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Narrow open bookcase

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AED. 1,823
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Width: 50.5

Depth: 40

Height: 207.5

Weight : 36 kg (2 packs)

The two-colored furniture (with the wood decor on the outside and white color on the inside) makes it aesthetically interesting.

The top, middle and bottom shelves are adjustable in height. The other two shelves are permanently mounted to reinforce the structure of the furniture.

An oblique angle of the legs gives the shelf a lightness and is a common design of the collection, giving it a harmonious look

The depth of the bookcase (not including the spaced legs of the furniture) is 35 cm.

The front, vertical edges are made of oak. This treatment not only improves the aesthetics of the furniture but also makes it safer to use by preventing it from getting scratches.

The open bookcase is available only in one color version and in two sizes - Wide Open Bookcase, Narrow Open Bookcase.

Color :The natural color of the oak;Veneer with oak decor;White

Design : Tabanda

Material :Wood - legs and wooden edges of the furniture;Two-sided laminated board - resistant to dirt.

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