Freedom begins at home-lifestyle that matters

At VOX Furniture UAE, we believe that real freedom begins at home, and that in interiors, more than, glamor or style, the lifestyle of the households matter. It is important to us how you live and how you want to live. 

That's why we follow who you are. We believe that education for children begins at home first. Every parent constantly strives to provide an environment where the child learns control and discipline. Given the child's basic instinct to explore the world around, parents ensure an environment at home that gives it's members a sense of belongingness as well as opportunities to feel comfortable.

Together with experts, we present inspirational lifestyles that will help create your dream homes. You don't have to follow defined trends to create a beautiful interior. Just take a look at our range of dynamic furniture from our Young VOX and Baby VOX collections, that evolve with your growing children and their needs, allowing  you and your children to create a unique space for themselves. 

Children are learning all the time. Here are a few helpful hints to assist you in some quality time with them .

  • Establish some rules with your children and be consistent about enforcing them. Set limits and be prepared to have them tested!
  • Use eye contact and reasoning to relate positively to your children.
  • Give detailed explanations to questions and explain the meanings of new words when you're playing with young children.
  • Assigning a few simple household chores helps your children learn to follow directions.
  • Outdoor activities will give your children a chance to use some energy and stay healthy!
  • It is also important to praise your children for their positive behaviors and let them know they are loved.

Setting the table with your children.

Foldable round dining table( 4 to 8 seater ) from Simple collection by VOX is a perfect place for family time. Ask your children to make sure there is one plate, one glass, and so on, for each person. Talk about how to handle the dishes and silverware, so they stay clean and unbroken. Involve your children in meal preparation. All family members preparing food need to wash their hands before handling food. Measure with cups, tablespoons, and teaspoons. Ask your children to guess how many tablespoons make a cup of water. Then, help them check it out! Let your children pour water with spoons, cups, and pitchers. Involve your children in making part of a meal or a snack. Talk about opposites big and small, hard and soft.

In the Living Room

The living room can be the place for both quiet and noisy activities. Your children will develop their social skills by learning how to be by themselves or how to be a part of the family group. Tell your child which items in the room are on the "Do Not Touch" list. The living room is a busy place!

Talk about the names of all the furniture in the room, such as the lamp, coffee table, book cases , TV cabinets and couch. Family stories about the children's grandparents, family histories and when your children were babies, your children's favorite TV shows.

In the Bedroom

The child's bedroom can be a special place to play alone or to share some special, private time with your child. You and your children can read stories and talk about almost anything! Your children will learn a lot of self-help skills in the bedroom. They will be very proud of their new abilities. Read to your children daily. Talk about clothing. Have special places for storage under the multi bed  and help children put toys away by shape or color, or by use for drawing, for building, for cuddling, for pushing.

Store them back

Every family probably has a storage—the one drawer where all the odds and ends are put.

Our Young Use Eco collection from VOX gives you a number of options to have enough storage for tour children as well as your pets while keeping your interior well organized with elegance. Choose from a range of overlays to create a unique look for your child's room. When this storage or drawer is for children, it should be in a safe and accessible location. This drawer or storage can be in the study desk that can be a treasure to the child! It can be a special treat for a rainy day. Make sure all the items are safe before you give them to your children. Explore the drawer. Play guessing games with things from the storage and talk about the contents. Create a surprise. Is there anything your children can make from any items in the drawer?

Finally remember pick-up time! Using tubs or other small containers, ask your children to clean out, sort, and put back the contents of the drawer.


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