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The coffee table is essential to create a comfortable room

The living room can be a unique space in which different aspects merge, bringing together the different macro areas of the house in a single environment. The furniture must have a versatile character, so that it can be used for the most various needs.

Coffee table is an indispensable element of a living room. Its function is to complete the environment, characterize it and improve its comfort.

When choosing a coffee table, pay attention to the size and shape!

There is no one style rule suitable for everyone, there are rather crucial elements to take into consideration and general advice to follow in order to skim the catalog of coffee tables.

The table must be comfortable and functional, therefore it must respect certain dimensions: the height which must be between 40 and 75 cm, while the minimum width of the table must be 54 cm.

Considering size, shape, material, positioning and style is not enough, it is also good to evaluate the spaces available, the practicability of the environment, the use and the recommended standard measures.

Rectangular or square table?

The traditional rectangular table has always been the most requested, because it fits perfectly between two sofas, especially if placed at an angle.

The Coffee table with drawers from Nature Home Vox collection is a rectangular table with open spaces, accessible from both sides of the furniture and with two drawers. An oblique angle of the legs gives lightness to the table and is an element common to the collection, giving it a harmonious look.

rectangle coffee table vox furniture Dubai

Placed in front of the sofa, a coffee table helps define the seating area, allowing you to store knick-knacks, magazines, comfortably take coffee or have an aperitif with your partner, family or guests.

In a very graphic atmosphere with straight lines, opt for a square table. The square coffee table of the 4 you home vox collection is practical because it rotates thanks to a wheel placed in the structure of the table.

It has four open sections under the table top that can be filled with 4 You VOX large and small colored boxes, useful for storing books and newspapers.

square coffee tables with boxes vox furniture dubai

Coffee table with a versatile nature

The Ribbon coffee tables from the Ribbon Home Vox collection perfectly embody the idea of versatility. The modern design of this product made up of several decomposable pieces makes it a stylish coffee table and at the same time a convenient storage compartment.

coffee table ribon vox furniture dubai

Choose a kid-friendly round coffee table!

If you have children, a round coffee table is the smartest choice, because sharp edges can be a danger to children.

High coffee table from the Simple Home Vox collection is truly elegant and adapts to any type of environment. It has a height of 45cm, ideal if you want to follow the rule of having at least 2 or 3 cm less than the height of the sofa seat. It can be combined with a lower table, Coffee Table Low, to give a more personal touch to the room.

vox simple collection round coffee tables

Our homes need small hiding places! One of the interesting features of these coffee tables from Simple Home Vox collection is the presence of a small drawer under the top for storing handy items.

coffee table small drawer for storing vox furniture

Now we have revealed all the mysteries of choosing the perfect coffee table for your home. Visit the shop and discover with Vox how to make your home unique!

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