Rectangular, square or round. How to choose a dining table? -

The dining table can just be a complete space on its own: multi-functional, universal and ready for many different tasks. 

The dining room is a place where all the family members come together most regularly. Regardless of whether we combine it with the living room or allocate a part of the kitchen for it, the functions of our dining room changes depending on the time of day. This is one of the most versatile spaces in the whole house. We would like to assume a universal character for the dining table - the centerpiece of the dining area

We not only eat meals with here, but also work, meet friends and family, play board games, do homework with children and also discuss important matters. Therefore, the table for the dining room must meet all these different needs and yet at the same time not make the space look cluttered or be restrictive in any manner.

    Well organized dining table

    Under the top of our dining room table there should be space for storing cutlery, lights, candles and many other items and accessories that are good to have at hand in the dining corner. An additional, cleverly camouflaged place for our things will be useful especially in small apartments , helping to solve the spatial dilemma: a dresser or a larger table?
    Our elegant Nature table is thoughtfully designed to meet exactly all the needs stated above . It has six spacious drawers - enough for each family member to get their own place for personal treasures. We can easily fit in them not only kitchen accessories, but also all other items related to our hobby, work or favorite ways to relax.

    This is not the end of the features that this dining table offers. Along the entire width of its oak top is a recess, finished with a pleasant to the touch metal and resistant to high temperatures. It's the perfect place for platters with hot dishes, pots with herbs or candles. Depending on the situation, the furniture configuration can be easily adapted to our needs, thanks to removable end caps - we can hide them in a recess, use them as bases for hot dishes or cover the recess and create a completely smooth top. 
    Not only the wide storage compartments, but even the shape of the countertop is matched to the multi-functional character of the dining room. The edges of the Nature table are slightly rounded, making that all-day work on the laptop or hours of festive feasts cause no discomfort or tire our forearms and wrists. 

    A square meter full of functions

    The dining table helps efficient organization of space. This is particularly helpful while doing up a small place - for example, when we are planning a studio arrangement. This is where the 4 You square table come handy. 

    Although each of its sides is only a meter, the piece of furniture is great both for eating meals and working at home. All thanks to a practical, closed recess with a hole for cables and a free space for small items between two countertops. To make it easier to keep order, we can slide in the matching drawers - each has fronts in two colors, which we can freely change depending on our needs and arrangement ideas.  

    For slightly larger interiors, we have a bigger version, twice as big, that fits six drawers between the countertops... In an folded version it fits four drawers in the niches.

    Folding dining room tables


    The dining table can also be a reflection of our lifestyle. If our house is open to frequent visits of friends and family, a spacious foldable table will definitely be useful to us. Depending on the needs and available space, from a small piece of furniture in a few minutes we can create a place where even a dozen or so people can sit comfortably. The tables that work best are the ones that conceal the constructional elements well within - so that you don't have to hide them in wardrobes, in the basement or behind curtains.

    Such is our Simple foldable dining table . Although with its modest, simple silhouette at first glance it may not give such an impression at all, that it is such a real piece of furniture for special tasks. Folded comfortably, it will fit even in a small kitchen corner or living room with dining room- its dimensions are only 140x90 cm. However, it has additional elements and hidden legs, thanks to which we can almost triple the surface of its countertop, allowing space for ... 14 people!

    However, if we need more compact solutions for our dining room, choose a round foldable table - from a 4-seater it can turn into a 10-seater. Both variants are available in four colors: white, grey, oak and black. With each of them, we can also set matching chairs with a comfortable, contoured seat - we can easily create a uniform set or a mix of different, matching colors.

    Normalness in a light form

    And what if we do not need additional functions at all and want our dining table to be...just a table? 

    The Balance table is our answer for such simplest needs . Set on slender, light legs, it looks extremely light and neatly adapts to minimalist arrangements, full of light and free space. Depending on the dimensions of the interior and your own needs, we can choose a variant with a round top or one of three sizes of rectangular tables.

    It is easy to match chairs made of natural wood to the warm shade of the Balance table top. We will create a harmonious composition in the dining room, including thanks to beech-made Up & Down chairs with adjustable height or a clever Closer model chair with a comfortable, swiveling seat, which makes it easy to get up from the table.

    Click here to access our library of Product Demo videos on YouTube to discover more about modular and multi-functional  room decor and folding dining tables that extend to accommodate more.