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It is pleasant to rest in a bright bedroom – especially for your growing siblings after their day-long adventures, because neutral colours help them to wind down and calm down. However, this is not the end of its advantages. A bright bedroom for your kids will not only help them organize their ideas after a rushing day, but will also become a humble background for you as a parent for interior design ideas by experimenting with Kids’ room accessories, especially ones from the recent Vox Sibling Furniture Collection . Parents along with their siblings can focus on the harmony of colours, introduce a few bold, colourful accents or create a green jungle in a cozy room that will render flights to your kids’ imagination.

Having said that, how to give the interior of your Kids’ room a hint of freshness and make it light and cozy? How to arrange a comfortable interior for your kids, illuminated with white or beige with suitable furniture and accessories? Here are some inspirations and solutions recommended by Vox Furniture that will come in handy when decorating a bright room especially a bedroom for your kids.

Bright Sibling’s bedroom - an interior that captivates with peace

A bedroom decorated in bright colours will be, above all, extremely universal. Classic white or its variants broken with other colours is a good choice, especially when in the comfort of a cozy interior we will not only rest, but also work or pursue our passions. After all, it is a colour that will easily match various arrangement ideas, giving them a bit of order, peace and subdued character. It also helps to visually enlarge and brighten the space, so it will definitely be useful for owners of small bedrooms or rooms where little sunlight falls during the day.

When arranging a bright bedroom, in tandem with white, it is definitely worth using shades of wood. Thanks to them, our interior will gain more lightness, elegance and cozy warmth. The final effect will depend on the colour and type of wood you choose. The delicate pine finish of the Day-bed with bottom drawer from the Stige Sibling Furniture Collection will go together with the white walls that will help create an airy and harmonious arrangement, while the slightly darker Graphite coloured make of Curtains coupled with the Multi-bed and mattress from Nest Siblings Collection, will become a more expressive accent for the kids’ bedroom décor. 

A wooden floor can also be a warm element of a bright bedroom such as the Natural Viterra vinyl floor - 622 White Oak or others slightly dark or woodsy shades of oak and Nutty shades of flooring we can find in VOX Viterra Floor Panels Collection. With wood under our feet, we can confidently flood the entire interior of our bright bedroom with a flood of luminous white. Choose from furniture finished in white such as the Double-sided desk from Spot Siblings or choose white fronts and wardrobe bodies, chests of drawers or for that matter a Tipi Tent With Trolley from the Spot Siblings Collection, in which we decide on the appearance of individual elements as individual Kid's room accessories .

A bright bedroom is not only white

When looking for ideas for arranging a bright bedroom, we can also choose colours other than obvious white. The interior will be illuminated by, for example, delicate beige, light grey or whitened variants of pastel colors. Remember, however, that in creating cozy four corners, neutral colors will work best, which will help us calm down and relax. When selecting them, we must also take into account the amount of natural light falling inside during the day.

When we choose beige or light shades of brown, we may be tempted to arrange a bright bedroom full of other natural colors. The shade of the walls can harmonize with the look of the Sliding Desk with cinnamon oak body from Evolve Sibling collection, creating an exceptionally light and consistent effect. The whole can be complemented with pastel decorations or additionally brighten the interior with a cream blanket, contrasting photos and paintings or with a white interior finish for hanging shelves like the cinnamon oak coloured body with white and black partitioned Hanging Shelf from the VOX  Evolve Sibling Collection.

Warm shades of wood will also be useful in a grey bedroom. For an interior dominated by noble platinum, mouse grey or other light-grey shades, we can match  the Wide Bookcase  with High Chest of drawers from Evolve-Sibling Collection. For the effect to be as harmonious as possible, let's try to combine only similar variants.

Durable decorative walls will additionally dampen the interior and diversify the uniform colors.

Bright bedroom – a place for the plant kingdom also needs organization

The interior of your Kids’ room- full of light-is the perfect place for green pets. Plants will not only help to diversify the arrangement of a bright bedroom, but above all, they will improve the quality of our sleep by cleaning the air of harmful substances. On the other hand, for the cut flowers and dried twigs, let's prepare a glass vase - in a bright interior it will present itself exceptionally light and elegant.

Making Kids’ Room fun and organized

A Kid’s room is a place where your siblings will spend most of their spare time during their growing-up years. So it is necessary that we add a hint of amusement for them inside the room. Addition of Cork Boards and Dart Boards from the Stige Sibling Collection will be apt to accessorize the sibling room for FUN TIME.

Having said that, organization of your Kids’ room is the ‘KEY’ to manage the unavoidable siblings’ "mess" created by them on a daily basis. Vox furniture not only has good range of siblings’ furniture to nurture their "togetherness" but also a wide range of organizers for the upkeep of the sibling room. Denim Bed bumper, Denim Organizer-Hanging, Denim Organizer -Large from the Stige Sibling Collection  or the Ordo Mug Organizer from Spot Siblings Collection will add a range of systematizing accessories to your kids’ room.

Add a touch of color to the bright bedroom

Bright colors in the bedroom are a subtle background for lively, colorful accents. The easiest way to bring them into the interior is by combining fronts of different colors in them, choosing bright pink, pastel blue or sunny yellow. We can also arrange our own storage space - in bright interiors - the blue, light grey and oak ones will look great such as Large Blue box from 4 You Home Vox Collection.

Colors can be easily introduced into a bright kid’s bedroom, when we place chests of drawers and shelves in it such as the Cube Shelf from Stige Sibling Collection or the Hanging Shelf from the Evolve Sibling collection. These are shelves with creative storage spaces. Your young residents can easily personalize them as per their requirements. They can also be easily removed at any time - when the kids comes up with new ideas for arranging his personal space or when he decides that it's time for his own four angles to mature a little.