How to arrange your place to work in your living room or bedroom -

Working time from home can be conducive to concentration, away from the hustle and bustle. With clever modern and multi-functional furniture from our bouquet of collection, it will now be easier to create a well-organized space, to help you concentrate while working from home. Even if we do not have a separate room in the house, we can arrange a corner in the living room or bedroom.. 

In the interior, which we like and are comfortable, it is easier for us to focus and face our daily duties. In such situations, of course, a separate study is best , however, most often we lack space. So we can create our working corner in the living room or bedroom using modern living room furniture and modern bedroom furniture - it is easiest there to find a scrap of space, that you can turn into a small office.

You don't need much to arrange a well-organized office in the living room or bedroom. A properly arranged, multifunctional modern living room furniture like desk or table, as well as a set of space organizing accessories and toolkits will make this task fast. How to do it

Natural light - your personal assistant

Regardless of whether we arrange a place to work in the living room or bedroom, using modern living room and modern bedroom furniture by Vox, let's try to find a bright corner for it, full of natural light. Gently diffused rays of the sun will stimulate creativity and concentration, positively affecting our well-being. Daylight is also much healthier for the eyes than artificial lighting, especially if we often work at home.

A  multifunctional simple desk or work table from Vox  is best placed near a window, or even just under the windowsill - in such a way that we can sit facing it. The view outside the window will be a good escape for tired eyes and give us a break from the glowing screen. In the role of a work corner, a bay window, especially, will light up our position from all sides. When there is too much sun in summer, curtains, blinds or blinds protect us from intense solar radiation. 

If the interior layout does not allow us to arrange this, the desk can also stand sideways to the window. Let's try to arrange our corner in such a way that the light does not reach us from behind. Otherwise, the workspace will cover our own shadow. 

How to arrange a place to work in the living room?

The living room works well as a home office, especially when we work mainly during the day - then usually there is nobody at home except us. However, if it is the other way round and we sit down mainly in the evening, we must take into account the fact that the living room is a common room. As a rule, in the evenings the whole family gathers here, so the place to work in the living room should be located so as not to disturb anyone.

When designing your office corner, you can decide to highlight the work area (e.g., contrasting furniture, wall color, lighting) or vice versa - make it as visible as possible in the living room. The easiest way to make an office corner stand out is to combine different wall colors in the leisure and work areas. If our interior is gray , we can focus on white colors in the office. Calm shades will not distract us when performing duties, and together they will create a coherent arrangement of this multifunctional room. However, when we want to camouflage a place to work in a living room, let's try to make it a natural part of the room. Let's choose modern multifunctional furniture offered by Vox from the same or similar collection and arrange it so that it doesn't get too noticeable.

Office in the living room - furniture that will meet the challenges

When arranging an office in the living room, let's try to make the final interior design comfortable for all household members - after all, the living room is the heart of the house, where everyone should find a place for themselves. Functional solutions where all our modern furniture collection by Vox are multifunctional , can prove to be the key to creating a comfortable arrangement that will meet many tasks.

In the multifunctional space of the living room, the easiest way to create a work space is by means of a high, double-sided 4 You bookcase from Home Vox collection. This modern living room furniture will become a practical partition, where documents and books will always be at hand. On one of the shelves, we can also base the top of a small desk from the same collection - in this way we will quickly create a comfortable workplace and separate the rest area from the working corner even more clearly. 

A comfortable place to work is easiest to create in a living room connected to a dining room . It's enough to make this modern multifunctional dining table Nature table with 6 drawers  offered by Home Vox, a central point . It is an ideal piece of furniture for multifunctional interiors: it has as many as six drawers, in which we can separate space not only for cutlery and dishes, but also papers and toolboxes. During working hours, we can arrange them in a niche in the middle - and when it's time to eat together, quickly put everything back into the drawers.

However, when we are looking for a more compact piece of modern living room furniture that will blend into the living room space more discreetly and help maintain its cozy character, the Concept desk will help . With its white body, graphite front and oak legs neatly adapts to various arrangements - especially in small living rooms. Its roomy drawers can be easily removed, turning them into practical containers, which, if necessary, can be placed on the counter top or moved to another place.

An intimate work corner, i.e. an office in the bedroom

Arranging a small office in the bedroom is the perfect solution when we sit down more often in the evenings. In a quiet interior, we can easily arrange an intimate corner, conducive to performing tasks that require primarily silence and focus. To make the best use of the available space, let's reach for modern bedroom furniture with multifunctional solutions that will also be useful to us after hours. 

The extremely versatile Nature dressing table is perfect for the bedroom . It has two faces: it can serve as a comfortable place to work to work or a companion of daily care treatments. It is enough to lower the countertop with a mirror and the dressing table will turn into a comfortable work space. Cosmetics and trinkets quickly hide in a practical recess or one of two roomy drawers. The second one can hold the necessary documents and office accessories. Light silhouette, sloping legs and oak decor of the dressing table are hardly associated with a typical desk - so we can easily match it to the intimate arrangement of our quiet bedroom.

An equally subtle solution is the small 4 You standing mirror . We can base it on a bookcase or dresser from the same collection. It has shelves on the sides for storage of small items. Everyday use will also be facilitated by a mobile toolbox with a mirror, which can be easily set aside when it is not needed.

We can arrange our small home office the way we want. It is worth making it a friendly place where we like to stay.

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