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Wet bar

Delivery Time : 90 Days
AED. 4,382
Color: Black
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Dimensions (cm):

  • Width: 112

  • Depth: 45

  • Height: 121.5


Features and benefits:

  • Define your dream furniture by choosing the color of the fronts.

  • The bar has a folding door with Silent Closing System. Thanks to which, you save space and at the same time gain access to the entire contents of the furniture.

  • The bar has a discretely mounted LED strip with motion sensor. It lights up when you open the furniture and switches off when shut, saving energy.

  • The furniture has been equipped with a fifth leg, which strengthens it structurally, making it bear the heavy load.

  • Inside the bar - in the upper part there is a shelf on which you can put carafes, glasses and bottles. The rear-mounted mirror adds beauty to the cabinet and also makes the glass items and bottles clearly visible on the shelf. The cable management hole allows you to connect a mini fridge or a small coffee machine inside the bar.

  • Below, there are 3 drawers - the lower two are designed for storing napkins, corkscrews etc. The highest one can be used to store small items such as straws but above all it is used to prepare beverages. Just pop it out, put glasses, prepare a drink while the glasses are at an ergonomic height. A special lock protects it against accidental closing while there are glasses on it.

  • In addition, the cabinet has two sections with wooden handles for hanging glasses and 3 shelves for storing bottles lying down. These shelves can be turned in at any time (to turn the wooden rooks underneath) and get the classic straight shelves. In addition, the shelves are height adjustable and can be freely arranged to adjust its interior to the dimensions of the objects you wish to store.

  • Furniture in oak and grey color is made of high quality laminated board (front body). White furniture is made of laminated board (body) and a board painted with a matt soft touch varnish (front).


  • Body - Oak

  • Fronts - to choose from: white, grey, oak, black

  • Legs - oval oak.

  • Handles - white.


  • Marta Krupińska


  • Body: oak body - laminated board. 

  • Fronts: laminated or painted furniture board - depending on the color option chosen. Grey or oak front - laminated board. White front - painted board with a soft touch finish.

  • Legs in wood color: Oak.

  • Handles: Metal

Assembly instructions:


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