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Children's room is a space where formation of a beautiful mind and body takes place. We understand it’s not easy for parents to create a room that works in favor of both the mental and physical development of the child without an expert help. If you are thinking what furniture, accessories and decoration would be appropriate for you first grader and what would suit your 8th grader then you have landed at the right place. Let us help you select just those pieces that will make your child’s room comfortable and age appropriate to support it’s overall wellbeing and development.

Kids' room ideas

It is possible to arrange and organize the room in a way that supports children at every stage of growing up. We also need to make sure the place is fun, inspirational and supports learning new skills. It must also be a place that allows you to relax and is safe.

Therefore, here are a few suggestions on how to arrange a student's room so that a child enters a new stage of life with enthusiasm.

From toddler to student - first steps in school

Change is never easy. Fortunately, there are some smart ways to make your toddler's transformation from a happy preschooler into a responsible and diligent student enjoyable.

We suggest, one should start with tidying up the room. Consider decluttering and getting rid of hidden, long-forgotten, unused toys, games or other preschooler's belongings. After this, we should focus on preparing the place with age appropriate important furniture pieces – like ergonomic and functional desks, bookshelves, a comfortable bed which are basic necessity in a student’s room.

The next step is to organize the space. Consider using organizers of different kinds – bags, boxes, baskets, hangers, shelves. Use them for different small items. Group the items by usage like – stationary, wet colors, dry colors, art & craft, project material, jewelry, accessories, toys, board games, sports items etc. Somethings might be hanged, some can go in drawers, some can go in boxes while some can stay on the study desk or shelves. All of these can be done in a very stylish way using our pegboards, or boxes from Stige Collection



A student's room, that is conducive to learning

The next step in arranging a student's room will be the choice of an ergonomic desk adapted to his height. Our desks and chairs are built scientifically and ergonomically to make reading and writing comfortable as they are appropriate to the height of growing children. This won’t tire them or make them feel uncomfortable while undertaking tasks or projects that last for longer durations like – Our desks and chairs ensure convenience by offering spacious tabletops at an appropriate height, as well as spacious shelves and drawers. In most of our products there is ample room for notebooks, stationery, or a laptop. For example our innovative desk from Young User Collection.

Innovative Study Desk

Young User Collection

But hey, there is also more to our furniture pieces. At VOX, we know how difficult it is for parents to keep changing furniture pieces each year. So here is something which can be transformed and used by a growing child from the age of 0 up to 5 years - 4 You multifunctional crib , which grows with the child. First, it is a comfortable and safe baby bed. When the toddler does not need the rungs anymore, we can make a bed and a stable desk from the cot.

A lot happens in the room of an unruly student. We also need to make sure the furniture pieces are durable.

It is worth paying special attention to models made of laminated board resistant to damage and moisture. The innovative transformational desk will be perfect for this role - in addition to being durable and strong, it is also an aesthetic piece for the room. Its structure consists of a tabletop and drawers that can be freely moved. The furniture also has wheels, so it can be moved easily on various types of floors and carpets. And thanks to the metal covers on the door, it allows attachment of magnets or cards - the student can stick important notes and tasks.

A desk for a first grader is also an investment that should serve him for years. To provide the student with maximum comfort at various stages of the school adventure, let's decide on a model that will grow with him. The Spot Young desk allows us to adjust the height of the tabletop at three levels. In turn, by choosing a two-sided option, you get a comfortable place to work for siblings.

Desk for siblings

Older students will surely appreciate the modern and functional desk from Concept Collection  - its minimalist form perfectly matches the fashionable decor.

Concept Collection

A room decorated in subdued colors, and legs made of solid oak wood gives solid support for the white tabletop.

A comfortable workplace in the student's room

Choosing a desk is one thing. Its location in the student's room is equally important. It is best if we place them near the window - it provides the optimal amount of sunlight and properly illuminates the place of study during the day. It is worth remembering that placing the furniture with the back to the light source creates a shadow on the desk, and reflections on the screen. On the other hand, too much front lighting can tire your eyesight. If your desk is facing a window, it might be a good idea to use a roller blind or a dark curtain to reduce excess radiation. Evening learning can be supported by a compact lamp, which in the case of right-handed children should be placed on the left side of the desk. For left-handers the opposite is true.

 Concept Collection

Let's not forget that a desk will not be functional without a properly selected chair. It ensures the comfort and correct posture of the child while learning. A well-adjusted seat makes it possible to keep the back straight, resting hands freely on the tabletop and comfortable positioning of the feet on the floor. The rotating Jungle chair with seat height adjustment, comfortable armrests and wheels for easy movement is perfect for a student's room. The seat and backrest made of flexible rubbers perfectly adapts to the shape of the body and allows comfortable learning for many hours.

Jungle Chair


A space for freedom, relaxation and fun

Learning is exciting, but it can also tire you out. Even the most ambitious and diligent student deserves a recharge. Having fun and relaxing are essential for the harmonious development of a child. However, relaxation does not necessarily mean unproductive boredom. With the help of properly selected furniture in the room, we can easily stimulate the child's creativity in the free time.

Crawling Mattress

The relaxation area in the student's room should be complimented with metal overlays on the furniture. We offer a wide range of choices - from educational ones like the multiplication table or alphabets, to the typically entertaining ones like funny statements or games like checkers or tic-tac-toe. Students can also attach an overlay with a dartboard to the front of the desk and complete the set with magnetic darts that do not damage the furniture.

Metal overlays young user room

Thus choosing the right interior accessories will make a well-decorated student’s room that will not only inspire the child to gain knowledge, but also broaden its horizons!




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