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Three-dimensional, soft, and full of clever accessories. Wall panels for the living room, bedroom or hall can impress with their appearance.

Finishing the walls of your room with 3D wall panels is an exciting idea! The selection of the right color and materials makes a huge impact on your home interiors. If you have started thinking of finishing you walls with 3D panels, kudos to you! You have achieved a higher order emotional need of creating beautiful living spaces.

Linerio Wall Panels

It is quite a trendy and smart idea to use the wall panels to create concealed storage areas behind them instead of choosing to go with traditional shelves.

Decorative wall panels – styling with unique shapes and colours

Contemporary wall decorations surprise with their diversifying that work very well in a wide range of spaces, be it a bedroom, office or bathroom. S-line and L-Line.

S Line MoccaL Line MoccaS Line Natural

L- Line Mocca

S Line Natural

L Line Mocca

What about the technical parameters? Which one is best for you?

When choosing a wall decoration, it is worth considering some technical parameters. Wall panels can increase the thermal and acoustic insulation of a room and protect the surface from bumps and scratches. Light and durable, they are a modern alternative to traditional wooden panels or those made of plaster. Some allow you to additionally attach organizers or hooks for easy storage. It is worth considering which of these aspects is particularly important to us.

Wall panels also differ in terms of durability, method of installation and ease of keeping them clean. Those that we want to install in the kitchen should be resistant to moisture. In the case of decorative wall panels for a children's room, be careful about the materials they are made of. It is important that the material is safe for the baby's health and that it is easy to clean. Most definitely, you will find yourself cleaning the stain from that wall more than once! Also given the dusty weather in the UAE.

Wall Panel Features

Installation of wall panels? A simple matter!

Linero lamella panels can be be attached vertically, horizontally or diagonally with the use of mounting glue.

vertical wall fixingHorizontal wall FixingDiagonal wall panel fixingfinishing wall panels

It is enough to apply the glue on the backside of the panel in S-shape.

Applying glue on the wall panel

The length of the panel can be adjusted using a handball, jigsaw or table saw.

Adjusting the length of the panel

The panels visually separate the work area from the place of rest of the area or create a three-dimensional effect on the wall or ceiling. The wall panels are joined together with a tongue and groove. Once the panels are glued on, the room is ready for use immediately.

3D view of the wall panel

Remember that not all wall panels are installed in a simple and intuitive way. Before buying, it is worth reading the manual to choose the product best suited to your needs.


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