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Bench with drawer and cushion

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Width: 100 cm

Depth: 40 cm

Height: 43 cm

Weight : 31 kg (2 packs)

A bench with a drawer can play many roles. It can be used to sit down while dressing in the bedroom or wearing shoes in the hallway. In the living room, it can act as an additional seat, for example you can place it just outside the kitchen to sit down and socialize with the person preparing the meal.

The oblique angle of the legs gives the bench a lightness and is a common design of Nature collection giving it a harmonious look. It also facilitates cleaning.

The drawer is helpful for storing all handy items.

The rounded edges makes it easy to hold and take support while getting up. It also effectively prevents scratches and eliminates the unpleasant feeling of leaning against sharp edges.

Color : The natural color of the oak; Veneer with oak decor;Drawer front: white or oak

Design : Tabanda

Material :Wood - legs, handle and wooden edges of the furniture; Laminated board (the remaining part of the furniture) - durable and resistant to dirt.

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