Christmas table decoration. How to choose a tablecloth, tableware and decorations? -

Holidays are the time we spend together with loved ones. During these special days the table becomes the focal point of the house: here we sit together to share a wafer, taste homemade dishes and just be together for a few days. 

When decorating the Christmas table, we want to emphasize the festive character of the evening and make our loved ones feel at ease. In a family circle, we don't need much at all: even the simplest arrangements will help us bring out the atmosphere of warmth and closeness we spend together. 

With the help of your favorite tableware, selected colors and small additions, we will make our holiday table exactly the way we want. Here are some ideas that will help diversify Christmas Eve and tell you how to decorate the table for Christmas.

Christmas colors on Christmas Eve table


We often use classic shades of white, red and green to decorate the table for the holidays. The palette of colors that will build the holiday mood is, however, much broader - let's draw on it with handfuls to realize our own, even the most unusual ideas.

On the Christmas table, deep colors will be found that emphasize the solemn nature of the family meeting. To give it a chic expression, let's reach for decorations in shades of shiny navy blue, burgundy or black. A dignified and deep red will go great with gold additions, and a noble navy blue will fully reflect its depth against a white tablecloth.

If we got bored of traditional Christmas accessories in shades of silver and gold, we can invite more vivid color palettes to the Christmas Eve table. However, when we prefer to emphasize the cozy atmosphere of a family meeting, we can focus on warm, pastel shades - for example, mild gray, blues or a subtle powder pink. The set of colors on the holiday table can also be matched to other interior elements: table and chair finishes, soft wall colors or the natural warmth of wooden floors. The colors we choose may also refer to other Christmas decorations: green Christmas trees, colorful baubles or soft yellow candles. In this way, our Christmas table will become a harmonious part of a larger, festive whole.

Tablecloth, the basis of the Christmas table

Let's start decorating the holiday table with a tablecloth. It is he who first of all helps to acquire our arrangement a somewhat festive character. A classic white tablecloth, present in almost every home, is a great base for other elements of the decor - it is light, refreshing and extremely versatile. However, if you like it, when a lot is happening on the holiday table, the color of the tablecloth and its material and texture can also be more clearly matched to dishes, cutlery or accessories. Let's focus on similar shades or experiment with expressive contrasts. 

Tableware for the festive table - subtle but elegant

The next item is cutlery. On the Christmas table we can place plates, platters, plates, cups with Christmas decorations or create a simple, universal arrangement using smooth, bright dishes.

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