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Metal overlay- Bunny

Delivery Time : 3-5 Days
AED. 117 AED. 155
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Delivery time: 3-5 days

Dimensions (cm):

  • Width: 53

  • Height: 52.5


Features and benefits

  • The overlay system allows you to personalize a room furnished with furniture from the Young Users collection. Thanks to them, the interior will truly reflect the personality you want it to. You can choose colorful overlays, with patterns, graphics, comics, educational, organizational and games.

  • You can use them to draw with dry-erase markers, stick magnets to photos, play and save various things, such as a lesson plan too.

  • The overlays also protect the furniture fronts against damage, and their installation is very simple.


  • White

  • Black

We recommend:  

  • You choose from our range of dozens of overlays for the furniture from Young User Eco Collection: colorful, for playing games, learning accessories and a lot more.

  • Combine different overlays to form a vibrant room for your teenagers for- Innovative desks, Wardrobes,Corner wardrobes, Bookcase, Chest of drawers and more from Young User eco collection.


  • Marta Krupińska

Package weight:

  • 2 kg (1 pack)


  • Metal


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