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Are your kids artists? Create a place for them in your home!

Having artistic children is an exciting feeling and, being supportive parents, there is more to what you can do than just getting art supplies and stationery.

Quick questions. How old is your child or children? Is he/she pursuing art or is he passionate about it? If he or she is, do they have all they need?

By all they need, we're definitely not talking about the instruments, sketchbooks, colours, papers, or ballet shoes. These are important but there's a bigger picture that you probably might have missed out on.

But no worries! You are now in the right space. But before we jump into it, let's take a moment to appreciate the little artists that take up the most space in your lives - the creative bundles of joy. Oh, what a happiness it is to see them grow passionately. What better way to live?

Artists on Board

Wardrobe for kids' room


Right from the start, you notice if your kids have a thing for anything in particular. Being passionate about something is remarkable, especially when they are kids. To nurture it, to help them grow with what they love, that's how as parents, you become their role models and support system. You may consider it small but, for them, it is a grand gesture.

Be it painting, music, dance, crafting, sculpting, and so on, it is beyond impressive how your kids are talented. While some are born artists, others create an artistic ability that blows our minds away. Either way, it is indeed beautiful to have an artistic perspective in our homes; wouldn't argue on that.

Growing up, everything influences your child, and that is exactly why they need the best there is. The textured paper for flawless water colouring; the violin to practice their favourite tunes and mesmerize the audience;  the perfect clay to put their hands into magic; the elegant washi tapes and stickers for their weekly bullet journaling; the right pigments for a beautiful resin beach; the microphone to sing their hearts out and, what not? The list is as endless as a child's creativity, and as parents, you've got to take the first, second, and a lot more steps. What better way to live?

Creativity Grows in Spaces - Well Set Spaces 

It is said, "you become what you believe." To believe in growth, to perceive it, it takes a good environment. To be able to grow, as a child and as an artist, your kid needs space - literally and mentally. Creating a creative space is no small thing. While some need closed spaces, some require open and sometimes, it's a hybrid - but space is prime.

The space in which your child is set determines the kind of art they produce. Yes. Some kids are drawn to dark art, gothic themes, and intensive rap because they have been mentally consumed and confined by narrow spaces. They are artists as well, just influenced by a different space, mentally and physically.

Having a home that helps in pursuing their art is more than anything your kids can ask for. So, create a space, exclusively for them. A space that boosts positivity, sparkles confidence, blooms creativity, and never lets them down. What better way is there to live?

Let's set up THE workspace for the budding artists!

Vertical storage box

Clear out a space in your wonderful home just for your artist. Either stick to some bright wall panels or something creative (like them). But mostly, let your Da Vinci or Beethoven decide what he or she needs (that's one way of telling them you are with them and that you are proud of them), but hey, mind you, it should go with your UAE climate too (can't compromise on that).

A clear head held high - that's the confidence your kid needs every day. With no room for negativity and self-defeating thoughts, creativity is going to flourish, and what better way than self-acclamation? Yes. Mirrors.

Mirrors are the most important thing any person needs. It's not just a furniture piece to check out how you look, but it's the perfect self-confidence booster. Self-assurance is very much prime and as kids, they need to practice self-love by assuring themselves that they are amazing just the way they are and, is enough.

So, let the artists begin their day with their self-love buddy, and if your kid is into the theater, dance, or speaking, they get their practice buddy too. Also, mirrors can help your kid overcome the fear of speaking in public and prepare them for their next best speech.

Oh, and they've got to practice their success speech right from their childhood (we've all been there. The time of our lives).

Dancer, singer, painter, sculptor, actor, everyone needs a chair and a table. That's a must. You kid needs to plan, analyze and see their growth, right from the beginning. It is important to keep a journal and let them do it. Looking back, they would feel overwhelmed and proud about how far they have come, and you could be the happiest parents in the world. Wow, what better way to live?

While dancers, theater artists, and musicians can go for a table with adequate space, painters, crafters, sculptors, and writers might need something a bit more. Something innovative, something with a bit more room, or something that has lots of space to work. The possibilities are endless.

Crafters and artists need room. A lot of room for their stuff. Oh, they have got too much stuff (it's no joke; it's hard to keep a record of the things they own) but, that's what makes them amazing.

Rule #1 of Crafting- Buying craft products and using them are two different entities.

Double sided desk

The same goes for the painting buddies.

They need more than just desks. They need storage too. Loads of storage. So, go for something that gives them all (maybe not one but two or three - it's never too much).

So, you could go for desk cabinets and storage boxes, but it is always best to choose more room or terrifically more room. Trust us, they are going to need it (maybe more and definitely not less).

Little Things that are Not so Little (These are THE BIG THINGS)

Seats are important. Can't have a bad back. Kids never should. Choose the right seating for them. It's an easy choice but an important one. Never miss it out.

Room for their loves

The instruments of artists are their true love, and there should be abundant space to keep them safe and sound. Cabinets are the best call for the job.

Confidence Boosters

Oh yes, you may have already guessed it. Get that dozen of motivation quotes and get it to the walls. Also, make a timeline of pictures of their work - show them they are doing great. Tell them silently that they are the best.


Modular Bookcase

Believe it or not, every artist needs to read, regardless. Sometimes it's a book on how to draw the perfect shadow or how to play a high note or how to get your pitch right or how to become fluent in emotions; and sometimes, it's self-help books or a lot of fiction.

It is important that they read because now is the time. And reading helps them grow. So get that bookcase, and stack it up with everything they need and will love. You can maybe thank us later, but they will definitely be grateful for the amazing parents you are. What better way to live?

It is no small thing to have a budding artist at home. It's pure joy and excitement, and to witness every step of their progress, that's just going to make you proud parents.

So, build a space for your artistic buddy because they need it, more than you know. And one day, that success speech they have been practicing, they are definitely going to tell the whole world that all this happened because their parents believed in them.

What better way to live?

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