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Chromotherapy enters the children's room: how colors affect sleep, memory and learning

This is nothing new, color influences mood!

Chromotherapy has supported it for years, that is the part of natural medicine according to which precise vibrations correspond to certain wavelengths that can make you happier, more concentrated or more relaxed. 

In recent decades, color therapy is one of the most popular techniques in the large group of holistic medicines. It acts on the physical, emotional and mental aspect. This is also demonstrated by several scientific studies. Like, for example, the very recent one by Maryam Ajilian Abbasi published in the International Journal of Pediatrics, which explores the use of colors in furnishing children's rooms.

Colors of wall and furniture for your baby's room

With children, colors are extremely effective and the effect is immediate: from improved emotional development, to a decrease in tension and aggression, facilitation and improvement of sleep.

With the targeted use of colors, children have also been able to better organize their thoughts, thus influencing cognitive functioning.

Starting to decorate a room from the walls is a great idea. Vox Furniture offers many wall decorations for your kids' rooms like the Kerradeco wall Panels.

Blue room for peaceful sleep

The advice comes from a research conducted in Great Britain by Travelodge, a chain of hotels with the passion to discover the right color for the relaxation and well-being of customers.

A survey was then conducted, in which about two thousand homes were involved, from which the properties of the blue color emerged: in addition to relaxing, it helps to moderate the heartbeat and lower blood pressure.

Green and yellow also seem to help sleep: those who use them in their rooms said they sleep on average seven hours and forty minutes.

This research can be useful if you are thinking of furnishing your children's room from scratch, or if a child is about to arrive and we are still undecided about the colors of the walls and furniture.

If we want to create the most peaceful and restful room for our children, the right color for the walls or furniture is blue in all shades. These colors in fact have the ability to dissolve tensions and relax muscles and mind, thus favoring the relaxation and rest.

Green is also a suitable color for a children's room, especially when they are no longer tiny and their minds begin to open up to the outside world. The shades of green recall the most frequent color in nature, giving optimism, good humor and open-mindedness, neutralizing the gray of winter days and enhancing the natural brightness.

Blue furniture room Dubai

In this vision, Vox furniture offers great solutions for the children's room in blue and green in its collection "Stige Young Vox".

An entire room with shades of blue and green starting from a comfortable bed like the Day-bed with bottom drawer: a bed with an an additional easy pull out bottom sleeping place for guests.

Moreover, add a spacious bookcase that can be combined with a two doors cabinet to store books and toys.

In addition, being modular, the Stige collection allows you to create a space very functional. How to do this? Simply add the various modules such as: the High cabinet set, the Wide cabinet and the Wall shelf.

Bookcase blue and green Stige Young Vox collection

Perfectly complement this room the desk 140, to which you can add a Cube shelf with hooks and a Desk cabinet.

desk 140 with cabinet blue vox furniture stige collection Dubai

White is always a good idea for the teens' room!

Pay attention to white in the children's room: the non-color par excellence is refined and adapts to any environment. The convenience of white is to be able to add touches of color according to our aesthetic taste.

Regarding white furniture, Vox furniture has many solutions. One of the most interesting is definitely the collection for teenagers called "Young User".

Starting from the Daybed with crawling mattress & bottom bed, the Closed bookcase with table as base that is a very unique combination of bookcase planted on a table below and, eventually, an Innovative transformer desk.

These furniture are very interesting because they are transformable and customizable. Indeed when the children grow up, you can add metal overlays on the door: you can personalize in style or draw on them, attach photos to the magnets, play and save various things.

Metal Overlay - Magnet - Young User- Vox furniture - Dubai

Health and safety for our kids' room!

Colors aside, it is good to remember: when decorating the children's room it is good to use non-toxic water-based paints. The same attention should be paid to the furniture: cot, bedwardrobe and other furnishing accessories.

You must choose quality furniture, free of chemical glues and colors that are not suitable for children's bedrooms in our Vox furniture online store.