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A children's room is a personal space where moments of carefree and serious duties intertwine. Choosing colors for such an interior is not an easy task - after all, the family member is demanding and has his own taste!

Kids' room decoration ideas

Colors create a specific atmosphere in the interior and significantly affect our mood. Some of them stimulate and energize, while others allow us to focus or relax. For a child's room, it is worth choosing those that will help us create a friendly place where our child feels safe and comfortable. How to do it?

Colors for a child's room - where to start?

How to paint a child's room to emphasize the individual style of a young person and at the same time create a space for harmonious development?

Tuli collection

When choosing colors for a child's room, it is worth considering their psychological aspect, as well as the age of the child. Colors for the room of a carefree three-year-old child, differs from a preschooler, and from a primary school student to a rebellious teenager. In the case of the youngest, neutral colors work well on the walls to calm the baby down. The older the child is, the more colors we can introduce to his room.

Subtle room

Kids' room

Teen's room

However, before we make specific decisions about how the walls should be painted and what furniture we should buy, let's first considering asking the child for his or her preferences. Let's show different arrangements and ask which of them they prefer. This will be a valuable clue to understand which color is worth considering and which one to avoid. The colors in the children's room should reflect the personality of the child.

White background for calm arrangements

Minimalism in a children's room? Why not! Walls painted in universal white will prove themselves especially when we want to arrange a space conducive to relaxation, concentration, and strenuous learning. Their neutral shade will not be distracting and will become a graceful base for the rest of the décor.

4 You collection

We can achieve a uniform and neat arrangement if we match the white walls in the children's room with floors and furniture in a similar color. See an inspiration from our 4 You Young collection. The young lady's room must also have a standing mirror in which she will be able to see her style comfortably. Colorful accessories like- contrasting garlands hung over the bed, patterned rugs or pillows with original prints can be used for bringing in life.

4 You Collection Girl's room ideas

The colors of nature in the children's room

Nowadays, we are surrounded by glass screens of computers, TV sets and smartphones - our children often spend too much time in front of them. Technology effectively draws their attention away from the outside world, so it is worth introducing at least a substitute of nature to the children's room. Neutral colors of the earth will help us arrange a cozy and peaceful space. One where nothing will distract him, and which will allow him to rest comfortably.

Nature desk 130

We can smuggle the colors of nature on the walls, painting them in various shades of brown - e.g. light beige or milk chocolate.

Subdued colors will bring harmony to a child's room and will not dominate its decor. They will also be a great complement to modern furniture from the Concept collection. Thanks to the colorful, interchangeable covers, we can easily match them to both a preschooler's and a teenager's room. The delicate combination of white, gray, powder pink or oak decor of the fronts of wardrobes or shelves will perfectly fit into the natural arrangement of the space for study and play.

 The functional, modular furniture from the Young Users Eco collection will also work in the youth room. This solution is simply created for those who are hungry for interaction with nature, where we can create an effective interior in just a few simple steps. For white shelves and wardrobes, let's choose oak-colored front overlays - wood will effectively warm the space and make it cozier. The whole is complemented by wooden accessories: fillers for dividing the shelves, as well as magnets in the shape of letters and numbers. There are also domestic plants in such a space - a fern, monstera or winged flower will look great when displayed on a white shelf.

Teen girl's room idea

Positive and calm green

Green - this is another variant that draws on the colors of nature. Positive, calming and conducive to relaxation can be a perfect idea for painting a child's room. Combined with classic white, beige and wood, it will transform an ordinary room into a friendly refuge.

mint green room decor for girls

When choosing the color of the paint, it is worth choosing subdued, pistachio shades. Too juicy or bright tones will bring too much chaos to the interior and will be effectively distracting when studying or resting. If we do not want the children's room to be flooded with a wave of greenery, we can proportionally reduce its amount by painting, for example, only one of the walls, and wash the rest in the form of accessories - bedspreads or boxes for storing valuable items.

 A green garland or cotton balls suspended on the canopy of the beds from the 4 You collection will perfectly complement the interior design based on earth tones.


All shades of blue

Mild shades of blue bring peace to the room and give a sense of security - it is not without reason that they are used, among others in anxiety therapy. Therefore, they will turn out to be a perfect solution for the rooms of the youngest members of the household, creating a soothing space for them.

Blue is also a color that mobilizes to learn and improves concentration - so it will be perfect for students' rooms.

We can invite a strong shade of deep navy blue to the room where an active teenager lives. Contrasted with the white of accessories and furniture, it will create an original space conducive to creativity. The intense color of the wall in a child's room will also be a graceful background for furniture pieces from the Stige collection.

A room with an attitude, or the power of contrasts

There is usually a lot going on in the children's room. Contrasting color combinations will add energy and dynamics to the interior. However, we should remember to use them carefully. The crowd of intense and vivid colors can tire and hinder concentration, which is why they are best as small accents.

We can easily achieve this effect by choosing Concept furniture with red elements. Their distinctive color is subdued with wooden legs and delicate walls in shades of gray. Coherence will be added by red decorations - a string of cotton lamps hanging above the bed and a modern table lamp with a spherical shaped dome.

Even more color variations will be provided by the Young Users collection . We can build the space of a room from modular elements, which will prove particularly useful in difficult and undersized rooms, e.g. with slants. Replaceable metal overlays will give the interior a soul. Comic-like patterns, graphic motifs, or maybe intense colors - yellow, blue and red? In combination with the white and black finish of the wardrobes, they will create a modern arrangement that will not overwhelm, but on the contrary - will effectively stimulate teenage creativity. In addition, it will emphasize the personality of the adolescent child and allow his or her interests to be heard, especially if siblings live in the same room.


Blacks and grays in a child's room

Dark colors seem too sad for a child's room? Nothing could be more wrong! Blacks and grays are a great base for playing with other colors. Against their background, light or wooden furniture, as well as any colorful accessories, stand out even more. The principle, however, is similar to that of intense shades.

Use dark colors carefully and use them in a child's room as a background for lighter accents. Paint one of the walls with graphite or black blackboard paint - it will not only provide a clear accent in the room, but also become a personal wall for art.

 The dark colors of the walls in a child's room can be balanced with light panels, on which furniture from the Spot Young collection will find their place. White fronts in combination with a pine finish will gently illuminate the interior.

Enjoy inspirations on this subject with our pictures! Have fun!