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Choose suitable furniture to create a comfortable home study area for your children

The return to school is imminent and a well-organized study area can positively contribute to your children's psychophysical well-being, increasing their productivity and allowing them to study in a comfortable and functional environment.

Many times, we do not pay much attention to the fact that the environment in which we find ourselves significantly affects our mood. Being well prepared is the starting point for carrying out any type of activity in the best way, especially those relating to study and books.

Study area at home: doing everything well with the right lighting

Keeping their eyes on books or on your PC for hours can cause excessive strain on your children’s eyes, making studying an unpleasant experience. For this reason, it is very important that their room is well-lit.

First of all, the study area should be in a bright place, possibly near windows or other light sources: this will make it easier for them to stay focused during the day. Of course, this is not enough! In addition to the strategic position, the lights must also be arranged in an optimal manner.

The desk 140 with lamp from the Nest Young Vox collection combines functionality and comfort in a single product. The desk is composed of height-adjustable shelves and a solid wooden structure which, in addition to increasing its stability, can be used to hang convenient organizers in which they can put stationery and other objects. This comfortable study table is equipped with a lamp made of solid wood. The rotating LED allows to modulate the light according to every needs.

nest desk with lamp teens room

An excellent alternative, for those who need a lot of space, is the 4 You Home Vox which offers L-shaped desk. The functional interiors and the pull-out drawers allow you to manage the desk as you prefer, giving this article maximum versatility. The extra touch will be given by the elastic lamp, an accessory that can be fixed almost anywhere.

The importance of maintaining a correct posture with the perfect study chair

As we have already said, studying and applying yourself in a suitable environment has an enormous weight on the success of any task.

For this reason, the Jungle swivel chairs from the Young Vox collection are ideal. Perfect for the room of young people but also of adults, these armchairs adapt perfectly to the shape of the body, giving the possibility to adjust the height of the seat according to that of the desk.

Chair for desk

The same result in terms of comfort can be obtained with the adjustable U&D chair, designed for all heights, thanks to the presence of special screws to adjust the backrest. For moments of greater relaxation, you can always opt for an elegant wooden chair with a folded back, which will add a touch of class to your children's study corner. If you prefer a simple armchair but able to match any style, the bent chair, with its ergonomic shape, is able to satisfy any need without neglecting comfort.

Bookcases: each book with its own space

Being able to keep order in the chaos of the children's and teenagers' room can prove to be a feat. For this reason, the Stige Young Vox collection comes to the aid with its wide selection of boxes and shelves. The boxes are equipped with hooks and can be hung wherever you want. Particularly suitable for books, notebooks and stationery items, they are an excellent space-saving solution.

Blue Bookcase teens room

The desk furniture and bookcases of this line are extremely versatile and can be very useful in dividing school supplies by subject, for example.

Furniture and accessories that help in learning

The Young User Young Vox line has several products that will make school study more enjoyable.

A dry-wipe board can be especially useful for quickly taking notes and creating concept maps, sketching projects, or simply relieving stress by drawing without cluttering up space.

Multi functional bed Vox furniture

Any problems with math? The magnetic number set is ideal for practicing numbers without running the risk of getting bored. For the most insidious geometric formulas to memorize the metal overlay with geometric figures can help in keeping the mind always trained. The little ones will not be able to do without the metal overlay with multiplication table from 1 to 10.

And there's more ...

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