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Dimensions (cm):

  • Width: 53

  • Height: 52.5


Features and benefits

  • Our range of overlays are thoughtfully created to so you can personalize your room. Our Young Users collection offers a range of furniture pieces on which you can put these interesting overlays and give your room a character that reflects you. You can choose from a huge range of colorful overlays with patterns, graphics, comical cartoons, educational, organizational and game designs. A perfect set for teenager's room!!!

  • The collection has two sizes of overlays

    • Classic overlays 53x53cms that can fit any of the furniture door fronts

    • And for desks 34x34 cms that fits only the innovative transformer desk door fronts.

    • This product is Oak Metal overlay is for the cabinets, wardrobes and bookcases.

  • The wood-like overlay gives the room a very cozy look. Natural decors are currently one of the most popular interior design trends. A room with such overlays, additionally decorated with plants, will become a real oasis of relaxation.

  • The assembly of the overlays is extremely simple and it also acts as a protector of the furniture front against damage.


        • Oak

        We recommend:  

        • You choose from our range of dozens of overlays for the furniture from Young User Eco Collection: colorful, for playing games, learning accessories and a lot more.

        • Combine different overlays to form a vibrant room for your teenagers for- innovative desks,  wardrobescorner wardrobebookcases, chest of drawers and more.


        • Marta Krupińska

        Package weight:

        • 2 kg (1 pack)


        • Metal cover covered with foil with oak decor


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