Clever ways to tidy up child's mess -

We tame the child's mess. Ways to store their stuff !

The most joyful fun generates the biggest mess - but cleaning doesn't have to be just an unpleasant duty. With clever ways to store toys and other stuff, keeping things tidy everyday can become quick and intuitive. Here are some solutions with which we will teach our children better organization.

Books, clothes, blocks, dolls, toy cars or stuffed animals do not need much time to control almost the entire space of a child's room. When looking for functional ways to store, it is worth making sure that they can be cleaned quickly - first with the help of parents, and alone over the years.

So that the mess does not limit the development of children or the creativity lying in them, mobile drawers and containers, multi-functional furniture as well as practical boxes and containers will be useful. They will help make the room in a moment be ready to start the next fun.

Mess? The drawer is coming with help!

The best helpers in organizing the children's space are spacious drawers. Storing toys and other items will be much easier with them. They can turn into a garage for springs, a bedroom for mascots and dolls or a chest for the most valuable personal treasures. If we want to make it easier for toys to get to their place safely, let's make the drawers literally right at hand. 

Smart solutions that facilitate regular cleaning can be found, among others in the Young Users collection  by VOX furniture UAE, created with the needs of the youngest household members in mind. Modular cube cabinets as well as capacious dressers and shelves can be placed on practical platforms equipped with drawers with wheels. One move is enough for the drawer to come out from under the furniture and reach the place of play.

In this way, when cleaning a room, you no longer have to travel back and forth. Just insert the toys and other stuff, slide the drawer back and...everything is where it should be again!

Young Users furniture will easily manage to contain all children's treasures: from cuddly toys, through favorite books and first textbooks, to boxes with board games. Each shelf can be easily customized by dividing their space with the help of special fillers . They will be especially useful in preparing the right place for smaller items.  

In addition to the convenient space for storing toys, the Young Users collection also includes accessories to creatively personalize the child's room. Thanks to interchangeable covers and magnets, cabinet fronts can turn into a basketball board, checkers board or learning kit and many more interesting Overlays that you can choose from. These ingenious additions will also be useful for cleaning. With their help, children will be able to mark their cupboards easily. They will always remember what is in each of them and will quickly find exactly what they are looking for. 

A toy kingdom on...a shelf

Storage of toys will be facilitated by the low Tuli bookcase , which can become their first piece of furniture. Thanks to the open shelves, adapted to the growth of toddlers, they will easily be able to reach for their favorite mascots and books. Tuli will also serve as the first lesson of good organization: in the set children will find special labels so that they can mark their shelves so that they can always remember where to put cuddly toys and where to put the blocks. 

If, in the first years of life, a child shares a bedroom space with his parents, then smart furniture from the Balance collection will be useful . We can arrange the matching shelves ourselves from ready-made elements, additionally supplementing them with toolboxes and organizers. It is a universal solution that will not only work for storing toys - when a toddler gets older, we can change the configuration of the furniture and set it e.g. in the hallway or living room.

Toy storage: maybe a multi-purpose bed?

Even a ... bed can be a great place to store toys! The extremely multi-functional Multi Bed with a bookcase and storage spaces will be useful when looking for a way to arrange a well-organized child's room in a small area. The free space under the sleeping place can be freely configured. With the help of moving containers, we will complement the children's center of good organization with additional lockers for your favorite things, a cabinet for clothes or a mobile desk . When not in use, we can easily put them in bed - so that they do not take up unnecessary space in the room. 

In addition to clever containers, the Multi bed can also be equipped with an additional bookcase, drawers on wheels or removable boxes , with which cleaning after the fun will become even easier. A large selection of universal accessories means that the bed can grow with your child. It will continue to serve her/him also when in the personal space the toys begin to give way to other, slightly more mature treasures.  

Colors that will facilitate good organization

We can easily create a place to store toys in the sibling's room- even if the children are of different ages and have slightly different needs. In this space , the Concept wardrobe will be useful, with easily accessible drawers located in the lower part, which can easily be reached by every child. A place for children's favorite items can be distinguished by means of colorful fronts, in the same way we can also personalize other furniture from the collection. Thanks to this, each child will remember which cabinet belongs only to him. You can choose from 6 colors: saffron, blue, red, black, pink and oak. Depending on the preferences of the little tenant and the other colors in the child's room, we can easily choose something suitable.

Colored markings will help in organizing storage space even when we want to arrange it completely in its own way. 4 You boxes that connect with each other using special buckles will be perfect for this . We can arrange toy posts and racks from them. On such shelves, your favorite items will be clearly visible, becoming an additional decoration for a child's room.

Compact boxes for storing toys

Practical containers and boxes will also be useful for storing toys and daily cleaning that have comfortable handles and a soft finish and which can easily be moved across the floor. In this way, the youngest can move their toys to any place - for example, to play with their parents in the living room.

Young age goes hand in hand with constantly changing tastes. Once favorite toys can easily be replaced by others. To store items that the child has already got bored with, we can use a set of colorful boxes. We can easily find space for them on the wardrobe, behind the bed or under furniture standing on high legs, thus saving valuable space in the room. The toys will wait here their turn, properly protected against accumulating dust. 

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