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~Vox Furniture shares tips on how to arrange kids’ room with accessories~

A room for siblings is a place where two, often completely different worlds meet while playing, learning and doing chores. How to create a comfortable, multifunctional interior with various kids’ room accessories that will adapt to different tastes and needs?

Sharing a room with siblings strengthens ties, teaches cooperation and strengthens the sense of security, and above all - can be really fun. In order for children of all ages to feel at ease in a shared space, let's try to arrange an interior in which each of them will also be able to create a scrap of their own private world.

Arranging a sibling room doesn't have to be difficult! Thanks to modular furniture, both small and slightly larger residents will quickly be able to adjust the space to their own needs. Different colors of the fronts as well as decorative and practical accessories will help them to emphasize the individual character of their corners and shelves.

A place to study in a sibling's room

If two students live in a room, they will need a comfortable place to study. Lessons are best done together - for example, at the Double-sided desk from Vox Spot collection. Books and notebooks can easily fit on its spacious countertop, and three closed compartments hidden in the middle will have room for writing utensils. The furniture also has built-in lighting, which is evenly distributed on both sides of the wide table top and does not cast any shadows. Therefore, it is convenient for two to learn, and for many years - the desk will grow with your children, because its top can be set at one of three heights. Well- matched Jungle swivel chairs from the VOX collection will also add comfort - ones that will support the child's spine during long hours while studying for tests.

We can also easily adapt the Innovative Transformers desk from the young Vox Collection to the needs of the siblings. It is enough to slide its containers inside and we will create workstations on both sides of the table top. If a little more space is needed at the desk, we can add a second one right next to it together in a different, contrasting color. It has It has modern rubber grips and all doors have silent closing system making it a safe and secure as kids’ room accessories.

We will also create a common space for exchanging ideas by with Desk 120 and Desk 140 from the Stige collection. Together, siblings can use practical accessories made of oak wood like a Round mirror or Dart Board from the  Collection, that are easy to carry anywhere. Kids’ room accessories may also consist of a Cork board from Vox Stige Sibling Collection. This way, everyone, regardless of age, can equip their part exactly as they want.

Room for siblings - which Kids Bunk bed to choose from?

In the shared interior, each kid will also need their own corner. This will be especially important when there is a large age difference between them. When arranging a room for siblings, together with a younger child, we can configure his own Multi-Bed from Nest Siblings Collection - this is where he will hang his private nest, adjusting the furniture to his own needs. Thanks to modular structure, for the beds, you can choose pull-out containers, a small wardrobe or a desk. Along with this, there will also be a Modular Mattress from Nest, which consists of 4 unfastened elements. As a result, it can be used as a soft seat for work and play, as well as an additional sleeping place for small guests.

The older of the two siblings will surely enjoy more "adult" furniture: a separate bed, desk and wardrobes or chests of drawers for example, When we focus on equipment from the Nest collection, together with the multi bed, the room will turn into a friendly, coherent whole, and each of its residents will be able to freely adjust the appearance of their part using overlays and organizers.

To give children more privacy, their beds should be well positioned at opposite corners of the room. However, if this is not possible, the beds can be placed perpendicular to each other, and ladders hung with organizers, posters or favorite items will provide children with a bit of intimacy.

Common space, separate worlds

When the interior needs to be shared, the need to emphasize your individual character becomes even more important. In a sibling's room, each child will want their own enclave - a piece of space that belongs only to them. If we do not have space for a wide bookcase from that will divide the room into two parts, we will have to think about other solutions. 

Different colored furniture from the Stige Sibling collection will help us to separate individual "zones of influence" in a sibling's room. Racks, containers or shelves can be blue, pistachio or a natural shade of pine. Thanks to this, each child will be able to independently choose a slightly different color of furniture and mark "their area". Additionally, mounted ladders at the desk or bed will add individual character. Each resident of the room can hang the best accessories on them - a mirror, a dart board, a cork board or small organizers.

Solutions that facilitate personalizing space can also be found in the Vox collections. Once we compose individual corners from spacious shelves, cabinets and chests of drawers, we can invite children to choose overlays on the fronts of your furniture. There are dozens of variants to choose from: from smooth, colored tiles, through overlays with drawings and inscriptions to a mirror, dart board or denim organisers from Stige Sibling collections. Both pre-schoolers and high school students can easily find their own way of decorating furniture.

In the room for siblings, you will also find useful solutions that will help you separate your space on shared shelves. Practical fillers will help in good organization, dividing the storage space and enabling better display of your favorite items. We can also place book clamps in various designs on the shelves – your kid will immediately know which shelf to put your textbooks on, so that they never get confused between the brother's or sister's books.

A room for two children never stands still

Let us make sure that the immediate environment allows our children to play and learn together, but at the same time does not limit their individual development in any way. When arranging a room for siblings, let's look for the best universal and multifunctional solutions - so that they can be adapted to changing needs over time. Only one thing will not change in this interior over the years: there will always be a lot going on here. Therefore, elements that can be easily moved, connected, separated and rearranged will work best.

With the Young VOX furniture, specially designed for kids, we can easily arrange both large and small rooms for siblings of all ages. Let's also invite our kids to create their own room with accessories - with the VOXBOX application; we can experiment together with the setting and selection of equipment even without leaving the house.