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Silence broken only by the rustle of pages, the sun streaming into the house through the ajar window and a comfortable & creatively unique Crawling Mattress for cozy Vox teen bedroom ideas, in which she/he can sink for long hours ... The moments our children and teens spend reading, have something magical about them, just like a home library filled with books. 

Every bookworm knows perfectly well that once started a collection does not cease to grow for a long time. Keeping a home bookcase in check is not that easy. After all shelves full of paper-scented volumes in various colors and sizes create a specific atmosphere in the interior that is difficult to describe. We still want more and more out of the teenager room furniture.

Although many of our teenagers would like to build a wall of books in every room, the space of our houses and apartments does your limitations, when selecting the right teenager room furniture, for our demanding and more than active teens. How can we arrange a comfortable home library that will not only adapt to the possibilities of our interiors, but above all will become a desired reading refuge? Check our unique teenager room furniture by Vox teen furniture Collections, that are multitasking pieces with great teen bedroom ideas to put you in awe!

    Bookcase in the living room or hall

    When creating our home library , let's focus on maximum comfort and easy access - so that our teenage children can easily immerse themselves in reading at any free moment. The key to their little escape will be a large bookcase on which they will quickly find their favorite book, and a comfortable armchair, placed close to the light source is one of great teen bedroom ideas.

    We can create a private reading room in the living room or living room with a dining room. A wide, Double sided bookcase, from teen bedroom ideas by Vox, will be useful when placed perpendicular to the wall, which will clearly separate the home bookcase from the rest of the room. In this way, their favorite collection of books will become an effective decoration of the living room, telling a lot about the teens personalities. It will be a good idea to use natural light, so another great option is to arrange reading asylum right next to the window.

    Arranging a home library is also a way to use the space in the hall. Depending on the available space, the books can be placed on a post made of  modular boxes, that is again one of great teen bedroom ideasor on a slightly wider Book Stand- Spot Teens collection, that will protect their valuable collection from dust. Choose from our wide range of teenager room furniture collections to match your teen's personalities.

    How to arrange books in a home library?

    • Instead of the classic arrangement of books - vertically, one next to the other - on shelves, write an addictive game of shapes and colors. Let us place them vertically and horizontally, here and there additionally break their rhythm with an additional decoration: a frame with a photo, a plant in a pot or a decorative figurine. Vox teenager room furniture has numerous such options.
    • Experimenting with the unusual shape of our home bookcase will be facilitated by Ribbon Bookcase from Vox collection, that can also be used as teenager room furniture, on which everyone, even the most unusual or casual the arrangement of the books will look impressive. The intertwining cubes will emphasize the nature of book collection and make it eye-catching even when we do not have too many books yet.
    • To chose from teenager room furniture by Vox, for more extensive book collections, there will be high and extremely spacious shelves. We can easily change the arrangement and height of their shelves, adjusting them to the arrangement of our books - regardless of whether we arrange them thematically, according to the size or colors of the spines. As a great tip for the teens bedroom ideas ,we can create impressive book walls from wide, narrow and corner shelves, and thanks to additional drawers and overlays, we will never run out of space for new items and wide range of multi-functional teenager room furniture. Check our Vox teenager room furniture collection to find the most suitable Bookcases and Glass cases for your teens.

    Offline space

    Today, we rarely allow ourselves to separate a separate room, filled with books from the floor to the ceiling. Fortunately, there are many solutions offered by Vox in our teenager room furniture collections to help cleverly weave reading passion into the daily rhythm of the teenager's day and adjust the shape of their collection to the available space.

      A home library is a living organism - it changes with us over time. By arranging the space around it, let's try to create a cozy and quiet place where our teens and smaller kids can be alone with paper and books. These moments will make them forget about the rushing world and immerse in reading.