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The birth of a child is a beautiful moment in the life of every parent. However, it requires significant reorganization of life, including living space. 

News of an approaching child, especially if it is the first child, causes a lot of confusion in the lives of parents. The frantic preparations for the birth of a new family member start. There are significant changes in thinking, the organization of everyday life, as well as in the living space, which must be adapted to the needs of the toddler.

A new resident, especially in the first months, requires the constant presence of parents. Therefore, a good idea is to arrange a shared bedroom with your child. There's no need to however, subordinate the entire space only to the needs of the youngest family member. The most important thing is that everyone should have their place here, feel at ease and be able to meet their needs. So how do you create a functional and cozy bedroom?

One bedroom, many needs

It is best to start decorating the interior for the arrival of the child by thinking about what exactly the youngest member of the family will need. A place to sleep, change and store clothes will definitely be useful. Let's not forget about the necessary accessories, such as toys and eye-catching decorations.

When planning a child's corner in the bedroom, let's also think about ourselves. Everyone needs a bit of privacy and intimacy to feel comfortable. Creating the right zones for each household member will improve the organization of daily activities and help preserve personal space. Clearly separating the place to rest, sleep, play and store will also facilitate keeping order, which is not an easy task for a small child.

Functional baby corner in the bedroom

One of the most important interior elements for a toddler is a cot. Even if we want to be as close to a child as possible, sleeping with him in one bed can be uncomfortable. The solution in this situation will be a 4 You cot with an extra bed option. Thanks to the removable sides, we can comfortably attach them to your double bed from the same collection . It will be easier because the cot has wheels, thanks to which you can freely slide them on the floor.

Along with the cot, we will receive an additional storage space - in the boxes located at the bottom we can easily hide the most necessary things, such as nappies, an additional blanket or books with fairy tales. Furniture can change with the needs of the toddler. It is easy to change them into a separate cot, which we put in a children's room. When the child is a little older, we can transform his first cot into a comfortable bed.

Together with our child, a multi-functional cot from the Simple collection can also grow. We can choose the color of the top, flask and legs ourselves. It has several levels of adjustment, thanks to which we can easily adjust its height to the parents' bed. Over time, we will transform them from an extra bed into a separate cot, closing them with bacon with removable rungs. In this way, we will also allow the toddler to get in and out freely. The furniture will stay with the child for a long time, because in the room a few-year-old cot can be turned into a practical couch with a drawer.

Along with the child, many new items appear in our home. Clothes, accessories for care, diapers - all this takes a lot of space and requires good organization. A practical dresser, e.g. from the Simple collection, will be necessary  

In its capacious, illuminated drawers, we can conveniently hide what we always want to have on hand, and thanks to the Silent system, their closing will be practically inaudible. It is also an ideal place for a  removable changing table, which will allow us to comfortably care for a baby. Next to the dresser we can also put a practical laundry basket and diaper container. 

Soothing bedroom decor

When planning the arrangement of a shared bedroom, it is worth considering the child's perceptual abilities. The newborn does not yet have developed color perception and in the first months of his life sees the world only in black and white. Bright, neutral colors bring an atmosphere of peace and security, and contrasting details will be an interesting element attracting the attention of a small resident. We can smuggle them in decorative elements: toys , stickers, textiles or pictures . 

In the bedroom where the child lives, adequate lighting is equally important. In the evening silence and preparation for sleep, the soft light of children's lamps will help. Playing lamp-star or wooden Huhu owl placed above the changing table will give the interior a fairy-tale atmosphere, and at the same time will become a practical ornament.

It is also worth paying attention to textiles and accessories for children . We will find among them colorful bedding, pillows and blankets and mattresses matched to the size of the beds. 

To help your child have a good night's sleep, we can also choose accessories that will help slightly dampen the room. On a large bed we can spread a thick plaid, and on the floor - a colorful rug, which will become an ideal place to play, crawl or exercise the first steps. Thick curtains will also be useful, which will muffle the sounds from the outside and give the child peace and quiet.

Functionality and security

When planning the decor of a shared bedroom, it is worth considering not only aesthetic considerations, but also functionality and safety. Elements such as a cot protector, plugs for contacts, hidden cables or protections for furniture edges will allow your toddler to grow in a friendly environment without compromising his health.

Carefully selected, multifunctional furniture and accessories will open various arrangement possibilities before us and will greatly facilitate everyday care of the child. A set of interiors, we can choose for ourselves, among others from furniture from the Spot , Simple and 4 You collections . Solutions tailored to needs await Children [ YOUNG VOX Collection ], Parents [ HOME VOX Collection ] and Babies [ BABY VOX Collection ] which will facilitate the creation of a cozy and practical interior for large and small.

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