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VOX Furniture UAE brings to you VOXBOX: A technological revolution in the interior design industry.

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Source: Zawya

Sector: Technology

Country: UAE

VOX Furniture UAE is a part of global brand VOX Capital Group, which operates in over 50 countries. Established in 1989 and headquartered in Poland, VOX has gained a reputation as an innovative company in the furniture sector.

VOX products are designed to meet people’s actual needs, based on design thinking methodology. The development process involves multidisciplinary teams, including designers, psychologists, ethnographers, sociologists, and the end users. VOX aims to constantly evolve and offer interior designing solutions, recognizing the impact of well-organized living spaces on people’s lives.

VOX Furniture UAE is expanding from its online presence to it’s first phygital store in Dubai Festival Plaza, Jebel Ali, part of Al Futtaim Malls.

“Thanks to our invaluable partners in Dubai, we are delighted to participate in the grand opening of the newest VOX store at Dubai Festival Plaza. This momentous occasion fills us with immense joy and pride as we bring our exceptional furnishings and designs to the vibrant heart of Dubai. We are truly content knowing that our vision of inspiring homes and spaces is now within reach of the residents and visitors of Dubai. This store represents a significant milestone in our journey, and we look forward to forging lasting connections with the community as we continue to redefine the art of furnishing. At the new store in Dubai Festival Plaza, we are thrilled to offer a truly immersive and innovative customer experience. Through cutting-edge technology like virtual reality (VR) and our exclusive VOXBOX program, we empower our customers to embark on a personalized journey of home design like never before” – says Marcin Barański, CEO of VOX Capital Group.

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