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Functional and beautiful. Which wall panels should you choose?

Three-dimensional, soft and full of clever accessories. Wall panels for the living room, bedroom or hall can mesmerize not only with their appearance, but also with a range of applications. In addition to wooden ones, we have a choice of modern upholstered, lamella and MDF models. Presenting SOFORM decorative wall panels with their detailed qualities.

SOFORM Decorative wall panels - different shapes and finishes

Finishing the walls is only a seemingly easy task. Selection of the right color and material has a huge impact on the overall look of the room interior. Depending on how you choose to use them, they can also turn out to be stylish room organizing technique.

 Soform wall panels

Our contemporary SOFORM wall panels will surprise you with their functionality. This way you don’t have to choose between aesthetics and practicality. We introduce a range of shapes, sizes and colors to enable you to finish your bedroom or kids’ room with ease.

We also take pride in introducing Wooden Pegboards which are square in shape and fit very well as stylish wall storage ideas instead of the mundane wall shelves. The additional advantage is that these can be painted in any color you wish to.

Wooden Pegboard

When choosing a wall decoration, in addition to the aesthetics, it is also worth considering technical parameters.

Wall panels can help increase the acoustic insulation of a room and also protect the surface from scratches. Light and durable, they are a modern alternative to traditional wooden panels. From the range of our pegboards - Some allow you to additionally attach organizers or hooks for easy storage. It is worth considering which of these aspects is particularly important to you.

Wall panels also differ in terms of durability, method of installation and ease of keeping them clean. Those that we want to install in the kitchen should be resistant to moisture. In the case of decorative wall panels for a children's room, be careful about the materials they are made of. It is important that the material is safe for the child’s health and that it is easy to clean.

Regardless of the type, wall panels can be both a small accent and the main distinguishing feature of a room. Here is our advice on how to use their advantages in various interiors.

Upholstered wall panels - more than just a decorative

Soft wall panels visually increase the coziness of the interior, they can also affect the level of soundproofing. That is why they will be perfect in the bedroom, creating a comfortable backrest or headboard, useful during evening reading.

Upholstered wall panels

Soform upholstered panels can also be used in the room of the youngest members of the household. They will serve as a protection for the play room. Additionally, they also create that beautiful ‘Kids’ world’ that you had been dreaming about.

Upholstered wall panel for kids' room

Our Soform collection offers - 5 shapes and multiple color combinations of the wall decor.

  1. Oval light pink colored wall panels


2. Large Grey and pink rectangular wall panel – 195x 60 cms

 3. Small Grey Pink wall panels – 120x 30 cms

4. Mini grey-pink wall panels - 60x30


These SOFORM upholstered wall panels can also be used for many practical purposes. Especially when we buy metal hooks for them, on which you can hang a charger or headphones.


Dedicated accessories just need to be attached before sticking the soft decoration to the wall. The composition of upholstered panels will be perfect as a pin-boards for inspirations in your office corner at home. It will also be a great filler for an empty wall of a hall.

You can choose from our ready-made sets, composed by VOX designers. Large and grey-pink , or maybe grey and pink? There are 5 thoughtful sets of upholstered panels with carefully selected finishes.

In a different set up for another room- our wooden pegboards can work beautifully. They are made of a practical MDF board and covered with birch veneer. Its great advantage is the fact that you can choose how you want to use them. We have two readymade sets for you to choose from – Pegboard Set 1 with pegs only and set 2 with pegs and shelves.  They can help in storing office accessories and displaying decorations or hanging mugs and bags stylishly.

Peg boards

The wall panel made of MDF, covered with irregularly arranged openings, resembles the pattern of a starry sky.

The simple shape of the Slot board makes it easier to connect more like these together in case you wish to apply them for a bigger area.

Together, they will be an aesthetic base for your favorite books and stationery. Order and beauty all rolled into one - this is an extremely often sought-after combination that will ensure a well-thought-out wall decoration.

Decorative wall panels - a perfect mix for the hall, living room or kitchen

Each room in our house deserves special treatment. The empty wall, which until now was only a background, can now become the main character of the entire room. The possibility of freely combining various solutions with each other means that we are able to perfectly match the look of the wall to our taste and needs.

In the work corner in the living room or in a separate studio, wall decorations will allow you to organize your tools and necessary items. In case of the wooden pegboards, it is enough to install pegs, that serve as hangers, and place the organizers on them. You can also combine the entire structure with Soform upholstered panels, that throws in a bit of color into a room.

An interesting solution for the kitchen can also be the installation of a functional Wooden Pegboards. Pegs will create an airy space for drying herbs or mushrooms, and special hooks will serve as hangers for a cutting board and utensils for preparing meals.

Soup enthusiasts can place the most frequently used ladle here, and lovers of fresh plants - install a container for basil, oregano or parsley.

Installation of wall panels? A simple matter!

Today, more and more people decide to change the decor on their own. It is best if it is non-invasive and fast. Using one of the solutions described above, we can organize a comfortable work space, create an elegant  headboard for a bed  or secure a children's play corner in a few moments.

We attach Soform upholstered panels with glue or Velcro tape. A quarter of an hour is enough - we can surprise the family members and arrange a soft backrest next to his favorite bench in his absence. Slot boards, i.e. wall panels made of MDF, can be mounted using the included quick-mounting pins.

The complete set means that we do not have to plan to refresh the decor in advance, while gathering the necessary accessories.

Remember that not all wall panels are installed in a simple and intuitive way. Before buying, it is worth reading the manual to choose the product best suited to your needs.