Rest, play and learn in one space. Decorations and accessories for the children's room. -

Children's room is a space that accompanies building their own identity and developing their imagination. It is here that our child learns to use the immediate surroundings and adapts to needs. To make it easier for her/him to build a first bond with the interior, let's take care of a set of colorful and functional accessories for children's room. 

When arranging children's room, we need ways to arrange the interior that will become a versatile companion for our child. We not only create a friendly space where it will be nice to spend time, but also a practical and durable room that will promote hours of fun, help in gaining knowledge and facilitate maintaining order and discipline.

It is in this environment that our child's temperament, personality, passions and interests will be shaped. Properly selected accessories children's room will help you take the first step. What solutions will be useful in the children's room?

Mild and functional interior for the baby room

In a baby's room, developing senses need a lot of stimuli - so let's try to make decorations for the children's room a distinctive accent. Let's choose decorations that will awaken the child's imagination and fuel his creativity.

On the wall we can hang colorful and eye-catching pictures who will become the hero of fairy tales. Over time, they can be replaced by the first works created by our toddler himself. The space above the cot can also be decorated with a multi-colored wall sticker with a theme like underwater world theme. Such additions will make the children's room a cheerful and inspiring place, encouraging to explore the world. Soft colors will also help you calm down when it is time to sleep.

In a space designed for the baby, you should not forget about the comfort of the parents. The room should take into account their comfort, facilitate daily childcare and promote good organization. Practical containers will help you quickly find children's toys, diapers, accessories and other small items. The Zola Basket   from our Baby Vox Collection ( furniture for baby room) is made of knitted fabric with comfortable handles that neatly fits into the decor of the children's room, which is dominated by soft and pleasant to the touch upholstery and meaty textiles. Projector music starlight nature changes the ordinary ceiling into a beautiful starry sky so that the child can fall asleep. Always cool and safe to touch. Put attractive and soft cotton carpets on the floor for your baby.

Light in the children's room

We can also take care of the cozy atmosphere of the children's room by means of properly selected lighting. Subtle, warm light will help calm the baby and lull him to sleep - especially when we choose the Huhu lamp in shape of an owl. We can put this wise night guard next to the bed or hang it right above. Little animal lovers can assemble an entire army of cute friends - there are also lamps in the form of a penguin under the collection Baby Vox that offers functional furniture for baby's room.

The friendly atmosphere in the children's room will also be emphasized by glowing Happy Lights balls   in soft colors: cream, orange or beige. A luminous string of lamps in cotton casings can easily be placed on a dresser or dissolved on hanging shelves.

Accessories for small students

Time passes quickly and before we know it, our two-year-old will turn into a proud preschooler, and then into the first grade. The habits and needs of an adolescent child will change from year to year, along with their immediate surroundings. Let's make sure that children's room favors not only fun and rest, but also science. Let the child choose the equipment of her/his favorite corner on own and match the decorations that will be consistent with her/his interests. The entire range of creative and multifunctional interior and accessories has been carefully curated under Young Vox collection by Vox, that offers furniture for children's room.

Together, it is worth ensuring that the room of a preschooler or young student is as functional as possible and does not transform into a pile of toys and clothes. Spacious organizers and boxes will help in organizing and maintaining order. They can easily contain all children's treasures - stuffed animals, vehicles, blocks, dolls and other accessories which are otherwise found all over in children's room.

Decorations and accessories can also entertain, teach and develop. Metal covers on cabinet fronts that complement the furniture from the Young Users collections will encourage your child to acquire knowledge, even of the most resistant kind. They will help turn children's room into a unique and creative space that will inspire them to broaden their horizons. You can choose educational overlays with multiplication table or geometry or choose from the entire range of funky overlays.

Decorations emphasizing individualism

An adolescent young man often wants to prove that he is no longer a small toddler. So, in the room of a slightly older child, decorations and accessories that will help him emphasize his individuality and create his own space will be useful. This is especially important when siblings share the room.

Multifunctional overlays will also work in this task - they will make the interior of children's room more personal and turn it into a story about its inhabitant. They  can freely draw and write on them with dry erase markers. It is also easy to attach sticky notes to them or photos and pictures on magnets. Among the easily replaceable overlays there will also be something for those who instead of an artistic soul express rather a sporting flair: on furniture we can hang overlays with a basketball basket or dartboard  offered by Young Vox collection that  has complete set of furniture for children's room.

The walls of the room, the desk can be decorated with colorful frames - the perfect place for pictures with colleagues or illustrations with favorite characters from cartoons, movies or games.

A bit of comfort, some nature

In the room where the child spends the most time, it is also worth placing a comfortable armchair, a piece of furniture finished with a soft upholstery that will work both during play and at rest. A crawling mattress  is perfect for children's room. It will be useful for reading books and learning. Its ergonomic shape and dynamic functionality makes it easy to use independently as a stand alone piece or as a mattress and ensures an appropriate level of comfort in both lying and sitting positions for your child.


In the children's room, it is also worth putting on lively decoration in the form of lush vegetation. Green tenants will not only decorate the interior, but also positively affect the child's well-being - they will clean the air and have a positive effect on the micro-climate of the room. Over time, the child can also learn how to care for her/his own plants. 

For a children's jungle, it is best to choose undemanding plants - ones that will not cause allergies or difficulty falling asleep in children. Especially safe are greengrocers, sansewier and classic ferns.

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