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Here is how you can build a comfy living room in your UAE home for never-ending conversations and a blissful silence.

To begin with, let us admit that we are people who admire lounges and UAE has an endless number of stunning and jaw dropping lounges.

Oh yes, we observe the details and most of us have become connoisseurs in interiors and beautiful, modern things since they surround us in this beautiful, and very modern country, and what if I told you living rooms in our homes are basically the lounges?

Now that you are thinking about it, let's get into the job of making your living room the elegant lounge you would dream of having. Stunning, classic, or simple; you could have it all.

The living room must be the well-maintained, stylish place of your home as it is here, where most people gather and make their impression about your home and personality. So, it is high time to give people a remarkable and stunning impression, not just about your house, but about you too. Let's get started.

Why should living rooms be good-looking?

There are several reasons why living rooms have to be elegant and good looking but let us begin with the simplest and most important - it's personal. Yes, living rooms are so personal. It is not just because it's a part of your home but because most of the amazing conversations you have with your friends are family, right there.

Good days with lots of laughter, bad days with shoulders to cry on, fun days with endless roasting, normal days with deep conversations, and on, it goes; and your living room has seen it all. So, why not have it all in a good space and in a great ambience? It never hurts to be in a happy place, whether your day is happy or not. 

It's a place filled with memories that none of us wants to forget. Bitter or sweet, it is important. Like Jonathan Frid said:

"The best theatre I've done, I've done right here in this living room." 

It's more than we think

In countries like the UAE, we meet new people from different backgrounds all the time, we make friends with our neighbors and colleagues, and we want our living area to reflect our personality, our style and we want furniture that can assist us in featuring all the unique decorations that shows who we are as people, our life experience and our travels and adventures.

And let's face it, we spend the majority of our life indoors in our living rooms, and living rooms are the hangout joints. So, why not make it the best place to be? 

Another reason for a stunning living room is that it casts the first impression about you, and it is always best to make a statement. You might impress people with your taste and chances are, you will have people admiring your living room and you.

There are situations where you are having a formal conversation and mostly these happen in the living room and people just make an opinion of your home based on your living room. Not that it matters, but we would love it when someone admires our home (it's no secret; also, a little bragging never hurt anyone)

 Above all, don't you want to come home to a well-kept and graceful looking home after a hectic day through bad Sheikh Zayed road traffic? So, why settle for anything less than the best when you can have it all. It is important to keep yourself happy too. Like Terrace Conan once said, "The living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease - temple of the soul." 

Appearances are not so deceptive, but first impressions are a thing

If you haven't thought about walls, now is the time. Walls are important. Very important. Also, you need the perfect walls to stand strong in the face of conditioned air and hot waves, and that is exactly why you need not just aesthetics but functionality too.

Dark, bright, abstract, however you choose, choose right. Walls speak a language of their own, communicating vibes to the people in the living room and it is important everyone feels pleasant and welcoming.

You could go for something interactive and bright or something simple yet stunning. Either way, it will make one perfect living room wall and that first impression - you are going to nail it. 


Coffee. Everything else can wait. 

Coffee has our heart. Coffees are the root of conversations and there is no way on earth you can compromise coffee tables for your living room; it would be a crime. 

Just as much as coffee is important in our lives, coffee tables are crucial for your living room too. Coffee tables just needn't be the usual boring coffee tables. You could always add a bit more and make more for more than just coffee.

Something simple yet elegant. It's not just about drinking coffee but everything that happens around it. Make sure your sofas go with the coffee tables and not the other way around (it's time to break stereotypes). 

Making room for more

If you like your living room spacious, you needn't cut out on things, because you can always make room for more, without actually closing in on space. 

Let's begin with houseplants. Yes! That's a must.

A tall houseplant can go in one of the corners of the living room, while other houseplants can take places near your sofa, and around the living room, without hindering the walking space. For smaller houseplants and succulents, it's best to place them on an elegant-looking bookcase. Not only is there room for plants, but anything can go in there and it adds to the beauty of your living room. It's just one stone but definitely more than two birds. 

Magazines, books, and papers; well that is something living rooms always have space for, and you need the perfect bookcase for the same. You just can't settle for something cliché. 

Since we've settled most of the essentials, let us get into the entertainment part. Oh yes, the television. If you prefer having an enormous TV in your living room, then do not forget to get the right TV cabinet for the same. Your TV shouldn't be alone. It needs company, good company. 

Living rooms are the comfort zone for your family. A place where everyone comes together, hangs out, and long hours pass by without you even noticing. Like Bobby Berk said:

"I love my living room: it's the heart of my home where I get to chill and spend time with family and friends." 

So, just go the universal elegance way and make it worth it. However, you choose to decorate your living room, make it comfortable enough to be the best place you walk into. That is your home, your happy place in the ever-so-busy emirates and you just cannot have it any other way. So, let's raise a toast, to the living rooms in our lives; our perfect place to just be. 

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