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Yellow is one of the most expressive colors that we can welcome in our homes. It is eye-catching and radiates energy, but its expressive nature often makes it a challenge to introduce it to our interiors. Which shades of yellow will work best in my decor? We often wonder about such questions!

Yellow walls, living room accessories or small decorations are a proven way to brighten up rooms and add warmth and a bit of energy. The sunny color becomes an expressive accent almost every time. It adds life to a decor based on neutral white and grey and also helps to bring out even more depth from stylish brown or dreamy blue.

Yellow armchair

The intense character of yellow should be tamed in such a way that the effect does not turn out to be too tiring. We can choose more subtle shades with a tinge of white or brown, or choose individual elements that will stand out in our interiors. Here are some inspirations.

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Which colors go well with yellow?

Yellow has always been present in our homes - it used to be quite a common color of the walls, but today it is more often used in the form of contrasting details. It is an exceptionally warm and joyful color that is associated with the sun and good energy. However, we should be careful with the intense shade of yellow and use it in moderation. Too much or overtones can overwhelm us and discourage us from spending time indoors. What colors should it be combined with to create a harmonious decor in our interiors?

Yellow study desk

All shades of yellow get along with basic colors such as white, black and grey. In monochrome arrangements, they throw-in a hint of madness and enliven the subdued decor. They also work well in modern and minimalist designs.

Yellow dining table

But the basic colors are not everything! Warm tones of yellow will harmoniously complement the color of wood, deep green, shades of brown, pastel blue or even dirty pink.

Yellow on the walls - which shades to choose?

Warming yellow is a good choice for finishing one of the walls in interiors where we want to add more energy. It can stay, for example, in a sun-drenched living room or emphasize the teenage temperament of a youth room. However, let's try to choose a shade that is not too bright - so that yellow does not completely dominate the cozy space.

Yellow sidetable

Yellow teen bedroom

Yellow wall

Two pallets will work best here. In rooms where we want to give a gentle and friendly tone, let's choose slightly whitened shades of yellow - the most universal and calm ones. We can choose paints in pastel, wheat and almond colors. Darker variants will add a bit more character, turning into fiery orange or elegant brown - e.g.  mustard color, warm ocher or ocher.

Yellow sofa

The former are best for a children's room or bedroom, where they will be useful in creating cheerful and light arrangements. Tinted, earthy yellow is the perfect choice for an elegant living room or rooms where we want to create a home jungle full of plants. The walls may then feature the color of old gold, honey or amber.

Both variants surely match with natural, wooden accents. Natural oak furniture or simple pieces of furniture will be perfect for yellow surroundings.

If we are not afraid of intense colors, and we want to flood the entire interior in yellow, let's choose bahama yellow, banana, canary or lemon shades.

Upholstered furniture is a good example. We can choose one of the many shades of yellow for each armchair or sofa. In this way, we can make soft lounge furniture become the stars of the arrangement, inviting you to relax from the threshold. The warming, yellow finish will look especially attractive on sofas, corner sofas and armchairs. 

Yellow works like a magnet. Use it!

Yellow always attracts attention in home interiors. Thanks to this, it can help us emphasize the character of specific rooms. It is enough to use an energizing color to highlight the most important furniture and elements of the arrangement.

Yellow dining table

We also bring you yellow accents from our Concept Collection. We can match colorful fronts to each wardrobe, chest of drawers or cabinets. It is a clever solution that helps in good decor on a daily basis - this way it is easier to remember that some items have a permanent place, e.g. in a yellow drawer.

Yellow Concept Collection

Yellow accessories for the living room and bedroom

If we do not want to finish the entire sofa in yellow, we can always throw a mustard blanket over it. It will neatly match upholstery in shades of dark green, navy blue and brown, adding depth and decorating the interior with a colorful contrast. Accessories such as yellow photo frames hanging on the walls or a yellow box, to hide away tiny pieces, can also become energizing points in the landscape of the living room.

Yellow accessories can also be easily selected for the bedroom. To keep the cozy interior in order, Nest bags and organizers will be useful, and they can be hung on wooden handrails and furniture handles from the same collection.

Yellow accessories from Nest Collection

In a youth room, it is worth equipping the multi-functional Multi bed with them, thus adding even more hiding places and compartments. If our bedroom is dominated by shades of grey, we can illuminate it with a yellow accent in the form of a yellow floor lamp . Its movable arm allows you to conveniently adjust the angle of the light, which will certainly be useful during evening reading.

Yellow Flor lamp

And let's not forget about the plants. After all, their lush green leaves are an exuberant companion in the form of warm, yellow shades. Go ahead and fill up your spaces with as many green live plants as you wish. One golden rule of using the green plants is that they are never too much. So place as many as you like.