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Wide bookcase - Black

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Width : 105 cm

Depth : 45 cm

Height : 201.5 cm

Weight : 83 kg (4 packs)

The bookcase has two drawers, a cabinet with door & open shelves.

Both drawers have Quadro Silent Closing System.

Open shelves are adjustable in height - this allows you to adjust the rack to the dimensions of the items you wish to store in it.

The legs of the rack are made of solid oak.

The handle hole is lined with silicone, which makes it smooth to touch and comfortable to use.

Color : White - body, Door front - Black & Grey, graphite - fronts of drawers.

Design : Joanna Leciejewska

Material : Oak wood - legs, Laminated board - resistant to dirt and scratches & Silicone - lining of the handle

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