Would you like us to design your room in 3D?

VOXBOX is a virtual reality tool, patent of VOX, for interior design and layout planning. It is a free tool available online for everyone’s use, without the need to install software. In VOXBOX you can plan your room before making the actual purchase and make as many changes as you wish without wasting money. Big or small, the entire room or the house can be designed in 3D with this tool. With VOXBOX, your dream can easily become a reality. Once the project is complete, we can also show you how it feels with our VR glasses at the store! Totally cool! Isn’t it!

The Designing Process

Designing charges: We charge AED 750 per room design. This gets waived off, when you make a purchase of AED 5000 or above from us. One hour of consultation is free. Thereafter, we charge AED 150 per hour.
STEP # 1: You send us a brief or meet us at the store with an appointment
STEP # 2: We design and send it back to you via e-mail.
We usually take up to 7 days in designing one room