Furniture or walls and floors- where to start decorating the bedroom? -

Imagine a bedroom where every detail builds a cozy, intimate character. Practical comfort harmonizes with perfect harmony here, creating the most private space. The idea for a bedroom is actually an idea for relaxation - alone, for two or with the closest family. How to make this place a happy island on the map of the home archipelago?

How to arrange a bedroom? First of all, according to your preferences. This most intimate home space can be a place where we hide from the whole world. It is here that we will welcome the morning, and in the evening we will rest after the hardships of the day.

This is why freedom of choice is so important when looking for an idea for a bedroom. Regardless of whether we arrange a separate room in the attic for this purpose , or we will adapt only a small part of the living room to sleep , the bedroom will be characterized by its unique, private atmosphere. Therefore, it is worth subordinating the arrangement to this assumption.

Establishing a coherent concept will help us prepare our dream bedroom. For that to happen, let's give the interior a solid foundation: its pillars are the walls and the ceiling. Light, subdued colors remain a proven solution in the bedroom - beige, gray, as well as universal white, which have been enjoying unflagging popularity among decorators for years, allowing you to create a romantic atmosphere with a wide range of arrangement options. It will also be a good idea to use two shades. The clearer of them can be, for example, the subtle wall behind the bed. In this way, we will emphasize commemorative photos or pictures hanging on it. 

When we plan the appearance of the walls, we can start choosing furniture. A comfortable bed is a matter of utmost importance, but let's not forget about matching it to the aesthetics of the room. Perfect harmony of colors and patterns? Or maybe a total contrast? In addition to a place to sleep, let's also take care of storage space. Wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside tables - they are where we hide all the treasures.

In the interior, the arrangement of which is well-thought-out and meets our needs, the doors and the floor are a perfectly matched pair. This does not mean that both of these finishing elements have to be exactly the same to create a harmonious interior.

The door and the floor can have a similar color and texture, as well as be completely different. Regardless of which variant you choose, remember that the door connects two different rooms, so they should match the floor of each of them. How to choose them?

Simple connections - what kind of floor and wall, such a door

The easiest way to achieve an aesthetic and harmonious design is to match the door to the floor on the basis of similarity. This does not mean, however, that the two elements have to be identical. The interior arrangement will be equally consistent if, when choosing door leaves, we allow ourselves a slight variation in the intensity of the color, opting for a model only in a shade similar to the floor. 

A much more important aspect will be the choice of wood species from which the door or wood-like veneer is made. If the floor of our room is covered with vinyl panels reflecting the natural oak, it is good that the same is also true for the door. We can choose from a variety of options.

A wide range of finishes will allow us to easily choose the right wings for floor panels of various shades. We will bring even more harmony to the interior by selecting  matching wall strips and finishes and skirting strips and frames in the same color and decor. This will create the perfect compositional frame of the room and will make it easier for us to match other elements of the decor, such as furniture or accessories. 

Contrasts that will enliven the interior

When choosing a door and floor, we don't have to follow a safe track. We will add expression and notes of madness to our four angles by combining the different colors of these two elements. If we are not afraid to experiment with the decor, when choosing the door to the floor, we can choose strong contrasts that will enliven our apartment.

In order for the arrangement experiment to be successful, it is worth drawing full handfuls from the color palette of nature. 

Gray interiors, with decorations referring to simple cutters, are perfect for the company of wood-like vinyl panels, which bring to mind the texture of natural material. Contrasting earth colors will not argue with each other, on the contrary - they will create a perfectly matched combination. In a duet with the gray color of the leaf, a floor in shades of dirty, bleached wood will work best. Let's try not to combine them with too intense, yellow or red tones that will bring unnecessary chaos inside.  

A subdued combination of a gray door and a wooden floor can be used, for example, in a children's room. The decor will be complemented by a gray wall and white Spot Young furniture with pine elements. The combination of colors located close to each other on the color wheel will allow us to create a cozy interior conducive to relaxation. What's more, the gray door will blend in well with the contrasting, darker floor in the hallway.

If we value original color combinations and like modern interiors, we can go a step further when choosing a door to the floor. The whole arrangement of the gray living room will be complemented by a comfortable sofa and geometric Ribbon furniture . The sophisticated, two-color shelves have room for endless book collections and home plants .

A cozy arrangement will be possible with simple, white doors that will become a distinctive element on a dark coloured carbon wall. In combination with honey-colored wooden panels, they will light up and warm the interior at the same time. This effect will be even clearer if we decide on a model with glazing - they can be matte or completely transparent. Are simple solutions not enough for us? An interesting arrangement effect in our interiors will also be provided by the white doors combined with cream oak vinyl panels. The colorful detail will help us organize the space and personalize it even more. By choosing one of the available colors, we will introduce a positive atmosphere to the interior.

The color contrast between the door and the panels will create a distinctive accent in the interior. To make the space even more harmonious and coherent, let's use skirting boards .

Before you make your final decision...

If we have already decided how we will choose the door to the floor and the wall in our interiors, make sure that in fact such a combination will also work. Before our arrangement ideas take real shape, before the final purchase of the door, it is worth comparing live samples of these two elements. Checking various interior design visions will also be facilitated by a practical tool - the online VOXBOX program allows us to create our own interior design from scratch.