Nothing more. Nothing Less. How to stage a property for rent or sale? - VOX Furniture UAE

Dubai’s home market will continue to see high demand in 2022, supported by rising interest from international investors, according to Zoom Property Insights.

Given this, I am sure a lot of you are gearing up to sell your properties.

A key aspect of fetching the value you seek for your property, is to stage it well for viewing.

Being an interior brand, an expert in furniture arrangement, we take this opportunity today to share a few tips that could benefit you and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

While viewing a property, most buyers assess the friendliness of the layout and instantly start thinking of how to arrange their furniture. The primary need of the buyer is to meet the needs of each family member by adapting the rooms and personalizing it.

  1. Staging a property keeping the residents in mind

Being a furniture brand, we will stick to suggesting what best can be done with furniture layouts, while understanding that a lot can be improved, matched, and arranged by paying attention to walls, flooring, lighting, kitchens and bathroom fittings.

So let’s talk about furniture now.

When creating the layout, think about who will live in our property – age, gender, work, hobbies, interests and also social life…may be their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routine and events too! Which room is going to be used by students? Which grade are those kids in? Who are going to be working from home? Does the family have a pet? Do they travel a lot? The only way to hit the bullseye with a layout is understanding people’s need.

However, since this is for staging a property which will be viewed by numerous families of numerous configurations, we need to work with a common ground. Like:

  1. Make sure the circulation/ accessibility of all rooms from one another is smooth. Meaning family members should be able to get around from one room to another easily and quickly.
  2. Storage in each room should be appropriately thought through and created. For example – Kitchen storage should be such that it meets the needs of all family members. Sometimes families need storage inside and outside the kitchen. Low height and higher cabinets. Freezers and non-freezers. Likewise for bathrooms – it should be storages for cosmetics and laundry by age & gender. Makeup for the women, diaper storage for the babies, laundry basket for soiled clothes of kids and different one for those which need to be washed separately or given for dry-cleaning.
  3. When it comes to furniture – it is important to focus on modularity in this case. Furniture should give the impression that this layout is good for a range of users by minor adjustments. Like - 4You collection from VOX. Full of smart models, such as a bed with a built-in bookcase…works for new parents, teenagers as well as smaller rooms to save space. Colourful boxes in grey, blue and oak are neutral colors to stage your property for a wide range of buyers. They are great handy storage spaces in a home. 4You Collection offers modularity that allows you to recreate a different décor each time with slight difference in approach.

4 You Canopy Bed

Another collection from our range is YOUNG USER Collection that offers similar diversity. Black and white Young Users furniture looks interesting, especially when it lends itself to a range of users in different age groups and gender. Using functional overlays to mount on the fronts of cabinets will further allow us to match the interiors to a wide range of needs and taste of tenants. Metal overlays will not only help to personalize the room, but also protects the furniture against any mechanical damage. This becomes helpful, when your property is being viewed multiple times and lies in a locked home for many days. In addition, the modularity of the storages like Shelf, allows you to use the same furniture in different ways.

 Young User I Shelf

4. Instead of custom made furniture used – Creative Systems

Furniture made by a carpenter could be the most befitting piece you need. But unfortunately, custom-made furniture are usually very expensive, and the waiting time for order completion is long. To efficiently stage your property for sale, you can use our innovative Creative Collection, which allows you to design furniture with a preferred layout and appearance. We have hundreds of combinations to choose from.

Lets turn to the living room. Often, the living room turns into an activity center or home office for remote work during the day. Therefore, it is also worth it to think of furniture that fits certain common activities that takes place in almost all households. A nice tall Ribbon Bookcase on which you can display your favorite books could be one of the pieces in the living room while a Closed Cabinet from Creative Collection could help hide a few articles.

High Bookcase Ribbon Collection

Tall Sideboard - Black

Thinking of the bedroom, a same piece of Canopy bed with bookcase can be used by new parents with small babies, toddlers or mature households where parents do not share their space with children.

Canopy Bed with bookcase 4 You Collection for new couple

Canopy Bed with Bookcase 4You Collection- For new parents with baby

Canopy Bed with Bookcase 4 You collection - toddler room

5. Thinking of rooms for young occupants.

When staging a property, it is safe to assume that the buyer will have children in the age bracket of 5 to 15 years. This is where our YOUNG VOX Collections fit in.  A student’s room should have a comfortable sleeping area, lots of storage and good study area. Our crawling mattress is such that it suits children from young to teen age. Storage for YOUNG USER Collection meets a wide range of requirements for students who could be either girl or boy, younger or older. The colors are age and gender neutral.

Thanks to neutral colors and designs, it can even be used for home offices or a studio apartment.

Young User Collection for teens

Crawling Mattress

Teen room

6. Last but not the least

When staging an apartment for sale, let's make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned. If someone has lived in it before, let's use the services of a professional cleaning team. There are a number of those in Dubai. They even clean carpets and upholstery on the sofa, ACs and balconies.

We should also remember to decorate the apartment with a set of basic accessories like - dishes, lamps, cushions, paintings and other wall décor.  When choosing from numerous options, it is good to be guided not only by the low price, but also the durability of the materials and the popularity of the motifs.

Artistic paintings and curtains, durable wool-acrylic rugs or colorful pillows…all will help to build a cozy atmosphere.

How to stage a property for rent

When staging a property for rent, remember that it is not worth saving on materials at the expense of quality. Poor quality is easily visible and spoils the look of the room. The VOX brand is a dream partner, both at the finishing and decoration stage. You can easily buy all the needful items from our online shop her – from furniture to accessories. When you buy well-designed products, made with carefully selected materials and fittings, you can expect not only a long service life but also a desired return on investment. An additional advantage will be the modularity to suit a wide range of needs. Therefore at VOX we stay, Freedom Begins At Home!