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Crawling mattress

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AED. 1,890
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Dimensions (cm):

  • Width: 90

  • Length: 200

  • Height: 19


Features and benefits:

  • The innovative mattress design has been patented. One of the best mattresses for children.
  • Use this mattress in your teenager's room.
  • Ergonomic shape of the mattress allows comfortable lying position with a curve. Upon folding it turns into a flat mattress.
  • It comes with a special roller for the mattress with a diameter of 25cm, that serves as a headrest.
  • Dry cleaning of the mattress is recommended.
  • The black mattress has a black fabric.
    • Black

    Package weight:

    • 12 kg (1 pack)


    • Polyurethane foam, highly elastic

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