Arranging difficult interiors. How do you bring light into a room without a window? -

A room without windows is quite a challenge, but nothing is impossible. Choosing the right colors for walls, floors and furniture as well as many different light sources, we will create a comfortable and cozy interior even where the sun's rays do not reach at all. How to do it?  we want to allocate additional space in a house or small apartment, a windowless room can be the only way out. Often, there is no other way to divide a larger room, develop a storage room or attic. The lack of natural light does not necessarily limit our ideas. In such an interior we can easily arrange a functional study room, dining room or comfortable bedroom. 

Not only bright colors will come with help, but also cleverly designed furniture, various lighting points and properly matched accessories. With them, it will be easier for us to ensure good organization of space, avoid too dark angles and achieve a light and spacious effect.

Doors instead of windows

Even in a room without a window, we can try to let in some natural light. This is easiest to deal with rooms such as the dining room, kitchen or living room. We can easily open them by eliminating one of the walls or installing the internal window. We will not only let in the light of day, but also increase the available space.

However, when this solution is not possible, in the room without a window, glazed doors will help. By choosing door leaf , we can match the right type of glass: completely transparent, so that the light comes inside as much as possible, or matte - perfect for the bedroom, teenager's room and wherever we want to keep a little more privacy.

In the blind interior, we can also arrange a glass wall, finishing the entire surface or just a part of it with glass blocks. Here, too, the key will be to choose the right type of glass - e.g. opaque or laminated - if you do not want the interior to be visible from the hall.

When we decide on any of the above solutions, a large hanging mirror will also help illuminate the interior . Its surface will reflect the incoming light and will visually enlarge the whole room. 

The power of bright colors

When arranging a room without a window, pay special attention to the appropriate selection of colors for walls, floor and furniture fronts. Above all, let us invite bright colors, and we will avoid too heavy and gloomy arrangement.

On the walls, various shades of white and beige, as well as pastel blues, grays and greens are ideal. The optical magnification of space and giving it depth will help us paint the same painting both walls and ceiling. In this way, we will be able to blur between boundaries and extend the room. If we are looking for ideas for more multi-colored arrangements, let's try to limit to a maximum of two colors - preferably with similar shades. Otherwise, our windowless room may be a bit too chaotic and overwhelming. For more expressive colors, there will be room for furniture and accessories.

Choosing equipment, let's focus on bright furniture. The easiest way to compose your own color puzzle is with the Simple collection , where you can choose the finish of the bodies, fronts of legs and handles. In this way, we can match darker details that will diversify our arrangement to light, white dressers, cabinets or beds. Let's try, however, to limit the number of elements to the necessary minimum - so that the room without windows primarily has a spacious breath.

The interior will also help light up the floor. In a dark room, we can arrange, for example, light reflecting, honey panels, natural boards of light oak or gray vinyl panels. Together with white or beige walls, they will make the whole arrangement extremely light and the room will seem a bit bigger than it actually is. The effect will also be emphasized by bright floor strips , preferably with a cable compartment - in this way, even in complete darkness, you won't trip over tangled wires.

Light hidden in a drawer

In a room without windows, furniture with LED lights will be invaluable. Here, the Simple collection will help again, especially when we arrange the bedroom. We can find a capacious chest of drawers with a LED strip , wardrobes with lights activated for a motion sensor and a bedside table with an illuminated upper drawer. We can also match the function strip with the accessories of your choice to the latter - thanks to this even in the middle of the night we can easily find the most needed items.

The equipment will also be supplemented by the hanging Simple mirror with a discreet backlight, which can be hung, e.g. above the dresser or dressing table. It will facilitate morning preparations and help with evening makeup. If we want to arrange a dining room in a windowless room, a display glass cabinet with illuminated shelves is perfect , where you will find all the necessary dishes.

Lighting in a room without a window - the more, the better

In a room without a window, at least a few light sources will help you brighten the dark corners. We can even completely give up the central ceiling lamp and create the right mood with the help of various types of lamps and wall lamps.

For the bedroom or living room, choose a few small dresser models with a soft, dim light, which effectively emphasizes the character of simple arrangements. If we want to get an intimate, cozy effect, we can also hang soft happy lights next to the bed .

In the youth room or study, there will be lamps that will allow you to direct the light to any place - to work at the desk or relax while reading a book. Especially the movable ones  will be great outriggers, thanks to which we can easily adjust the shape and location of the lamps to the available space: for example right at the workplace or above the bed. 

In an interior devoid of natural light, we become mood directors. To create an interior that is conducive to rest, choose lamps and sconces with warm yellowish light, with a color temperature in the range of 2500-3300 K. However, if we want the lighting to be conducive to work and concentration (e.g. in a study or a child's room) , let's choose cold (5400-7000 K) or neutral (3300-5300 K). In addition, we can also install dimmers to adjust the light intensity depending on the time of day and save some energy. 

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