Christmas: 11 ideas for simple Christmas decorations -

Christmas decorations are one of those elements without which many of us cannot imagine Christmas at all. How to decorate the house for the holidays, so that from greeting guests at the door with soothing scent of forest to spicy aroma of gingerbread and the soft light of candles...we think all! 

We don't have to buy Christmas decorations every year - we can easily create them ourselves. Let's use a few items that we have at home, change the interior with floral accents or change our decorations and accessories into something completely new. 

You don't need much to invite this unique, warm and homely Christmas atmosphere with your own hand-made decorations for tables, doors and walls. Here are 11 simple ideas for Christmas decorations that we can make ourselves.

1. A hand-made Advent calendar

The Advent calendar may be one of the first Christmas decorations to be found in our four corners. A chain hung on the door full of small surprises every day will remind us that Christmas is coming. The youngest family members will be particularly pleased with this sweet countdown to Christmas.

Let's start preparing the Advent calendar by making paper pockets with sweet surprises. All you need are colored paper, glue, a ribbon and labels to mark the window numbers. We can also write them directly on parcels.

Let's begin with folding small envelopes from paper and make small holes in them through which we can pull the ribbon. By tying knots, close the pockets with surprises inside. We can hang our Advent calendar on the wall or door. Let's choose a favorite holiday colors for all!

2. Christmas candlesticks from jars

    One of the most important Christmas decorations are lanterns - irreplaceable in building an atmosphere of warmth and closeness. How to decorate the house for Christmas?

    To make them yourself, we can use glass containers or jars. Let's put spruce branches, cones and candles in them. We can also diffuse the soft light from them if we fill the vessel with water beforehand. Our glass lanterns can be placed on the Christmas Eve table or displayed on a dresser, bookcase or window sill.

    3. Glass Christmas balls

    Glass not only gently reflects light, but also adds lightness to holiday arrangements. Buli's light, glass pendants are great as baubles: on winter evenings, small decorations placed in them will look like they are floating in the air.

    In hanging candlesticks we can put mistletoe, coniferous branches, red beads or small toys or figures. Even a few pendants in different sizes are enough to create an original Christmas tree decoration. We do not even need to hang them - they will also work well as the focal point of a Christmas reed on a table or dresser. 

    4. Mistletoe gate

    Apparently, the Vikings brought the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe. Densely leafy branches were a symbol of love for them. Today, mistletoe is one of the most popular Christmas plants that we often hang on the ceiling, lamp or just above the door. We can use it to create a truly unique and at the same time simple Christmas ornament to our four corners.

    In the living room, dining room or around the front door we can hang a green gate made of mistletoe sprigs. Let's attach them around the frame with floristic wire or hang it on a jute twine. Mistletoe will be useful when you want to completely change your interiors for the holidays. Its unique fragrance will spread throughout the apartment.

    5. Winter garland

    The garland climbing up the wall made of coniferous branches is another simple ornament with which we can enrich the festive home decor with natural accents. Sometimes you don't need anything else - especially in interiors full of wooden elements. Fragrant, green needles combined with warm shades of wood on the floor or furniture fronts will create an atmosphere of Christmas, especially when you are not a mood to add much glamour.

    To prepare this Christmas decoration, we only need ordinary string and a few branches of pine, spruce, fir or other conifers. We tie each branch at one end. When the garland is ready, we can hang it on the wall, around the door or mirror. 

      6. Minimalist reed on the wall or door

      If you are looking for an idea for simple Christmas decorations, then this winter wreath definitely is one thing you need. As a base for the reed you can use a piece of wire or a metal hoop to which you attach plant decorations. You can choose any - pine or spruce needles, hawthorn, eucalyptus leaves, red holly fruits, dried orange slices, boxwood stalks or cones. 

      Then attach the accessories to the base with hot glue or tie them with a thin wire. For a Christmas wreath we can find a place on the wall in the bedroom or living room, decorate the door with it or arrange on the Christmas table.

      7. Twigs in jars

      With a small coniferous forest in a jar, we smuggle small natural accents into the home, with which we can decorate shelves and dresser or a coffee table. This is an extremely simple and universal Christmas home decoration that can decorate our interiors all year round. 

      Just put some soil in a small glass container or jar and put a spruce twig into the  pile (which can also be replaced by a little water). Make it look like a small tree - and simply decorate it with ribbons or beads.

      8. Hanging lamp decoration

      We can also create a lush green wreath from pine, spruce or fir twigs to decorate a hanging lamp or chandelier. Just gently attach them with floristic wire. If green branches are not enough then complement the Christmas decoration with long, red ribbons. A distinct accent hanging from the ceiling will instantly warm up the interior and make the soothing smell of pine needles to prevail throughout the room.

        9. Christmas house

        The most universal accessories are those that, if desired, can become even a Christmas decorations. A good example is the Melvo spatial form , which can be turned into a Christmas crib or a miniature gingerbread hut from a candle or flower pot.

        On the wooden base, we can put small decorations and figurines or shapes cut from stiff paper: Christmas trees, animals or stars. In turn, the metal frame is a good place for coniferous twigs, ribbons, small baubles or gingerbread hung on a string. Regardless of whether we are preparing a colorful reed for the hallway or a modest Christmas decoration for the  home office - this idea always works!

        10. Gingerbread decorations

        Our Christmas inspirations cannot be complete without the self-made gingerbreads, which is great as decorations for the reed or Christmas tree. Sweets can be on a cake or in a can, but for Christmas there is no stopping - decorate the whole house with self-made gingerbreads and make the interior wrapped in a warming, spicy aroma.

        And as the final touch, tie the gingerbreads with string and divide them in different places: in the living room, hall or children's room. The youngest members of the family should also be involved in baking. Cutting shapes and baking are really fun with them!

        11. Draw your Christmas decoration!

        If we want our holiday arrangements to acquire an even more individual character, we can put a small Tizo board between the decorations. In the hall it can serve to remind you of the last necessary purchases or use it to decorate the house with the your children's work or greet guests with Christmas wishes. In the kitchen, its good for Santa drawn with chalk, Christmas trees or stars...a good company for the Christmas Eve dishes. 

        Of course, the board will be useful not only for Christmas, but all year round. This is a smart item that will allow you to remember about the most important matters or exchange messages with family members.

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