This Ramadan is about minimalist interiors i.e. little furniture and a lot of functions. -

Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection, of charity and of coming together with loved ones and friends

During Ramadan a festive family visit, an extended evening with friends, visiting old friends from another city - are just a few occasions to present yourself as a perfect host. So gear up and steal hearts by making your loved ones feel good and at home. To get a cozy effect, just a few of the most basic furniture, accessories and decorations will also play a big role - thanks to them, guests will feel a little more at home. Minimalist interiors, i.e. little furniture and a lot of functions -

Deciding on minimalism in the house or apartment, we want our furniture to support us in our daily activities, but not dominate in the interior. We all look for a free space in which we will be able to feel slow, free and comfortable. The easiest way to find it is when we choose furniture that fulfills more than one role. 

Multi-purpose furniture helps in arranging open spaces and rooms that have more than one use. In the open living room with dining room, the Nature Table from Home VOX will be perfect, equipped with six roomy cutlery drawers, chargers and all other small items. It is not only a place to eat, but also a practical storage space and a comfortable place to work. Custom Collection from VOX  is also adapted to many different functions . Each of the four parts of its top can perform a slightly different task. There we can find a place for storing newspapers, special slots for glasses and bottles with drinks and a raised top for a laptop. Under three of the four quarters of the table, there are spacious storage compartments. This piece of furniture can be freely moved around the living room thanks to wheels mounted at the bottom. Our Custom Coffee table is a great addition to your living room that provides relaxation and also helps you organize your table as per your lifestyle. 

A guest room is a space created especially for people close to us. Let's make them feel free and comfortable in it. We do not even need to separate a room for this - a cozy corner in one of the rooms is enough. If space in the house or apartment is small, a multi functional solutions offered by our Vox Simple Collection can act as a perfect solution.

    Once you decide on the right room, it's time to choose the furniture. In the guest room, of course, the most important piece of furniture will be a comfortable bed - preferably one with a minimum width of 120 cm. Then two people can easily fit on it. By choosing a Bed with large storage, you can gain additional and cleverly hidden space for storage. This is an ideal storage not only for guest linens, but also for items that we use occasionally or seasonally. Suitcases or winter jackets that take up space in the wardrobe can be stowed away here.
    Both during short and long visits, the spacious Simple 2-Door wardrobe with LED lighting and the silent closing system will work. Thanks to them, our guests will won't feel guilty of disturbing other members at home when they gather to leave early in the morning or in the middle of the night. Deep drawers of the Chest of drawers with functional groove also have a silent closing system. Our guests may find the toolbox or tablet and phone holders useful. A similar set can also be configured for the Simple Bedside Table.

    To make the interior more cozy, decorate guest room with extras. Soft pillows, blankets and rugs arranged on the bed will be useful on cooler nights and will give a relaxing mood. Decorative paintings or a mirror on the wall will help avoid the effect of emptiness - just like the pots with plants on the dresser and window sills , which additionally affect the well-being of our guests. Let's not forget about the right lighting: we can put subtle night lights on one or both sides of the bed.

    In small apartments, we can easily arrange the living room into bedroom, provided we put a sofa bed in it. Whenever the need arises, the sofa can become a bed, and a coffee table - a bedside table. Our Day bed with bottom bed from Simple Collection will be perfect in this role. If, in addition, we want to provide guests with a little more privacy, we can divide the living room space using a Double sided bookcase.

    What on top and what is hidden?

    Minimalism in the home is also a limitation of visible objects and decorations. For those things that we use every day, let's try to find an easily accessible place in drawers, storage compartments or on shelves.

    For those items that we decide to display, we can find space on shelves and shelves from the Ribbon Collection. Thanks to their unusual design, they will become an interesting decoration of minimalist interiors, while offering space for books, magazines and individual decorations. A small number of objects will even more clearly emphasize the form of intersecting geometric solids that create this original furniture.

    Subdued colors: space and harmony

    When we want to create light and coherent interiors, it will be best to combine furniture from the same collection in them. We can base the bright, not overloaded arrangements of the living room and bedroom on the functional 4 You Collection , full of capacious dressers, shelves and wardrobes. Minimalism in the interior helps to visually enlarge the space -especially when we combine the white furniture fronts with the light colors of the walls.

    We can experiment with white, as well as shades of subtle gray and wooden accents, creating our own furniture from the Balance Collection offered by VOX.  Simple and universal design makes these collections a great background for all our activities. Step by step we can build shelves, dressers and desks from available boxes, shelves, organizers and toolboxes from this Balance Collection. In this way, we can easily adapt our own minimalist furniture to difficult interior arrangements - for example, a narrow hallway or bedroom in the attic

    That's all from us for now!

    Click here to access our library of Product Demo videos on YouTube to discover more about modular and multi-functional furniture that are Scandinavian with minimalistic look, to make your space look more spacious.