to the interior and will make music evenings, serial marathons or console skirmishes more pleasant. We can easily hang them anywhere: at a desk, on a chest of drawers or on the edge of a bed, where they will be an interesting decoration even during the day.

Furniture can be an ornament too!

The personalization of space and the expression of one's views are very important for young people of adolescence. From the modular elements of the Young Users collection, we can create exactly the interior that our teenager dreams of.

Funny inscriptions, intense colors, abstract graphics, comic themes, or maybe a dart board? Replaceable front covers give us unlimited possibilities when arranging a youth room. Thus, we will turn boring and ordinary furniture into an original decoration. You can not only attach magnets, posters or notes to the overlays, but also write with dry-erase markers. And when they get bored with our rebellious teenager… we will exchange them for new ones in the blink of an eye!