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Ramadan brings in a lot of changes. That is why it is so important to explain the essence of Ramadan to children as soon as they are able to understand.

It is a time for family and community gatherings, which strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood, in communities and throughout the world. It is also a time to teach them how to be disciplined and how to empathize for the poor people. 

During Ramadan a festive family visit, an extended evening with friends, visiting old friends from another city - are just a few occasions to prove yourself as a host. If we want to get the best out of it, let's try to prepare for our loved ones a place where all would feel good. To get a cozy effect, just a few of the most basic furniture accessories and decorations will also play a big role - thanks to them, guests will feel a little more like at home. Tipi Bed with Bottom Bed and Tent offered by Spot Young collection from Young VOX offers one such interesting piece. Children will love the new hiding space!


Our small hosts

From time to time, friends will definitely want to spend the night also with your children. Let's take care of an additional and comfortable place to sleep for their guests. The bed in the children's room can be equipped with a pull-out bottom bed. This possibility is given to us by the Sofa with Bottom Bed  from young User Young VOX collectionThe Concept line brilliantly stores everything that matters to teens. Blue, red, saffron and oak - choose the front color and give the room a unique feel. Thanks to the comfortable, retractable construction, our children can easily prove themselves as hosts.

A place for a soft and cozy "base" for the youngest guests can also be found in the space under the Multi Bed  offered by VOX Nest Collection. We can create a comfortable nest with the help of a practical Nest  Modular Mattress, which can be conveniently stored as one of the bed modules on a daily basis. 

The Prophet Muhammad  said, “No father has given a greater gift to his children than good moral training.

A tree with its deep roots, high, green shoots, strong trunk, firm fibers and shade that cools and relaxes a bystander and dense vegetation is definitely the outcome of a gardener sowing precise seeds, constant watering, weeding, fertilizing and all that is necessary for cultivation.

The same concept is applied to nurturing children.

10 Creative Ways to instill values of Ramadan in Kids

To reach the destination the journey must begin now. And with Ramadan just beginning, this could be a great opportunity for parents to commence their journey and begin the process of instilling Islamic virtues in their children’s lives.

1. Get Excited:

Parents must express the excitement and passion within them. Decorate homes.

Distribute cards wishing everyone, tell them the great value of this blessed month and engage them in Ramadan nasheeds and duas.

2. Read About Ramadan Together: 

Narrate stories of how the companions of the Prophet ﷺ spent their Ramadan, the virtues of this great month and how every act gets multiplied manifold and that their bitterest enemy - Shaytan - is chained.

3. Start A Ramadan Calendar: 

A little creativity can go a long way and one could buy a Planner/Calendar from our range of Overlays from Young Users Eco collection that could be combined with imaginative ideas.

4. Plan Ramadan Goals As A Family: 

Sitting together and planning as a family involves the little children. The youngest members of the family can have a few targets to complete, such as memorizing three new Surahs, learning duas with meaning or praying all the five obligatory prayers on time and so on. The entire family can collectively agree on one bad habit to quit during Ramadan or could decide to follow a Sunnah.

All this can be sketched out on a chart and posted at a prominent spot in the house using our Round Cork Board from our Stige collection for children.  Special prizes can be announced or kept as a surprise for the ones who accomplish their goals.

5. Encourage Various Acts Of Sadaqah: 

This could be great opportunity to teach children the importance of charity.

This act is not linked with monetary help alone but can be as simple and sincere as sharing iftaar food. Let children get involved with cooking and chores to accomplish this task. They can perform simple tasks like arranging the dining table for guests and distribute the prepared food by themselves. For this our 4-6 Seater Foldable Round Dining Table from Simple collection Vox is a perfect piece that saves space when not needed.

6. Set A Ramadan Time-Table: 

A practical time-table by Young Users Eco collection will help assist children to a great extent. The schedule must include slots like suhoor, nap, school, recitation, memorizing, play time etc.

In the end, children love to follow anything new and innovative.

7. Pray As A Family:

Allocate at least one or two acts of worship where the entire family participates like the Tahajjud prayer in congregation, understanding the meaning of the Quran, reading a hadith in detail and so on. Children can maintain a journal on what they learnt everyday and be creative.

8. Creative Eid Preparations: 

Get the children to prepare Eid cards for their close family and friends. They can assist in preparing some dish to be distributed to the needy around the house or help in decorating the home.

9. Remind Them Of The Purpose:

If children don’t see the reason behind the tasks they are doing, they won’t have the motivation to complete them. To avoid forcing the children to pray, fast and do other good deeds, make sure they understand the real purpose behind it.

10. Seek Help From Allah:

Every parent must try their best to nurture their children but at the same time seek the help of Allah. Efforts should be undertaken but the outcome of the efforts lies solely in the hands of Allah.

May Allah make our children the coolness of our eyes and a great blessing in this world and the Hereafter. Ameen!

Ramadan Kareem

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