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Teens badroom: ideas for a unique and stimulating space

Adolescence is one of the most delicate and complex periods in the life of each of us, which marks the transition from the world of childhood to the adult one. At that age everyone needs their own space, and privacy becomes an inalienable right.

An adolescent's room reflects character, grows with him/her and holds all his/her secrets. For this reason, choosing furniture is a mission that must be completed together, faithfully adhering to the tastes of the teenager who is going to live there.

Designing a space for concentration and creativity

During adolescence, tendencies and inclinations that will accompany children into adulthood often begin to take shape. It is important to arrange the room in such a way as to create a space entirely dedicated to learning and to the free flow of creativity.

The desk 140 with lamp from the Nest Young Vox collection offers everything you need: equipped with a lamp and a space to store a wastepaper basket, it has a cabinet with adjustable shelf that allows you to store inside everything you need immediately. This comfortable station can be combined with a swivel chair that has a modern design.

Available in different colors, the Jungle swivel chair from the Young Vox collection is made with elastic material that adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, to give all possible comfort even after many hours spent at the desk.

Nest vox desk

Are notebooks for taking notes never enough? Nest Young Vox's dry-wipe board is the solution! This metal board can be hung on all handles and railings: it can be used with dry-erase markers, but it is also an excellent place for magnets and magnetic frames.

Book lovers – and not only them –will be happy to explore the options available for bookcases. Those who never have enough space will find the double-sided bookcase from the 4 You collection perfect.

Double sided bookcase - 4You Collection-Young Vox

Thanks to its impressive size and resistance, this piece of furniture can also be used as a partition. The large shelves and the two-sided structure of the bookcase allow you to store practically everything and have it quickly handy.

If you want to customize your furniture by adapting it to different needs, the wide bookcase of the Concept Young Vox collection is the ideal fit, thanks to its adjustable shelves that allow you to store any type of item inside them.

If you don't want to give up keeping tidy but don't have much space available, the shelf from the Young User Teens collection is the right choice for your needs. The touch of originality given by the accessories provides many possible combinations, making this beautiful shelf adaptable to all ways of use.

How to keep order in the chaotic space of a teenager

Let's face it: most of the time a teenager's room is the realm of disorder. Large wardrobes and chests of drawers can help to maintain an orderly environment, limiting the chaos that inevitably arises. The items of the Concept Young Vox collection are a perfect mix of elegance and usability. The 2-door wardrobe, available in different colors, offers large spaces and different options: it is equipped with adjustable shelves, a cabinet and two drawers. Inside there is enough space for folded and hanging clothes.

If the wardrobe is not enough, the narrow chest of drawers will be the perfect touch. The three large drawers, in perfect harmony with the 2-door wardrobe, can hold underclothes and pajamas, keeping the sleeping area separate from everyday clothes.

how to order a teen room


Does the teenager living under your roof have any hobbies?

Creating a special corner just for this will allow you to make his or her routine more organized. The large sideboard of the 4 You collection, consisting of open and closed shelves, can accommodate stationery items, books, sports equipment and much more! The space can be further divided by inserting comfortable boxes from the same collection in the open shelves. By combining the colorful large boxes and small boxes according to your needs, it will be possible to create comfortable and functional spaces.

If the space available is still not enough, the organizers of the Nest Young Vox collection will give the final blow to the disorder thanks to their versatility and the ability to adapt to any piece of furniture.

Not just commitment: the bedroom for teens is also to relax!

A teenager's bedroom is not only a place for study or hobbies, but it is also a safe place where relax is the key word.

The best bed for an adolescent’s bedroom is the one that fits his needs.

Is reading his passion? The single bed with storage from the 4 You Young Vox collection offers functional compartments in the bed frame to have your favorite books always handy. If there is not much space available, the Nest Young Vox’s multibed solution is the best of versatility. This innovative piece of furniture includes a multifunctional bunk bed and an inclined ladder that makes getting in and out of bed easy. But that's not all: the structure also consists of a study desk, a storage unit with shelves and one for hanging clothes, a comfortable wardrobe and a bookcase with compartments. Perfect for keeping the room clean and organized.

Serial clothes on the floor?

The day-bed with bottom bed of the Stige Young Vox collection is equipped with a frame on which clothing or practical organizers can be hung if necessary. This bed has a comfortable lower bed, ideal for occasionally hosting friends and organizing a sleepover.

Bottom bed

If your teens are dreamers, they will love the tipi bed with bottom bed from the Spot Young Vox collection. Thanks to its peculiar structure, the bed can be decorated in several ways. A set of happy lights to hang around the frame will give the room a fairy-tale and relaxing atmosphere.

If they spend a lot of time in front of TV and video games, you can help his posture with the innovative crawling mattress from the Young User Teens collection, whose ergonomic shape allows for a comfortable position. The mattress is equipped with a headrest and can be folded, turning into a flat mattress.

The importance of giving the room a personal touch

Does the teenager love to customize anything? The Accessories - Young User section will allow him to give vent to his imagination with original gadgets, overlays and decorations.

Whatever style the adolescent chooses to furnish his bedroom, it will reflect his personality and ideas. Allowing him to experiment and satisfy his needs will help create a peaceful and serene environment inside and outside the room.

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