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Our kids’ personalities start to build little by little each year. Every year, they grow more independent physically as well as mentally. Who would know this better than us…the parents! We choose our ways to decorate their room when they are babies. But soon it all starts to change! It gets more difficult with each passing year! And who wouldn’t agree that pleasing a teen boy is probably the most difficult of all! We know, we understand! Therefore, in this article we will be giving you 5 super ideas for boy’s room interiors.  

5 creative ideas to decorate a boy’s room

Regardless of age, all humans like to create a comfortable living space. So don't be afraid to invite your son to this room designing adventure. Let him tell you what makes him comfortable. Surrounded by objects that are close to him, he will feel special, safe and great within. It will be a deeply fulfilling exercise together and much impactful on his overall wellbeing.

  1. Room of a small sportsman

Young sports enthusiasts will appreciate an interior that pays importance to displaying treasures and achievements in activities of interest. Here in this inspiration picture, you can see, how different pieces of furniture play different roles in creating that ‘Sporty’ character of the room.

A bunk bed with various open and closed shelves to hold different sports equipment and accessories! 

Nest Bed

Nest Bed

Nest Bed

Larger items, such as a skateboard or roller skates, can go in in taller spaces like in our wardrobe for Nest Bed.

Hooks to hold sport accessories and space to keep your rackets and bat. What’s more do you need in this multifunctional loft bed! It’s a heaven for a sportsman and his team members each time they want to huddle together over night There is ample pace for each in this bunk bed.

Another way could be usage of a range of cabinets both with open shelves and with stylish straps on the doors of closed cabinet  to 'characterizing a room' in a way you want.

Evolve Cabinets

2. A room for a young explorer and scientist

A properly arranged interior will help awaken a child’s mind to the world.

The heart of the room is the Concept desk with a spacious tabletop that can accommodate all accessories useful for young explorers in the implementation of bold ideas. Extra little things can live in drawers that is on protective felts.

Ideally, the desk should be right next to the window. Natural light makes it easier to focus and adds energy. The arrival of dusk doesn't have to abruptly cease your breakthrough science sketch! Natural light from the window is enough to ensure precise lighting for the working space. Of course, you can always use additional table lamps to brighten the place.

Another interesting idea is to paint the wall with blackboard paint and allow your little scientist to express, calculate and curate his brilliant ideas with a set of colourful chalk on this wall. 

  1. Unique walls that become the life of the party

Boys have a different way of bonding with mates. Sleepovers are one very common way of enjoying quality time with friends in Dubai. Therefore, it is worth making sure that their rooms are conducive to carefree fun. Let's not be afraid of introducing bold colors to the interior in the form of easily replaceable accessories. Comic overlays from our Young User Collection is one such accessory that enhances fun quotient of your boy’s room. By the way, they also protect the door against scratches and dirt that may appear when children share happy moments.

Keeping order in your son's room can then be taken care of by our stylish cabinets that have unique modular shelves. This is particularly helpful in sorting your cabinet by size, color, topic or subject of the items stored. Together with board games and dart boards, which are often used when friends come over, such interesting shelves also lend itself seamlessly in storing boxes, and keeping gadgets connected to the power all the time making sure playtime in not interrupted. Just imagine, all this without hampering interiors…rather making in unique in its character! “How cool is your room”…is most likely going to be the reaction of your boy’s friends who come over!


  1. A private retreat for a young artist

Some children discover their passion for music very early in life. It is worth supporting its development through a well-thought-out room arrangement. Our wall panels can help to slightly soundproof the interior, also giving the whole interior a mature expression. When choosing furniture, choose one with rounded edges. This somehow, creates a ‘flowy’ mood. 

A real ‘feature of the room’ can be created by our Evolve Daybed, that serves dual roles. It can be complimented with a sliding desk from the same Evolve collection, to add to the smooth ‘flowy’ feel of the room. Its two-sided opening drawers and a shelf with compartments is great to accommodate speakers, headphones and all the gadgets that the artist uses all the time. The additional furniture pieces from the same collection like the wall shelf, the bookcases and the wardrobes will take care of all other functional needs of your budding star.

  1. A room for an independent teenager

Some children set their limits extremely boldly. It is worth making the process of entering adulthood easier for them and arranging an interior that suits their preferences. Let's not be afraid to introduce dark colors into the boy's room, especially in harmony with the rebellious period in his life. If we take care to break them with bright accessories, we will avoid a gloomy atmosphere. Soft cushions and the bedspread with a fine pattern will add coziness, as well as wooden details such as a minimalist clock.

Nest Bed

It is worth leaving one of the walls white. We will not only optically enlarge the interior, but also enable the teenager to express himself through posters and photos that visually add to the character of the room. The spacious Nest Desk is the place for our bold boys to explore the world through their own eyes. Add colorful boxes that for books or magazines or other small items that address the daily routine needs f your teen boy. I think by now, young men prefer having personal gadgets installed in their rooms so they can spend their time in their own way. Therefore at VOX, we say – Freedom Begins At Home…meaning Live the way you want!

Nest Collection

Nest Collection

Nest Collection


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